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  1. Slotspinner

    Big win on 300 shields from 1p a stake won 600 pound

    correct me if im wrong, but since a wildline on 300x pays 12000x with 25 lines active, this cant be a wildline on 300x?
  2. Slotspinner


    Get in there, still a lovely game after all the time
  3. Sir, have you played 8 spins on chilli compared to 24, there is a huge difference on average payout normal games know the outcome already, but gambling spins changes your bonus for sure
  4. Slotspinner

    13700X Dream Catcher

    most underwhelming comment i have ever seen ITS 7x 7x 7x 40 NICOLA
  5. Slotspinner

    How many spins before complaining about rtp

    might make you feel lil better knowing i once had 89 deadspins in a row on gold cup
  6. Slotspinner

    Lightning roulette...

    hmm.. thats even more tilting, did it go green and say bets accepted? you probably dont remember do you
  7. Slotspinner

    Lightning roulette...

    not sure if you ignored my message, but very rarely your bet will just get refused to a system error i guess. Like i said - sucks if you would have won big, great if you would have lost - since they wont demand money of you if the bet is rejected when you would LOSE, you surely cant expect them to pay you if you WIN. Right?
  8. Slotspinner

    Lightning roulette...

    rarely you get your bet rejected before the spin is taken .. have had it before. Tilting if you would have won, nice if you would have lost!
  9. winners have been contacted, if you didnt get contacted you did not win
  10. Slotspinner

    Napoleon 5500x base game

    edit this post sir or it will be removed as your picture is missing
  11. those aces are fockin nuts man! even just one dropdown there, but three came 😮
  12. Slotspinner

    Primal BTG Big Win over 1700x

    game has sick wins, its a blueprint tho not a BTG
  13. Slotspinner


    i hide screens because i dont want my private email known i dont even know what this is supposed to accomplish because you can only be CG streamer with real money
  14. Slotspinner

    Big win @ JingleSpin

    eggomatic reskin