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  1. Montezuma unreal win

    Hah, exact same win happened to my friend, same stake too. Grats man!
  2. nickslots

    Please do not insult other members of the forum and be respectful. Consider this a warning.
  3. FAKE stream of KIM!??

    @GamblingVilo if you post YT link it will automatically embed it into post. Anyways, I'm sure Kim will report this channel tomorrow for copyright claim and it'll be taken down in like 20 minutes after report. They're spawning like crazy, from all the streamers.
  4. mods

    Hey! Thought that was MY title
  5. Taking a break!

    Good call sir! Of course our streamers are always here to entertain you plus you don't have to spend a dime!
  6. WMS Slots in Germany..

    I think it was mentioned that WMS is re-entering German market due to entry of IGT, which made things way easier for WMS to enter back into the German market - this was heard just a few months earlier.
  7. Lucky number 9. Great initiative @JG_Slots!
  8. Hi All! Another new YouTube Channel

    Hey @SlotsDick and welcome Must say you chose an interesting nickname
  9. Las Vegas Shootings

    Kims profile
  10. Las Vegas Shootings

    Just saw on Facebook, guys are safe
  11. Las Vegas Shootings

    Yeah just read about it. Hope they're all safe!
  12. Cazino Zeppelin record win?!

    Alright guys, no need for attacking other fellow members here. He did clearly state its the biggest yt win on Cazino Zeppelin grats to @Cadoro and hope you spend the winnings well
  13. Lucky Lady Charm 4566 x stake

    lol, grats! that was extremely lucky!
  14. Cazino Zeppelin record win?!

    it's far from record win but sweet hit never the less! grats
  15. Immortal Romance (Bad Tempered Spin)

    Lucky!! Grats