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  1. Book of Dead - Max Win

    Now that you mention it i saw 6000x 4 And than 5 explorers...they must have changed it wtf! The Original bool of ra also goes above 5000x
  2. Book of Dead - Max Win

    Nice One!
  3. Free spins, record?

    I had over 280 i know a gut that hat around 500 landbased casino
  4. 200x on starburst min 10 e bet 1 big hit on 100e spin starburst 1 than 2 than 3 stars in order in starburst 3 Star in One spins in starburst Full picture in starburst starburst Full starburst in starburst betting Full starburst starburst Starburst starburst starburst in starburst betting Full starburst starburst...... Starburst is life #starbrust #star4life #starbro #bar #emptywalletburst #aintdidntdonothing #mosthatedslot #racissm #starbrustmatters
  5. Ive taken a Break from gambling the next 2 months but Today i went a Make a quick Fun Play and this Monster Walked in sadly Play money.... Ive taken a break because my fav Slots greentube and Merkur dissapeared from German Market.
  6. Danger High Voltage 213x 4 figure win

    I had a 1400x on gates after that i had at least 30+ Bonus on 4-10 Euro bet paying less than 100x mostly started using Voltage seems Overall a better Bonus and not as Frustration as getting 9 or 10 and only 2 Symbols Land...
  7. Rocketmen Trump vs Kim rly?

    I like it
  8. 2018 Bucket list?

    Thats my man i had 5 times 3 stars in 50c 2x2 Euro 5 Euro 9 euro all Paid arpund 200-300× only One 2 Euro 3 Stars Paid only 55x..... My Achives this Year 1000x 300 Shields 1000x DHV 2x1000x Joker pro 1000x book of Dead 3400x doa wildline White rabbit caterpillar 700x Small Jackpot hall of Gods 2x 5000 cashout from 33 and 50 Euro Deposit PokerStars 3600 dollar spin n go win
  9. 2018 Bucket list?

    1. 5 scatter doa 2. Knights life wildline 3. Full bar picture starburst ;D 4. Book of Dead 5 Explorer and 5 Books line 5. White Rabbit 1000x 6. Bonanz 1000x Last but not least profit end of Year i am aprox 4000 down this Year Lucky
  10. Thats just Sick awesome hit what a end of a Year for you once a Lifetime! I Can only hope you Invest it well treat yourself best of Luck
  11. Played some doa this morning while being bored at work First Feature After only a couple of spins
  12. Christmas giveaway + SMM MEGA BULLET

    139345 SEK Cabzla on twitch
  13. Deposited 100 Today at PokerStars when i was at work played few slots than went to jokerpro on the 11th i hit the wildline i even said to my coworker check out my 1000x win and bam it dropped was spechless ist my 2nd jackpot line
  14. Slotmillions document upload

    Payout is quick less than 24 hours via Bank if you should have yourMoney Tomorrow Morning