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  1. Welcome buddy
  2. Welcome @tumtumyumyum to Casinogrounds, nice introduction and wins
  3. Interesting read @Slotplayer. Thanks for bringing it up, I'm sure it will make more people aware to look at the slot help file or where they will play in future..
  4. Nice hit mate! Let us know your experience on PlayFortuna because that's one of the casinos that the guy who steals Letsgiveitaspin videos and restreams them on Twitch...
  5. Hey Manny, welcome! It's nice to see players from US taking part in this community as well! Your YouTube wins can be posted here and they will be embedded into posts automatically, as for Twitch you could do a live stream and make a slot show out of it :-) Just some friendly advice!
  6. Awesome hits! Tip of advice, you can put the YouTube links directly here and they will embed into the post itself
  7. I would but Pokerstars withdrawn from my country
  8. Damn I tried that yesterday, got a bonus with a mere 3x result Well done stu!
  9. Yeah they deserve to be rowed
  10. Pitayas all the way to the end...
  11. just wow...
  12. Oh yes the dreaded Rick Wilde, I get excited too when I hit it, then I remember I'll probably just get 2 of them anyway and get depressed afterwards lol
  13. I would help you there but I don't own an iphone or play any casinos which have their app, I just use casinos websites for playing on my phone, never had issues
  14. Hey Andy, I think all of us who participate in this forum or watch the streams are addicted / were addicted to the gambling. Every session is a struggle because we play for fun and to win, but lack of wins can make you furstrated so you start chasing losses and before you know it you get into troubles. Not forgetting to mention all the time and neglect a person does while gambling. It is fun - but only when you have some limits and stick to them. If you fail to do that, you are 100% sure to get sucked in. I wish you all the best in your recovery
  15. Holy shit! That's insane, looking at these screenshots and all of it from 30€. Well done sir!! What were your usual bullets for a session?