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  1. Welcome to CasinoGrounds buddy
  2. Quasar don't offer very many countries yet unfortunately, very few Novo casinos do offer UK their games, hope that will change in the near future.
  3. Well done, at least someone takes money from my nemesis machine
  4. Wow mate, that's insane! Congratulations, hope I'm next in line on novos
  5. Thanks buddy, I really had a blast last night! There is a lot of taboo when it comes to gambling which is why I try to clearify how i think and feel about things, very happy it gets appreciated. Abot the fall I'm doing alright and will be back tomorrow again
  6. Hi!

    Welcome to the forum buddy, hope you'll enjoy your stay
  7. Haha, rigged Rhino! I got several of those, usually I have to remove the entire clip or try to edit out the sound track, never happened on Rhino though.
  8. Hi!

    Nice story buddy Welcome to Casinogrounds
  9. Welcome to Casinogrounds @Ciryon1, if you were talking about my ban it's lifted now
  10. I think most legit casinos would always chose the highest RTP but it's a shame if well known brands started picking the lower ones. Is the RTP always stated in the sheet? @Slotplayer Novomatic are extremely big and have a lot of landbased machines which are way lower for sure, I also think that casinos can pick lower RTP (not as low as land based though) if they prefered. Best thing would be to have more strict regulations that forces casinos to always show the RTP of the actual machine @Beenji
  11. Welcome to Casinogrounds buddy
  12. Welcome to Casinogrounds mate, very interesting story to read. Just remember to be careful once you start losing, it can go quicker than expected. A very nice collage of pictures though
  13. Wow, nice wins buddy! How long of a timespan did it take?
  14. Such a nice win buddy, good job!
  15. Thanks for the replys everyone, I'll open in another tab today and on Thursday I'll have a look on the URL preview, looks like a solid option.