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  1. Skylined87

    I call scam?

    Which casino?
  2. Skylined87

    Best slot of the year 2018

    Good idea, but probably not this year
  3. Skylined87

    [Giveaway+COMP] Holy Diver

    Hey all, just quick update on the extra spins: There will be no spins credited today, however everyone who opted in so far and all that will opt in until tomorrow 11:00 CET, will get their spins credited tomorrow at 12:00 CET.
  4. Skylined87

    Big win ? On bobcasino

    Haha, nice one on the second one. At least you got yourself some drinks after that win
  5. Skylined87

    [Giveaway+COMP] Holy Diver

    If you already opted in, I will forward the email addresses that you have entered. If its not matching on Leo then please PM me with correct address.
  6. Skylined87

    [Giveaway+COMP] Holy Diver

    @Manksswe @mcstoffe Apologies, mistake on our end. You should now be able to enter the address. It initially just took the address you "signed up" with to OPT-IN. Now there's an option after that to actually enter LeoVegas email address.
  7. Skylined87

    Best slot of the year 2018

    That's not how it works
  8. Skylined87

    Leaving slots.

    Hey @Play The Game! You're making the right choice and just shows you want to keep it under control before any serious damage occurs. Wish you all well!
  9. Skylined87

    Best slot of the year 2018

    Hello all! It's been amazing 2018 with so many new slot releases out there that it's hard to list them all. For the first time ever, we're going to ask you, the community on which slot release should take the title as the "Best video slot of the year 2018". We have compiled a list of slots based on your posts in our forum (the community) and input from the Casinogrounds streamers. Will it be Spinal Tap? Extra Chilli? Jammin Jars? Who knows! It's time for you to take a vote and decide, we're looking forward to see the results. Poll lasts until 31/01/2019.
  10. Skylined87

    How my addiction can help you.

    Well it is entirely up to you what you do, but if you feel like that the danger of it will never go away, perhaps make an alternative and give control of the finances to someone you trust - i.e. your family or girlfriend. That way you won't be able to spend anything on gambling as you'll be provided just enough to get the bills and food done. Rest goes to savings which you don't have access to. That should literally force you to forget about gambling or be tempted to gamble all together. I know there are a lot people here in the community and even streamers are fun to be around with and if you don't want to miss on that the above alternative should do the trick. Either way cutting it all out together or give control of finances to someone else are the only two ways to really stir clear of it. If it helps, you can share more stories or your progress here so we can all see how you're doing and be there for support if needed.
  11. Skylined87

    How my addiction can help you.

    Oh wow, that's some read right there. I must say that gambling is dangerous, and I can understand what you went through, must have been hell. For some people it's easy to manage for some it's not. I hope that you'll stick around the right path this time and would even encourage you to permanently close all your accounts as it seems that gambling has control over you instead of the other way around. Save yourself money, time, nerves and most importantly life and just forget about it all together. Would even go as far to advise you to stop watching streams or participate in the forums. Why? Because at some point later down you might get tempted again and it will most likely be the same situation as the last time you've relapsed. I really wish you all the best on your efforts and hope they stick around this time!
  12. Good to hear! Grats on your winnings
  13. Hey, yeah we are. Please let me know your username via Private Message so I can fwd this issue to them and get it sorted
  14. Hey! Seems like you've been bit unlucky when it comes to verification. Please make sure you have done everything the CS asked of you, 99% of the times its quite simple and straight forward process to get verified, unless there are some issues; hence the additional requests from them. If you still continue to have problems, let me know your LeoVegas username/email and I will check for you.
  15. Skylined87

    Casino Heroes Casino

    I understand frustration, please let me know your Casino Heroes login/email so we can contact them directly and get this sorted on Monday!