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  1. braage9

    Leaving CG and the streams

    I have also been a compulsive gambler With all the anixety at the end Money dident meen anything. Anyway I got better, but I had a badly treatet bipolar disorder. When my medicin was right and months away from gambling I finally could start living again. Now I can gamble small amounts sometimes and love to watch streamers. Anyway, send me a PM if you need some help =)
  2. braage9

    Leaving CG and the streams

    You are getting slotparanoid, thats good. Now you can quit! Slots are made that way, to get you hooked and so play for a lot more. Dont know how you mean they rigged the games, you have no evidence, as long the variance is very big on slots. Casinos most earn Money on players, thats way they want you to play all day long chasing wins. Start betting on horses they are problay not rigged!
  3. Go random high-middel variance slot like Montezuma or Raging Rhino. Loose all you money. Fks 20 kr x 50 spinns Go Silent Run for 40 kr x 25 spinns for winback Go Montezuma again for big win
  4. Sorry bad picture, picked the right magic orb this time Love this funny game !
  5. braage9

    Giving up casino

    You are not done whit gambling if texas holdem is your free ticket to heaven. Many people dont ounderstand the basic in gambling addiction. Its all about chemical unbalanse in theire/our heads. Dopamin wich makes you happy, spam to much when you playing slot, its the same with alcohol and poker. The only way to beat this is to see the gambling in a another way. Like gambling is only for fun, its like a hobby. Like going for bowling one day or cinema. All know they cant beat the casino, its the typical myte that everyone is so stupid they think they can beat the casino. Most of the people with gambling disease have also disease like depression,adhd,bipolar,OCD or drugs/alcohol-addiction.
  6. braage9

    Mega Joker Jackpot (!!!!!!!!!!)

    Oh.. lord, queen and Donald Trump. congratulations
  7. braage9

    A word of warning

    This is normal, and I would be happy with 100 euro plus =) But of course understand it is boring.
  8. braage9

    Amazing Cool Jewels Bonus

    Nice, one of my absolute favorite slots. Had a few similar wins and even bigger, its can be crazy. Too bad It cant be played in Norway. Looks so gemix but it is a good high variance slot with very high potensial
  9. braage9

    Wheel of Rizk

    Dont know if it was the jackpot, but won 10000 Norwegian kroner ( 1000 euro) once on the Wheel =)
  10. braage9

    1Line Theory

    Dont think it is higher variance on one line theory, its all about how much you bet. The higest variance is to get the whole screen wild with all the lines ?
  11. braage9

    The big Lose

    Everybody is posting the big wins. Somebody most lose the money before the streamers can take it all =) What do you think your all over RTP are on casino ? win or lose, mine most be like 60 % MAX back =)
  12. braage9

    big win motorhead :D

    Good win, but when I got this I actually thought i was going to destroy the casino.. so Starburst 2.
  13. braage9

    3625X 1450€ JACKPOT ON STARQUEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh lord, buy some nice food for your cat or grild friend or whatever. CRAZY