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  1. Amazing, biggest one I've seen in this game
  2. Well done, how much was the bet?
  3. Welcome to Casinogrounds buddy, if you have any questions just ask Trevor Mcdonald Kappa
  4. Amazing, congratulations buddy! Those Novomatics can be so good
  5. Holy fkin smokes! Cash it out and do something really nice with the money buddy
  6. I can confirm that you never get the feature Kappa
  7. Interesting topic, the max win you stated is probably correct but it will hit once in a billion years. When they try games they run them for 1-100 billion spins and get the "max win" that way. I know for a fact that Fruit warp can pay over 10kx, will want to see it though
  8. Great suggestions so far! Some of the things are quite easy to do, meaning we should probably do them asap
  9. Insane, congratulations!
  10. Welcome to Casinogrounds buddy
  11. Great suggestion buddy, have you had any look for cruises to see what might be doable?
  12. Ugly that they feed on situations like this, but what can one expect from the trolls. He defienetly regrets it, hurts when you do something for charity and it ends this way.
  13. Holy smokes! Congratulations buddy
  14. Very sad, it's difficult to hold back on certain trolls. Especially when you do something kind hearted like that and they make up random accusations, I think the combination of beeing tired, losing a bit in the end and a bit of alcohol made him overreact.
  15. Great hit buddy, smashing it lately