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  1. Unlucky

    Never reel 1 FeelsBadMan
  2. Fruit Warp cementing the Cash Out...

    Well done @SuperSmask!
  3. Hello All!

    Hey @jokepoteer! Welcome to CG! I'm sub of your channel, some nice videos right there, loving them! Hope you'll enjoy stay here
  4. Happy holidays hot mode

    What a recovery Sweet!
  5. Viking runecraft 15x in the bonus!

    Love this slot, you can grind it for hours and it can produce some decent results!
  6. moon princess again

    Haha, well done
  7. 398x Book of Dead

    Whoa, amazingly lucky there! Enjoy the winnings
  8. ChrilleKorean

    Welcome to CG @ChrilleKorean, nice introduction there In regards to hitting the gym when you're bored I fully support that, as it is something I should do as well but instead I get stuck at computer I hope you'll enjoy your stay here and looking forward to your big win pictures or nice discussions
  9. Hello there!

    Hey @NoX_Gambling! Welcome to the forum I have also noticed you already have account here @noxswe, is that correct? If that's the case can I delete that one?
  10. Bitter Review - Emoji planet

    @Meowcat90 hahaha! I enjoyed reading this review. At first I thought - oh no, another spammer joined up, wheres the link? But as I scrolled further down I saw this is mocking of the NetEnt's new slot and it's well deserved. Slots like these should be banned from ever seeing the light of online casinos, but unfortunately there's tons of people spamming emojis and will find this slot appealing. I would love to see more of this fun reviews, so if you have any, feel free to post them
  11. Region

    Hi @Rets23 and welcome! It depends on which sites you want to play on, regarding the bonuses. Different casinos have different restrictions when it comes to bonuses or new players.
  12. OVO Casino - Be Careful

    Well it's "free" money, if you get lucky you can still have a nice cashout
  13. First Time Trying This Game

    This rigged game. I tried it many times, never got bonus LUL
  14. Collection of my wins

    Sweet wins there @pOd102! Just fyi, I have merged all of the topics into one so it's easier to see
  15. 1000x Crystal ball

    gandalf was kind to you I see well done