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  1. Meet Lothar Matthäus

    So sorry to hear mate Would be a blast to have you come join
  2. Super Monopoly Money MEGA bullet [Guessing contest]

    Update on final results, big congrats to all winners and everyone participating, finally it hit something to speak of I have PMed all the winners SMM total buy in: SEK 21,000 Cash out: SEK 76,022.5 To the viewers: SEK 7,603 Total profit for the ones buying in: SEK 47,419 Closest viewer guesses (winning SEK 1521 each): @Solutionnn 75,777 @ih8usern4me 76,390 @oneleggedoctopus 75,020 @Roedgaard72 75,000 @pecolsta 78,000 Kim Buy in: 5,000 Profit: 11,290 Slotspinner Buy in: 5000 Profit: 11,290 Nick Buy in: 5,000 Profit: 11,290 Smackdowncasino Buy in: 2,500 Profit: 5,645 Slotplayer Buy in: 2,500 Profit: 5,645 Reggie Buy in: 1,000 Profit: 2,258
  3. Top tipster results week 2

    Rigged, must be the magnets
  4. epic 30 mins on BTG @LeoVagas

    Big congrats mate, nice lowrolling session
  5. BOOK OF GODS, by BTG.

    Top man Craig It has just beeen reuploaded, enjoy
  6. BOOK OF GODS, by BTG.

    No need to apologize Craig lad, you haven't done anything wrong Update will come later today

    What a beauty, big congrats!
  8. The Falacon can pay, nice base game hit.

    Big congrats mate, gotta love the falcon!
  9. Extra Chili

    Big congrats on that win!
  10. Evolution Live Roulette at LeoVegas - Bets Rejected

    Great news mate, congrats
  11. Super Monopoly Money MEGA bullet! Tomorrow, Monday (23/4/2018) as a part of closing the CasinoGrounds anniversary week, we're going for a SEK 21,000 (€2,100) Super Monopoly Money Bullet. The balance will ALL be put towards collecting as much Super Monopoly Money as possible and when the balance runs out, we'll spin the wheel and pray to the slot gods to give us a miracle (we're super SUPER due). Me, @Nick, @Slotspinner, @smackdowncasino, @Slotplayer and @CasinoReggie are the ones sharing the bullet, but we're also giving you guys a chance to take home some of the money the wheel awards us - simply by guessing what we'll end up with. Watch the livestream at https://twitch.tv/letsgiveitaspin ! SMM Guessing Contest: To take part, all you need to do is to guess in the forum widget how much you think we are going to get when we spin the Super Monopoly Wheel at the end of the session. The closest 5 guesses will win 2% each of the total wheel hit! Where is the widget? Check screenshot below: This is how the Super Monopoly Mega Bullet session will go down: Starting balance will be SEK 21,000 and played in the stream completely. Only one guess per person can be made - please make sure to add your forum nickname in the widget. Multiple entries will not be counted(!!). Guesses are in € and will be multiplied by 10 to make it easier to count! Please note that forum widget closes at 7:10GMT / 20:10CET on Monday, right after the start of the stream. Payout structure: 2% each for 5 closest guesses (10% total) Happy guessing! This thread is just informative and no guesses will take place in it - use the forum widget! Remember you need to be logged in in order to see it. If you are on mobile, just scroll past the forum and the widget will be below.
  12. Hi guys

    Welcome to CG mate
  13. Evolution Live Roulette at LeoVegas - Bets Rejected

    I've pinged Leo about this thread and they are looking into it, I got the same issues yesterday (fortunately didn't hit a gin number). The_68 and Nicola are mods of the forum, best guy to contact for issues is Skylined87.
  14. 5000x Book of Fortune

    Big congrats, that's crazy!