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  1. LaTeRzuk

    Fantasy football - English premier league

    gl sir 2 much effort 4 me tho
  2. LaTeRzuk

    [Competition] 500x+ Chase - Bonanza vs Diamond Mine

    Diamond mine 567.8x
  3. LaTeRzuk

    Dragons Fire - COMPETITION

    600x full screen wild 3x must of done over 10k spins now lol https://imgur.com/a/UpcgjP7
  4. aye its a great slot ive had the 2nd or 3rd jackpot b4 ill have a look 4 the screenie and pays 500x for 5scatters which ive had a few times https://imgur.com/a/zG6Guf3 it was the second jackpot but it was high
  5. LaTeRzuk

    Loveisagamble - 24hr Charity stream

    cu sat 😃
  6. 286x done thousands of spins now had lots of 100x+s https://imgur.com/a/zDbPuIS
  7. LaTeRzuk

    Superwin turns bad...

  8. LaTeRzuk

    Epic Win on Bonanza

    great win and reactions 😮
  9. LaTeRzuk

    Uk newbie

    how many cups of tea do u consume on an average day?