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  1. Holy shit, that's just insane! Imagine 3 more spins with the full block, would be like 15kx?
  2. Insane mate, just insane! Congratulations
  3. Well done buddy, really like the intro as well
  4. Welcome sir @iank1129 you have some guides for machines to play at https://casinogrounds.com/casino-guides/ mostly in the bottom Hope you'll enjoy Casinogrounds
  5. Wauw, another win in Knight's life. Well done, this game has been on fire lately.
  6. Wow, that's insane, congratulations. What hits did you get in the bonus, 1000x+500x+250x?
  7. Unfortunately I've never been able to cash out from Casumo but from what I've heard from others that's way longer than it's supposed to take.
  8. Well done sir Nick I agree with Nicola, @Gunbritte has to go 8-)
  9. The comeback machine, well done
  10. Terms state 1x on certain bonuses, which I take myself sometimes when I'd do a cash deposit anyways. General tip on those is to play with very low stake as the balance will always be minimum 1x on conversion. I have notifed Ovo about this and they will look into it.
  11. Congratulations Pause, really nice hit
  12. What an insane rush, congrats buddy!
  13. Hi Kyle, I notified Leo about this issue right away, hope it can be resolved asap. All the best, Kim
  14. Welcome to Casinogrounds buddy