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  1. Betsafe summer riddle 14-20/8

    Thanks for sharing buddy
  2. Viking Go Berzerk - 21 Free Spins over 700x

    Smashing it lately, congratulations mate
  3. 500x bonanza hit

    32 spins, 26x multiplier and 500x, well done. How many spins did you get on the initial trigger?
  4. Big and Epic Wins from last 2 Months

    Crazy hits, congratulations! Bummer that you didn't go your regular size on Magic Mirror Deluxe II but still a crazy hit. Do you know if you're up or down in total over those two months?
  5. 5700x Danger High Voltage

    Wow, definitely one of the biggest hits out there!
  6. moon princess again

    Moon princess #1 slot confirmed
  7. 1000x Crystal ball

    Congrats on your win @gamblingraal Is that an older or newer Merkur?
  8. regarding the super monopoly money bullet..

    Interesting idea, would be bummed out if it hit an insane multiplier though
  9. Will be streaming Bitcoin casinos!

    Best of luck buddy, I know @Andreas has played some bitcoin casino in the past
  10. Games u cant get a feature !!

    2k spins? That's crazy. Creature from the rigged lagoon is my nemesis even if I've had a few bonuses lately (all shit though)
  11. Bitter Review - Emoji planet

    Haha, gave me a good laugh! Maybe we should ask @superregito just copy this review so that he doesn't have to write one himself
  12. From 10€ deposit to 1500€ cashout

    Interesting strategy, I've never had any luck on bingo myself but might be fun to give it a few trys
  13. Worst bonus ever - Oink Country Love

    That's pretty bad to say the least with premiums
  14. From 10€ deposit to 1500€ cashout

    That's crazy mate, congratulations and thank you for sharing your story! May I ask how you did on the Bingo?
  15. Viking runecraft 15x in the bonus!

    Get in @elmandoz420 well done!