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  1. Skylined87

    CasinoGrounds 2.0 is here! - Community Feedback

    Hmm seems like I can't logout either. Will log this issue
  2. Skylined87

    CasinoGrounds 2.0 is here! - Community Feedback

    Thanks @Craig smith for extensive feedback. Will write this down and see what can be done to even further improve mobile experience.
  3. Skylined87

    CasinoGrounds 2.0 is here! - Community Feedback

    Hi, thanks for the feedback! Could you please provide me with screenshot of what you are describing? I know that a new tab is being opened when clicking the "Forum" in the menu - it will be taken care of, but I am interested in "Site insisting that you should login" screenshot.
  4. Skylined87

    CasinoGrounds 2.0 is here! - Community Feedback

    It's in process! You should be seeing it VERY soon
  5. Hi everyone! Dusk till Dawn from Novomatic is only live on LeoVegas tonight! To celebrate their new game we are having a promotion together with Novomatic and LeoVegas. Everyone that posts a screenshot with a big win from From Dusk to Dawn automatically have a chance to win some prizes. What you need to do is simply to upload a screenshot or video clip of your biggest win (X times stake) in this thread. Sunday 17th of June 23:59 is the deadline and winners will be announced on Monday. To qualify you would need to have played at LeoVegas so we are able to verify the game round. Prizes: 1. 200 € 2. 100 € 3. 50 € The winners will have their cash added to their LeoVegas account once verified. We hope you are looking forward to try out From Dusk till Dawn as much as we do! Good luck! Best regards, CasinoGrounds Team
  6. Skylined87


    Hey, as stated in one of previous topics, we are actively looking for ways to block the spammers. We have quite a lot security measures and plugins in place, however some still do manage go through. And blocking an IP address won't help since they are using many different ones.
  7. Skylined87

    Chinese spam again on the forum main page.

    hey @Craig smith! i believe these posts are automated more or less. so they wont even read your post we are doing all that we can to get rid of it.
  8. Dear community, We are very pleased to unveil to you what we've been working on for months! From today on, we ask of you to check our new website and let us know your thoughts or bugs you may find on our brand new awesome looking website (launch in progress happening now) - please post them in this thread. We hope you will enjoy it, also there is much more to come in the following months! Casinogrounds Team
  9. I would advise you to set a loss limit of 1€ not to get into temptation gambling it away. If you waited this long and now that it has been brought to attention, all you can do is wait another day really. And yeah I do understand that amount of money is a lot and hard to wait for. Do everything as they say and I'm 100% you won't have any issues. Next time verify at the casino before you start playing to avoid these kind of issues - that would be my advice!
  10. Skylined87

    Bonanza 708x 40p stake spinland casino

    Hey @bonanzaboy! You could always use an extension for Chrome, such as: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/loom-video-recorder-scree/liecbddmkiiihnedobmlmillhodjkdmb It will be much easier to record then messing with OBS
  11. Sorry I can't/not allowed to do that, but I do understand your frustration. Happened to me before as well, needed to upload my ID 3 times before they approved it (not on Calzone).
  12. Then just do as asked. I can see payment method was rejected the first time from your screenshots.
  13. Skylined87

    Money Laundering rules?

    Hey @Alleone! I think most, if not all casinos have a rule in their T&C's stating that deposit needs to be wagered at least 1 time (some casinos have that up to 5 times) due to money laundering. It's a pretty standard rule.