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  1. I suggest you contact VS customer support and they can check with provider if your game is "stuck" somewhere
  2. My suggestions: - upon new slot release, there could be a 24hr competition who gets the biggest win on it - maybe involve providers for promotion as well and the winner gets a nice prize (doesn't need to be money or bonus) - more Yggdrasil competitions - slot missions - e.g. you guys pick a certain slot and challenge the players to get a certain "achievement" on it - e.g. wildline, fullscreen wilds, 5 scatter trigger, ... - "bonus farming" - streamer gets a bonus on ceratin slot(s) and closes it. Players can bet on what the outcome will be (e.g. 5x, 10x, 100x, 200x..) higher the multiplier higher the prize - real life event - hold a raffle or one of the winning players from the above games or others get to experience Malta with a private party on a boat That's my ideas so far =)
  3. Awesome win, nearly 800x the stake
  4. Nice win! I especially like the bonus music here when on freespins - and they can go forever adding up small wins to a big end win
  5. It feels like it's a low-variance copy of Jack and the beanstalk, only that you don't have to wait for harps but the paylines low. 4x the stake for 5OAK, really?
  6. Always next door Good hit tho!
  7. Hahah good luck! I would never go this degen on Immortal as it's always robbing me
  8. This one can be so good if you get the retriggers, still not bad at all!
  9. Oh I like this one, it can pay insane! Nice hit
  10. I don't get it, everyone winning on Immortal Romance except me. How do you do this
  11. Oh well
  12. Theoretically it's possible, best I got is 8 as well just to get to the first multipiler and then instant shaft
  13. Was on lunch break, depo 20€, went to bonanza for a nice hit to 180€ took me down to 70€ so changed to fruit warp and after a few spins this happened Nice 300€ cashout incoming!
  14. Whoa that's a nasty "bug". First time I see this, I'm quite sure it should've retriggered and wipe all the symbols but...what??
  15. I think the proving point comes from disrespect the streamers get. If there was no fake money streamers on Twitch, this wouldn't be an issue, but unfortunately people are devious and things start happening. I think it's okay to be transparent, so people can connect with the streamer if he wins or loses as they know the reactions they have are genuine. It's not about feeding the trolls but it's about being honest with your audience. That's my view on it anyway