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  1. cabzla

    Ikibu - stay away at every cost!

    new Promo on nightrush casino. terms states Bonus has 45x wager ....would Not call that a Great Deal
  2. cabzla

    Book +2000x!

    same goes for me too. i lost at least 60% of my deposits to this fucker. Today i lost 450 in 380 spins no bonus last Week i lost 800 in 6xx spins 2 Bonus paying less than 50x. last Year it was my Top slot i Won the most but this Year.. .
  3. Deleted or got they played out and result credited to you
  4. berrybrust is like #starbrust so berrybrust max is with 10 rows and 6 stars :).
  5. cabzla

    Superwin turns bad...

    uff i Feel Bad(would probly be in berzerk mode at home) for you i would close the Account as soon the Money is withdraw. ist also the reason i Play 95% of the Time with no bonus on any casino
  6. this is my worst Gambling Year so far no big win on my usual 2-5 Euro stake. last Week i lost 1.5k and my biggest win was 180 in a 2.5 stake. i Won Good Money last Year and at the Start of the Year but i am considering taking a break
  7. cabzla

    When to increase stake?

    difficult...sometimes i deposit 100 and do 1-2 Euro spins if i Win i so 5 Euro spins so in. and sometimes i Deposit 200 and Play 40c bets alltime. but i would say x bet x 300 so 300 euro do 1 Euro spins 600 2 euro so on if i so 100% Bonus i always do high Stakes to get a good Balance
  8. 41x multipler and a whopping 532 cash nice on a 20cent bet gz mate need to try the game too
  9. cabzla

    Extra chilli to gamble spins or not?

    well in the long run ist better to gamble to 24. buti Feel you Ive lost few times like 10 buyins in a row just to get to 24 and paying only 200x or less
  10. cabzla

    CasinoGrounds 2.0 is here! - Community Feedback

    uff i Think the new Design is way to colorful reminds me i am writing in a Community Forum für Nintendo Switch
  11. cabzla

    Withdrawal stalling - voodoodreams.com

    nah i reversed the withdraw and lost it than magically After i lost it my Account got verified realy quick
  12. cabzla

    Withdrawal stalling - voodoodreams.com

    i always try to get verified when i Register before i Deposit or i make a small Deposit play and make a small cashout. it happened 2 times in my Career that i lost 2 big cashouts because they kept delaying my Verification
  13. cabzla

    btg donuts

    played it at Pokerstars
  14. cabzla

    btg donuts

    hiho tested the new game donuts from btg this Morning had 4 Features First 10c bet getting 9x 2x20c bets One 50x ish and a 250x~ 1x50c 100×+ 1 basegame hit 100x and 250x did about 400 to 500 spins. Game is not Bad its something new and i like it and i can see the Potential getting those high multipliers realy like it here few Pics
  15. i remember my First big win at PokerStars it was 15 USD spin n go 3600 cashpool shipped it and lost 1 Grand that das playing higher Stakes it was After 6 months getting Into Poker. i Love PokerStars but the 48h withdraw lock and only 1 withdraw at the time is meh