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  1. Not paying attention paid off

    Holy smokes, mistake of a lifetime right there
  2. Thanks for the checklist. As for number two I also think it's important that they are pretty lenient with the T&Cs, it makes a huge difference if they enforce it at all times or almost never. Number 3 is a big NO NO if they don't have that one checked. I'd also add how serious they are about responsible gaming and how good they are at trying to solve problems, I.E missing game rounds, non credited bonuses etc. As a streamer I also see it as important how they help me around the stream, examples in this case are extra goodies for my players and if there is an issue they do everything in their power to resolve it.
  3. Wagering Rules

    Which casino was it? If it's a good brand you won't need to worry at all, I think even semi-decent will pay in this case
  4. Bonanza mental hit

    Get the fudge in! Big congratulations
  5. Queen of Riches / Reactoonz

    Big congratulations buddy, like the games you're playing

    Thanks for doing some research @weimaren87 I always advoke people to stay on trusted brands as smaller ones tend to use all kind of methods to get your bananas
  7. 2082X on Piggy

    Big congrats buddy!
  8. MONSTER HIT DOA!!! 4519X!!!!! FINALLY!!!!! :D

    Get the fudge in there
  9. Serious question i need an answer to

    Ahahaha, voted for myself!
  10. Help Needed - New Youtube Partner Policy(YPP)

    Gave you a sub
  11. I am Melvin - Royal Panda

    Welcome to Casinogrounds sir
  12. Reactoonz - best slot evar (like f----)

    Tell me about it Not many machines that get my nerves like this bad boy
  13. 5000x on Book of Ra (0.09 bet lol)

    Get in, very nice one!
  14. King kong 1350 free spins.

    Get the fudge in, two hours well spent