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  1. Newest addons to the forum!

    Hi everyone! During last few days, we have made some adjustments to the forum. Notable features are: 1. Extended Member information - Make sure you check your Profile and fill in the details that you want to be shown, that includes your Favorite Casino 2. New reactions - New ways to react to the post! Newest members are - Troll Face and Kappa ! More to come... If you would like to see some additional fields to your profile or reactions, let me know! Also, don't hesitate to reply here if you have any other ideas!
  2. Can casinos change RTP on PlayNgo games?

    @weimaren87 I have deleted your topic since this one is pretty much identical. I have attached the picture from it to here, I hope you are okay with that. As in regards to the question @weimaren87 and @spiker1977: As far as I know Play'N'Go gives Casinos several options RTP wise and Casinos decide if they will offer lower RTP versions or higher.
  3. Actually I have just merged the thread with the other topic covering the same news (title was LeoVegas bought Casinogrounds for €300000). After I merged both topics, the "LeoVegas bought CG" thread prevailed causing the "Leovegas invests in Casinogrounds" being deleted. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I have fixed the thread now and I do apologize for mistake on my end. The thread can be located here: https://casinogrounds.com/forum/topic/7095-leovegas-invests-in-casinogrounds/ I apologize once again, there is no point of us removing threads like these as this is an open forum and we value everyones opinion.
  4. Captain Venture Big Win

    Saw it live, nice
  5. I am Melvin - Royal Panda

    Welcome @Melvin - Royal Panda! Nice to see another representative joining our community
  6. hello there:)

    Welcome @icoslaw! Hope you'll enjoy your stay and looking forward to see some big wins from you
  7. King kong 1350 free spins.

    Depends on the initial trigger. If you initially trigger 100 spins, every retrigger will give you 100 extra spins
  8. ban online casino streamers

    I have just read throughout whole of the thread and must say it was quite an enjoyable read with some valid points from both sides. However, I need to remind all involved in this thread - please be respectful and constructive when writing your replies. Stay away from personal attacks, using foul language and speculations (through guessing). Failing in doing so will result in your post being deleted. p.s. @pausefisk I will get back to you on that matter you suggested.
  9. Lost about 40000 euro on bet victor

    @casinorixify That's just a term that slot players use when slots are not paying. Basically means you are playing a wrong slot at the wrong time If slot is "hot" you are playing right slot at right moment. Remember, slots are completely random. You can get 1000x win 2 spins in a row or you get nothing over 1000 of spins.
  10. Hi!

    @KlodsHansen hey and welcome! You could always stop by in Malta, they got really big modern casino there with poker tourneys or cash games every evening
  11. Finally!!! Off the bucket list
  12. Super monopoly money

    Yeah I think it stays up to 30 days, afterwards amount is donated to charity if I remember correctly.
  13. Talk to support @Kimon789, ask them why they want a picture of your old card. Also, explain to them the situation if you have not already. Keep calm and don't gamble your winnings away.