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  1. cabzla

    76,920x Jackpot

    go to starbrust 200 dollar a spin om PokerStars till 3 stars:) realy nice i Hope you spent it well nur i Think from your Post u will wich Casino die you Play?
  2. cabzla

    Book of Dead win Compilation high Stakes

    i just had this After 2k cashout and 2k left in Play i am done for now i cant Take those teases.... third Time now in 2 Days closed Game and cashed out 4.5k
  3. Ive been Smashing Books for a few Days now in dunder and videoslots ist a rollercoaster sometimes up few grand than down few grand atm i am up around 5k in total only and i had once 20 euro fs and easy 20 free spins on 10 and 30 on s fiver...even a lucky last spin bonus on a fiver. i did not screen every decent win maybe i should start Recording thing is i am playing 95% on the Phone while relaxing on the Couch
  4. cabzla

    Massive Millionaire Win

    how many fs did he gamble up to? i am waiting for this One to pay
  5. cabzla

    BooK Of Dead X891

    gz awesome run
  6. cabzla

    bod cmon

    bod broke Today my neck 4k down the drain für this....i didnt lose my own Money just my winnings the past days Time to Take a break
  7. cabzla

    so close..BoD 5euro bet

    After cashout 2k again..gimmi 5
  8. cabzla

    so close..BoD 5euro bet

    my Heart went crazy but sadly the. ook stopped One above
  9. cabzla

    Videoslots cashback

    Cashback is weekend Booster, ye the Clash of spins is bot my fav preferred the race
  10. cabzla

    Videoslots cashback

    so if you Play on videoslots what are your ~ Cashback per month and die you have decent cashout? ive got around 100 to 200 euro per month as Cashback wich on find awesome only once i had over 300 last Year, and i had 1 decent cashout of 1.5k from a 98 PT 99 Euro Cashback. imo i Think videoslots offers the best Promotions for Players because of the 0 wager and no withdraw limit, tho they dont offer Deposit Bonus wich for me is fine because i dont like to Take any Deposit Bonusses just to get myself in Trouble
  11. cabzla

    Netent need to go

    you lost 90.000 Euro or..90k sek if First Good Lord have Mercy
  12. since Yesterday i am playing highstakes bod..and this Machine is fuckd i had at total of 12 free spins on 5 Euro stake paying 8x to 123x now i played bod after 200 Euro on a Balance of example 750 euro i switched to 10 lines a 10 euro till 700 and 8 of the 10 fs i had came in those 5 bets and noone paid me over 100x mostly around 50-80x..and Today the same 3 times Switching to a tenner on XX50 euro Balance 3 hits in a row paying once 800 1200 and 260.. unlucky or extremely Lucky? well both imo what the hell Books get your shit together and drop me some 1000x plox:) to be fair i am quite up on this game the last 2 days
  13. cabzla

    2880x on StarQuest

    nice One i Never have Luck on this one my rtp is at all time Low on this dwag. a cashout is always a good Thing
  14. cabzla

    Buffalo letdown

    what a shame i feel you happens to all of us
  15. cabzla

    my best yet on Jammin!

    Ive had a 1480 hit few Days ago too lol ...jamming jars is the Slot with the most 1000x hits Ive seen