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  1. MrGumbOoO

    Massive Millionaire Win

    14 spins. He said that he hit one massive win half way through, not sure of the multiplier though. It paid about £500
  2. Friend of mine hit this earlier today. 20p into just under £600. Almost 3000x He is too lazy to signup so I said I would put it here for him 😎
  3. MrGumbOoO

    Buffalo letdown

    1st time ever I hit 6 diamonds, didn't hit 1 good win in the 23 spins. Damn Buffalo's !!
  4. MrGumbOoO

    Jammin Jars - Mega Win!

    Great win. Just imagine the carnage if them 2 symbols had been the other way round. All them Strawberries with all 4 jars connecting would have been sick as F 🤑
  5. MrGumbOoO

    Post your biggest/best win of 2018!

    Mine was a 25p into £1814 win on 300 Shields. About 7256x
  6. MrGumbOoO

    [GIVEAWAY] SMM Mega bullet + 5,000 Freespins

    87550 Sek JyJayJy on Youtube. GL lads
  7. MrGumbOoO

    Bonanza small win

    Yes. it seemed a lot better than normal.
  8. MrGumbOoO

    Bonanza small win

    Put in £10 as a little bored this evening after Kim and Reggie finished their stream. Hit a great bonus. 389x
  9. MrGumbOoO

    White Rabbit fun

    2 good wins on Rabbit. Shame I play such low stakes really