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  1. Kowita

    Crazy Pop 1380x win

    You should try it, it's very weird Anyways, thanks! Are you coming online today?
  2. 1 week after my 1 year break from gambling, I was playing with me mom, and we managed to get this big win. We always deposit 100 DKK each, no bonus, and play. I don't really know this slot too well, I think we got a freespin called "Wild slide", which makes a wild expand to other reels or something. Reel 1 & 3 & 4 was expanded with wilds, + there was a x20 wild in the end. Don't know what we hit, but the money started counting, and it was hilariously weird.
  3. My guess is 8255£! lets go Nick!
  4. Kowita

    Bet you never seen this pay....

    I'm sad that I have to work all the time, I rarely watch your stream due it :'(
  5. Kowita

    Finally Ended My Coldstreak!

    Papa Hugge.. Once again, congratulations <3 10k is enough for the new iPhone X
  6. Kowita

    GREAT basegame hit on jungle spirit

    Nice! What casino is that on?
  7. Congrats! How much did you withdraw?
  8. Kowita

    60,000 SEK charity donation

    If Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation was a choice, I'd pick that. Beautiful initiative Kim.
  9. Sorry for popo quality pic, I was playing in the living room with my mother on her Laptop, and we hit our first Wild Desire ever. This was also my first deposit in a long time, as I've excluded myself from Casino's for a while. 5000 DKK each, that's not bad.
  10. Kowita

    Favourite and least favourite streamers?

    I like all of the CG streamers, I basically watch them all equally. Roshtein is my least favorite as he's kinda edgy. He also looks like someone who's on the brink of getting a nervous breakdown.. <.<
  11. Kowita

    Casino's closed in the Netherlands

    Thank you for the answer Kim. I'll hear with Hendrik later tonight, he must know more as he lives there
  12. Hello all. Today, I've heard a rumor going around, saying that alot of the internet casinos there is, have been closed down. Apparently, the government did this. Is there anyone who can tell if this is true? I'm just very curious, as DavidLabowsky is one of my favs and I don't want to lose him :'(