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  1. some nice wins

    Last Pic is Birds and aces 200x Trigger. was up to 1.3k went down To 700 on big bets but Danger went cold cashed out 700 ist okay at least Slots gave me a few decent Hits After my dry Age.
  2. unexpected ein on dhv

    de Thanks still i havea terrible run my normal Stakes are 1-10 Euro but the last 2 months all my bonuses Paid less than 150x most of the time less than 50x on 4 3 or 5 Euro sucks so Bad
  3. unexpected ein on dhv

    lil Low Rolling at work sadly busted out on 400+ spins on bod with no bonus
  4. BobCasino: Stalling 940.000€ payment

    according to askgamblers the issue is solved and he is getting Paid Lucky guy
  5. BobCasino: Stalling 940.000€ payment

    just brutal thats why i never ever Play on small casinos and casinos in curacoau.
  6. uff Casino is located in curacau and Company is direx n.v Thing is casinos in curacau are realy strict when it comes to thier terms and you have nearly no options if they dont wanna Pay you. havent found anything Bad yet after a quick Search from the group
  7. 240k...welll you just hit the gamblers Dream Hope You dont pour that Money back in the Casino
  8. dunder casino Easter Story

    Indeed there should be more casinos like dunder. Honestly i wish i had been sooner with them casumo and leovegas welll you know. anyway i Can really only das positiv Things about dunder payouts See fast no fees only thing i am missing is a lock Feature. Well...yeah Worked aß intended than, i was Bored and went some playmoney First bonus After couple of spins and i got that one. talking about Luck i did some 9 Euro and 18 spins tho with my real Money but i havent seen dem wilds yet on a big bet. maybe this year who knows i realy hope my Next wildline is on a big bet who knows
  9. dunder casino Easter Story

    Indeed but i Never recived 100 Euro and 25 Euro wager:D
  10. ye was Play Money i Wish i have that once with real cash happy 1 April:D
  11. i dont want to advertise any Casino but i just have to tell this Story I went to dunder Today asked in chat for a Deposit Bonus got offered 100%. ok so i depo 50 Euro went to DHV played it After i a while i noticed i had 150 instead of 50 Euro i went to the Account Details just To Notice no more wager needed i was like what...went straight to chat Support and said something is wrong maybe a Eastern present. so they Checked it and indeed there was a mistake with wager and bonus added but instead of returning it to the correct setting they just told me i Can keep it since i was so nice to inform them. i was like ooh my god free 100 Euro( i was realy happy with a big fat smile on my Face). i have to tell its by far the best casino i ever played they treat my always nice and fair and offered me quite a few free bonus money from 50 to 100 but this tops it all kudos to dunder can only recommend it
  12. 2x 4 times Explorer 1x5 times Explorer. in a Single day talking about Luck i play book of Dead and book of ra since i gamble i played it alot i mean Everytime i Deposit its my Number 1 Game. over the years i had 2x Explorer line 3x 4 explorers in freegames thats absolutely amazing for you TP hit that in a Single day i would love to know the odds buti am sure its pretty high Enjoy the wins
  13. LeoVegas

    casumo and leovegas See known dir thier Lack of Loyalty. my statistics in casumo is lvl 120 deposited around 7k not 1 withdraw. when i ask for Bonus i once got 20 eurp and few times like 10 bod spins not more. I switched casinos i went to dunder i get reqular few dep Bonus A week. i also went few times to chat on Christmas i got 100 Euro bet Year 75. and than few times 50 and 100 in the last months with a 25x wager. i am Not that super highroller and pump several Grand a month in a Casino. i can only give kudos to dunder they threat Yup Good payouts See fast too. there are enough casinos to choose