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  1. SimSpinSlots

    Bonanza - Super Mega Win! 5€ Bet

    Thanks Craig.
  2. SimSpinSlots

    FAT RABBIT FINALLY OVER 1000x (1950x)

    Wow, super nice!! Well done!
  3. SimSpinSlots

    Knights Life - INSANE WIN!

  4. Hello guys! I hit so good yesterday... There is a three new big win video... Terminator II , Gold of Persia and INSANE win in Knights Life Check out and please subscribe if you like Good luck for everyone! Cheers!
  5. SimSpinSlots

    Queen of Riches - BIG WIN

    My first big hit in this game:)
  6. SimSpinSlots

    I'm Crying... 3020X

    Wow... just wow! Congratz!
  7. SimSpinSlots

    Moon Princess - Super Big Win!

    Hi! Few days ago... My best hit in this game playing a lot but first big win
  8. SimSpinSlots

    Book of Dead

    Hello Guys! I upload my yesterday hit!
  9. SimSpinSlots

    INSANE Bonus on Jack and the Beanstalk!! Over 2300x

    Whaaat? in this game.... Congrats man!
  10. SimSpinSlots

    Finer Reels Of Life - INSANE WIN!

    Thanks! I was very suprised when I saw so many wilds Still cant belive it.
  11. Hello guys!! This is my biggest win ever!!
  12. SimSpinSlots

    Big Win On Bonanza and Finer Reels...

    Hi! I'm sharing yesterday big hits :=)
  13. SimSpinSlots

    This is just insanity (First Dynasty)

    Superlux, congrats!