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  1. cabzla


    even as i know the odds sometimes People just cant believe it. i once lost around 20 buyins all on first gamble. noone got over 12 spins and most lost in 8 to 12. in These Situation you just Start to disbelive the odds See Real
  2. gut gemacht. from just a 50 psc Deposit a Dream 17k cashout so far
  3. cabzla

    Lukas, 30 - lost it all

    thats a brutal Story and you can see how fast gambling destroys your life. Honestly i could not gamble such ammounts nor try to get such large sums from a bank or Friends. i See also the casinos at fault here in my Head if someone gambles more than 5-10k RAWMoney a montha Casino should Seek the Player and ask for thier income and gambling Habits. 5k+ Euro is a sum only a small ammount of People can afford to lose
  4. cabzla

    zigzag777 casino

    i sometimes wonder Why People Play on such casinos even the name sounds like a scam. Why dont Stick on the known casinos.
  5. cabzla

    Is dreamcatcher rigged???

    i Work as an Industrial Mechanic. if the wheel is well Balanced and uses the right bearings and Not some crap made in China Trust me the wheel can spin half an Hour+. we have heavy air Ventilators if i spin them from Hand it spins with the same speed for ages ofc Friction will cause it to stop sooner but the first 10min id say the speed is the same because of the Weight from the wheel. also the wheel could have an Assistance System to make it easier to spin the wheel so People dont have to use much Force
  6. cabzla

    PlayFrank - MaxBet Scam

    thats realy wierd bet of nearly 1k lol...
  7. cabzla

    Napoleon sick base win!!

    indeed a Sick hit on 20c
  8. cabzla

    last buyin saver

    went with my last 50 Euro and did buy a extra chilli Bonus für 3x +4 straight away i did buy atleast 200 bonuses and Never had more thsn 2x +4.
  9. cabzla

    View on "entertainment" money.

    same goes with me i Won alot last month over 28k in euro with a Start Budget of 500 and 1 deposit of 50 i deposited and withdrawn alot on dunder i went from 9k deposit to over 22k in deposits over a month at the end i ended up with 9k cash in my savings i lost and deposited Someday i lost 4k the other das i Won 8k and so on and ist hard not to try and gamble the winnings and Return to normal Stakes
  10. cabzla

    Wild Swarm Mode 2000x

    i just had again Wild Swarm on 2 Euro after like 1000 spins gave me 364 Euro or so......
  11. Never been a fan of leovegas and i find it sad how bjorn was Tricked into playing his Deposit when he Wanted to withdraw and redeposit and gets false Information that the deposit has to be wagered when later comes out it could have been withdrawn.
  12. cabzla

    The dream hit dhv

    thats realy cool of you thats how game Providers have To be make decent Games and Care for the player/Community
  13. cabzla

    Wild Swarm Mode 2000x

    i tried Chasing it yesterday with 2 and 4 stake but lost 700 of my winnings. i had over 50 bees Today after 5 bees or so it Triggered
  14. cabzla

    300 Shields 3038X

    get in massiv gz on your winnings