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  1. Great news, I think every casino should be obligated to let you lock your withdrawal or make it irreversible. I think Guts have something similar and on Leovegas you can flush it, not sure how many of the other big brands gives you the option, if someone has a list I'd be interested in seeing it.
  2. Get in there buddy @Gee_Bee1 pretty crazy how close that was to brooklyn
  3. Haha, beat the kim competition, I like it!
  4. I'm so happy you managed to go cold turkey and please keep it that way buddy <3 It could also be good to tell your friends that you really want to stay away from gambling and ask them to not invite you if they want to gamble.
  5. Very interesting video, thanks for sharing!
  6. That is crazy mate, congratulations!
  7. Haha, that one made me giggle a bit
  8. Nice one, well done
  9. Welcome to Casinogrounds and good luck streaming mate
  10. That's just insane, congratulations! I've never been close to a win like that on CZ
  11. Get in! What a comeback
  12. Well done buddy, that game is so much fun!
  13. Love to you as always Anders <3
  14. Thanks for your input mate, I can agree that this isn't an area that is covered enough when it comes to charity.
  15. Thanks Kowita, I waited quite a few weeks for suggestions to get many causes covered, hope you have a choice where you feel the money will do good even if that's not one of the alternatives this time <3