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  1. Hi @All! After asking you guys on email and here, I have received almost all the IDs. We are aiming to set the tournament next Sunday @ 20:00 (29.4.2018) with prize structure: 1st place - 500 EUR 2nd place - 250 EUR 3rd place - 150 EUR 4th place - 50 EUR 5th place - 50EUR Below is the list of all the GUTS poker IDs (Nicknames) that I've collected. If you don't see yourself in there, let me know! I believe I am missing about 4 people. lanceroyal21 adielee1982 aidanmulvenna Animator1777 Budskapet Danelllol extrafun inittowinit Islendur KBgamer kingkingking kometenk letsjustspinit Mattaen mfl24 mn540 mrbonehead NooB2U2 NorwegianViking1991 olej993 pecolsta Petosiili SendMyRa Slotsofun Tamlordli Tjene ville1994
  2. Hi there guys, couple of our streamers recently had issues with sound in Chrome. There has been an update to Chrome just few days ago which disables auto play of audio in pages. This affects quite a lot of slots. Fortunately, I have found a solution after a bit of research. What you need to do is: - Go to Chrome - Enter this to the address bar, press enter: chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy - Select: No user gesture Restart the browser and you should be good to go!
  3. Casinogrounds 2nd Anniversary!

    Hi @Tjene Please look at the forum thread I have created. I need players poker ID's in order to setup the tournament. When I collect those, I will announce the date of the tournament. Reason for this is, that we could setup password protected tournament already, but anyone with password would be able to access it, so we want to take a safe approach.
  4. Hi guys, we are in process of setting up the 1000EUR freeroll poker tournament for the winners who voted Slotspinner as a winner of the Streamers poker tournament. We require additional information - your GUTS poker nickname - please add it to your nickname below to make things easier for us. Winners list: Slotsofun Petosiili jaaneh NorwegianViking1991 kometen MrBoneHead Mattaen olej993 lanceroyal21 Islendur angerfist_760 Petosiili Syntinen extras_chilli_lul Krisjanis Mn540 Tamlordli LeedsBullen Rougyy lejon_kungen1 babalam666 pecolsta adrian4500 Tjene letsjustspinit Mjam24 aidanmulvenna animator1777 Mackem1985 Adielee1982 danell onlyoneunit Extrafun budskap
  5. Evolution Live Roulette at LeoVegas - Bets Rejected

    Understandable @pritmist, I will let you know as soon as I have some more information. If you get more before me, please let me know here in this thread. Meanwhile I advise you to wait until you get additional information as these kind of issues can take longer than a day or two.
  6. Evolution Live Roulette at LeoVegas - Bets Rejected

    Hi @pritmist! I'll see what can be additionally done. Please allow me few days to reach out to relevant persons.
  7. Bonushunt

    Guess on the widget top right on front page of forum @Boxxerbenno, don't create a thread
  8. Hi all, Thank you for all the submissions. I will lock the thread now and go through best confirmed myths and pick the winners. I will announce them here once that is done.
  9. Congrats @Knobbo88 you were the closes with guess of 425EUR / 4250kr while the end result was 4386. Contact @SuperSmask to get the prize
  10. Hi all! Guess the outcome of the bonus hunt in SuperSmask's stream today and win 10% of the total bonus hunt outcome! Bonuses collected: Steam Tower (0.9€), Tiki Tumble (1€), SOTS (1€), Jurrassic P (0.9€), D.H.V (0.8€), Book Of Dead (0.8€), FlameBusters (1€), Piggy R (0.9€), Dragonz (1.2€), Good luck!
  11. Change dispaly name

    What do you want to have it changed to? Please PM me.
  12. They took 4000€ from me

    Maybe @Melvin - Royal Panda can look into this.
  13. Hi all! We will put the slot myths and theories to the test again! We will be actively testing posted myths during whole Monday and all of the streamers will be testing them Best confirmed myths will get a prize*, so post your favorite theory or myth in this thread! Example: "If you do 10 quickspins on Steam Tower, you are guaranteed to get a bonus" Please note that each submission will be given a maximum of 100 spins or a certain amount set by a Casinogrounds streamer. *Terms and conditions: - Awarded prize will be either Extra spins or Bonus money. - Winners will be announced in the Casinogrounds 2nd Anniversary thread - These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
  14. Hey all! It is that time of the year again! Casinogrounds recently turned 2 years old and just as last year, we will have a crazy week ahead starting THIS SUNDAY, 15.04.2018 and ending Monday 23.04.2018. Over the past year we have grown tremendously, which wouldn't be possible without each and every one of you - members of the community and the streamers. We thank you for that and we hope that you will enjoy the upcoming week with our anniversary! Schedule! Check the schedule here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OFFc0axIe6II5EvLu4RU4cLBYBpAhLbIQRPWMWme6zs/edit?usp=sharing So, lets hop to the hot stuff! What will be happening??! Mythbusting the slots - time to test your myths! Monday, 16.04.2018 throughout all day and all the streamers. Winners - €50 each bonus money on LeoVegas: @pausefisk @Tussilago87 @alucui @petosilli @snapper84 @supersmask @stingypetrov Poker Tournament between CasinoGrounds Streamers - with something new! Tuesday, 17.04.2018, starting at 20:00. (hint: Follow the CasinogroundsTV channel on Twitch ) On that day, you will see 6 of Casinogrounds streamers - Letsgiveitaspin, CasinoReggie, Huggehugg, Smackdowncasino, Slotspinner, Nickslots - compete with each other in a poker tournament. In addition to the streamers, we will stream all of the streamers simultaneously on CasinogroundsTV channel for easier overview of the tournament with some music and commentary You, the viewers can submit (via widget on the right sidebar of the forum) who you think will win the tournament and if your pick is correct - you will get ticket to a freeroll poker tournament on GUTS with a 1000EUR prize pool! Update: Viewer tournament is planned on 29.04.2018 @ 20:00. Check the POKER thread for more information! Bonus hunting! Wednesday, 18.4.2018 throughout all day and all the streamers. 10% of total bonus hunt outcome - Winners: @dukezbf - 290EUR (Slotspinner's bonus hunt) @Knobbo88 - 43EUR (Supersmask's bonus hunt) @Pouliko - 200EUR (DavidLabowsky's bonus hunt) @Scarypeet1994 - 43EUR (Smackdowncasino's bonus hunt) CasinoGrounds viewer / streamer meet-up package giveaway! - NEW DATE Sunday, 29.4.2018, 2 lucky viewers will be able to bring their friend to the Halmstad viewer / streamer meet-up on June 2nd 2018. Super Monopoly Money MEGA bullet! Monday, 23.4.2018 - Letsgiveitaspin, Slotspinner, Slotplayer, Nickslots will join forces to spin the SMM wheel This is just a shorter version of what's to come during the anniversary. This thread will be updated with more information as we are nearing the start. All of the relevant information will be easily accessible from the front page of the forum! *Please note that information in this thread is a subject to change at any time.