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  1. LaTeRzuk

    Uk newbie

    how many cups of tea do u consume on an average day?
  2. LaTeRzuk

    1000x on Jungle Books LOL

    u can get the 5x multiplier on it also seen it when the game came out on the ygg missions
  3. LaTeRzuk

    Insane Doa win from free rounds!

    imagine the wager on that on any other casino lol, grats!
  4. LaTeRzuk

    Lake's Five 100x+ competition

    189x https://imgur.com/a/MW2FgKx lakes5.bmp
  5. LaTeRzuk

    Top tipster results week 2

    I love it when Reggies on top
  6. LaTeRzuk

    Live streaming on Youtube and Twitch

    any gemix?
  7. LaTeRzuk

    Extra Chilli mega giveaway!

    Down to last feature buy on the gamble for 24 spins for the big recovery! https://imgur.com/a/KC7Be Boom 12spins 4p!! 0.4x
  8. LaTeRzuk

    Extra Chilli mega giveaway!

  9. LaTeRzuk

    Bonanza Big Wins! [CG & Royal Panda Competition]

    pandabon531x.bmp https://imgur.com/a/eFvbV
  10. LaTeRzuk

    Star Quest Insane Hit

    n1 bruda
  11. LaTeRzuk

    Slotsmillion, never win

    my bad, mega tit
  12. LaTeRzuk

    Slotsmillion, never win

  13. LaTeRzuk

    juicy hit on jungle spirit