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  1. Yeah we'll definitely consider it
  2. Wise words pausefisk, and spot on
  3. what's the discord url invite?
  4. Hey, a very warm welcome to the forum
  5. Done
  6. Let me be the first Steam Tower - if you do 30 powerspins (quick spins) on it, you're guaranteed a bonus within that amount of spins!
  7. I overreacted. Full line of rhino is 3€ at min stake, so thats 3x3x3x3x3x3x3 = 2187€
  8. Well extra rhino would've paid 1944€ !!! 2 extra rhinos would've been 2916€ off a 0,40 stake so yeah.. Well done mate!!
  9. Hahah welcome pork, australia Finally you join us! Cheers!
  10. Welcome! I've checked some of your videos yesterday, some crazy bets there and you seem to be a mega fan of Elements
  11. Awesome mate, I don't think I ever hit big on bonus
  12. Welcome to the community Paul nice to see you
  13. hey @Paul Debenham thanks for the kind words and welcome to Casinogrounds! I totally agree on your points and to be honest, it's common sense Unfortunately, as every business there will always be people who envy or start false rumours or likewise, mostly because those same people are pissed off at the losses they've done in the casino (or anything else for that matter). Hate has to vent out somewhere and usually comes out as trolling
  14. Nice win there Now you'll have some extra money for drinks