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  1. Slotspinner

    EPIC WIN on 300shields

    fk me, need to play this more!
  2. Slotspinner

    Napoleon cannot retrigger or can it?

    spelling mistake! you can retrigger this. @Blueprint :)
  3. Slotspinner

    Napoleon sick base win!!

  4. Slotspinner

    should this be possible? jammin jars

    kind of, i would guess, but usually the graphics wouldnt really mimic for different players that obvious.. something with jammin jars game design i guess
  5. Slotspinner

    Is dreamcatcher rigged???

    more scary to disregard other explanations than rigged
  6. Slotspinner

    should this be possible? jammin jars

    nothing wrong with a good portion of arguing bro! anyone can have their opinion, we just together try to find out whats fact arent we
  7. Slotspinner

    should this be possible? jammin jars

    what about kims back to back to back to back tornado farm bonuses tho that was like 1:20 million of course its extremely unlikely event, but its also the first time such thing happened across 2 years plus i assume quite a few games operate in the way of jammin jars just hasnt happened yet perhaps? just my thought
  8. Slotspinner

    View on "entertainment" money.

    Usually i advice to set a bottom line after really big wins and cash out most of it, but naturally , and in this case as you wanted to play much higher for once of course it can rip it all.. still you lost 45€, not 800 or whatever other number came up there. You WON that money, but lost it again. End of the day, you spend 45€, but had the chance to cash out wins. of course that is way different than depositing 800€ straight up and lose it all imo
  9. Slotspinner

    Almost 2000x microjam

    bruh one hit with all jars there is over 50.000x multiplier, you just need even 5 blueberries for like over 10000x
  10. Slotspinner

    should this be possible? jammin jars

    this is what i meant earlier. its still random then
  11. Slotspinner

    should this be possible? jammin jars

    youd be good with some patience, personally im not expecting evolution or push gaming to reply within this short time
  12. Slotspinner

    8750 x laser fruit

    BONKERS bonus, 432 ways of 10 of a kind bells
  13. Slotspinner

    should this be possible? jammin jars

    Im curious to see what Push gaming has to say about this, anything else at this point is speculation. Slots Rigged for streamers, on the other hand, is absolute BS. And that will always be the same
  14. Slotspinner

    Extra chilli almost made me quit slot machines

    if you open the game and go to the Help tab, there you can read up everything, it states optimal play involves spinning the wheel everytime
  15. Slotspinner

    Extra chilli almost made me quit slot machines

    hey man im not telling people to go and spin for 24 spins, im just saying the rtp is slightly higher if gambling everytime, which is very long term. You can play the game whatever way you like, but i trust BTG and saying its better to collect is just factually incorrect, but at the same time minimal RTP difference and player preference you can play this game in ANY way you like But lets assume someone reads the thread not knowing slots well and then thinks its "better" strategy or "higher" rtp to not gamble on this game, is just wrong information