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  1. Casumo withdrawal.

    COngratz man always nice to have the luck turn around after a long bad run!
  2. MEGA BIG WIN Playboy 3061X Betsize 0,90

    OMG Man I'm so happy for you that's a Dream hit! COngratz and well deserve!
  3. Bonanza PogChamp

    Wow man I'm addicted to that slot my best was 300x with a 20 cent bet tho... and 250x on 60 cent bet.... I won't stop playing that one until i got at least a 1000x win. The potential is too massive. Congratz on your awesome win @miikapekka
  4. Well on some of my videos from netent I had those kind of requirement from the author of the song in the slot bonus... I had this on one of my Attraction video and got it too for Poltava slot bonus from Elk. Both of them wasn't calim by the provider but by the compositor of the song....
  5. I got this beauty yesterday while the random Santa triggered on Jingle Bells slot from Red Tiger Gaming.
  6. Shaltar beer Stream!

    Hi everyone just a quick note to tell you that I'll be streaming this friday around 4:00 P.M. My time with beer of course Hope to see some of you give me some good slots to play! Remember I can't play WMS, IGT, Aristocrat and Netent game. See you friday
  7. dapdahang

    hey welcome Mate gladto see you here
  8. The best cfreature from black lagoon bonus I've seen to date! Congrats!
  9. Wicked Circus

    I tried it when it came out and didn't managed to get 3 joker Got some 2 joker in jokerizier but only low price! Not really my kind of slot but at elast i tried it hehehe
  10. Beers Stream with DJ Unlucky !

    Friday the 13th This will be fun Beers Stream with my Friend Dj unlucky! Let's hope this time we'll get youtube video! Can't wait to see you guys !
  11. Another great Video @NeonHS Keep up the good work my friend will try to be in the week number 6 cause i wont stream until next friday with DJunlucky maybe some Materials for you !
  12. No freespins??? Meh... Cool looking and entertaining but lack of freespins remove the interest IMO.
  13. Hello from a lowroller

    WElcome mate betsize dosen't really matter it's the "x bet " that matter I'm a mid/low roller as well!
  14. Hi all !

    welcome mate! glad to see you here
  15. That Twitch name you can never pronounce..

    Welcome Rich! I'll definitly name you Rich next stream hahaha