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  1. I liked a lot of posts becouse they are fun but some are just to time consuming.
  2. Dafuq? How do you even hit that? Congratulations buddy!
  3. They send out quite frequent bonuses to loyal players but I totally agree with you buddy that the VIP system should give something for every level up.
  4. Myth busted! Myth busted! Myth busted got to soon Myth very busted and you owe me 420 bananas Myth busted! Myth confirmed, cheers buddy! Myth plausible, casket apparently difficult to get Myth plausible, 100 teases was enough Myth busted, scruffy don't like me. You saw what happened in Sweden last night? Myth super confirmed, well done my friend! Myth confirmed, funnier game than i thought Bonus in 3 spins, no wild line, busted! Myth busted! Myth busted, good win though Myth confirmed, got it the first Myth busted, was a good run though Myth busted, got it on first though Myth busted. Myth busted but close Myth plausible, got the bonus on first ten spins Myth busted, teases all the time Myth super confirmed, didn't take many spins to get it Myth busted, not even close Myth busted, can't get rhinos. Myth busted, no go
  5. Hey buddy, Thanks for sharing your story and welcome to Casinogrounds, if there's anything you need always feel free to contact me
  6. Myth busted, wasn't even close Myth busted, bonus right away Myth busted, DoA don't like me Myth busted, got it right away Myth plausible, Rhino don't like me either no more Myth plausible, we could only afford to do 10 Myth busted, close call though Myth plausible, it's soooo difficult to get Myth plausible, we couldn't get to the freespins Myth busted and cost me loads Myth plausible, fishes don't wanna come Myth super confirmed, best one today! Myth confirmed, epic strategy Myth busted, both equally bad Hahaha, no troccies today but will try in the future for sure (a) Myth busted Myth super busted and 20 seconds of life wasted Haha, next level thinking, myth plausible but I'll get hacking attempts by doing so on stream Myth plausible, billy don't screw anyone Myth plausible, no touch sceen today Myth busted, wasnt even close sir 8-) Myth busted, I don't win over 200x on fruit warp Myth busted, 3 wheels maximum. Myth plausible, to tilted after Thunderstorm feature to go on Myth busted, the rigg is always there Myth plausible, playing with fun money is boring though Myth busteed, bonus was shite. Myth plausible, base game > bonus though Hahahaha, love it! Next level thinking Myth plausible, no bonus Myth busted, 10 spins were bad Myth confirmed, high coin value > high level
  7. Wow, that's just insane, well done buddy!
  8. Welcome to Casinogrounds guys, hope you'll enjoy your stay
  9. Welcome to Casinogrounds buddy
  10. Welcome to Casinogrounds buddy, hope you'll enjoy your stay
  11. You private message LeoVegas_Support with your e-mail on Leo
  12. Cool, who has joined already?
  13. I don't have discord downloaded, is it the same as teamspeak? (tech dinosaur here)
  14. Holy smokes, that was a long answer Thanks for today everyone, so far about 15 myths in the run for the grand prizes, we'll be back tomorrow to try more!
  15. Myth confirmed! Myth confirmed! Myth busted! Myth Plausible, will try to get a hitspin instead of a deposit bonus tomorrow Myth busted! Myth Plausible, can't play Life of Riches on Leo Myth busted, no freespins in 100 spins on minimum bet Myth busted, you can't get 4 chests in Jack and the Beanstalk Myth confirmed Aloha is Shite! Myth plausible, rigged shit right there Myth busted, can't ever get freespins in Bonanza :'( Myth busted, Reggie has no super human contact with monkeys. Myth confirmed, always coming back! Myth plausible, to expencive to get freespins in Drive </3 Myth plausible, Jack hates me. Myth super confirmed, good one! Myth confirmed. Myth busted. Myth busted, moneys don't like Reggie no more. Myth plausible, can't play the machine Myth busted, Sam never pays. Myth plausible, Blueprint servers are shite. Myth confirmed, GnR is a very good game. Myth plausible, we're loyal to the book of dead. Myth confirmed, one of the best strategys you can use! Myth busted. Myth busted, ducks don't watch casino streams. Myth plausible (I can't come up with a good reason ) Myth plausible, to difficult to get freespins Myth busted, mortals never get hot mode. Myth confirmed. Myth busted, Fruit Warp is a cruel game. Myth confirmed, last spin always best spin Who is Justing Bieber? Myth confirmed, GnR a good game. Myth super confirmed, very good of you to spot that, makes a case why not to play Gonzo's Myth plausible, you just want freespins Myth busted, sorry darling <3 Confirmed, interesting stuff Myth busted, but auto spins rigged, hence we don't use them outside of scientific testing Myth confirmed Myth busted, nothing pays on Sundays. Myth busted, 60 quickspins will cost you €200 Myth busted, you can also get it on the extra Toro. Myth super confirmed, solid strategy to use. Myth 1 confirmed, myth 2 busted. Rofl, super busted, everything went RIP Myth busted, we picked best symbol in chest first time Myth plausible, had no money left.