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  1. No no its never your own fault according to the people above - if your kid stumples upon it shouldnt see, its the creators fault. (Ridicolous, go out and live your life and stop hating/fighting against something you dont like online just because you cant control yourself) Alcohol adverts in TV btw!
  2. Slotspinner

    Should casinos be forced to lock withdrawals?

    I completely agree on that you should have an option to lock the withdrawal! But it was still your decision to gamble more, so its not entirely to blame on the system..
  3. Slotspinner

    Diamond Mine Big Bonus Win

    So much better than Bonanza!
  4. Slotspinner

    [RESOLVED] Dunder.com

    these things come with stuck game rounds and completing bonus - live chat support can easily help out with that every time happened to me a few times on several casinos
  5. Never had anything close to that beautiful before! legendary hit.
  6. Probs to all for voting for the obvious champion GOOD LUCK ALL
  7. are you claiming they knew she was stealing money from a bank?
  8. Slotspinner

    Sickest run of my life

    What a run !!
  9. Slotspinner

    insane 9000x tiki tumble

    congratz insane win!!! what the fudge!
  10. Sick win that Reggie got on my Stream! - He received 10% of the cashout for this monster
  11. Slotspinner

    [RESOLVED] Dunder Casino

    Hi! I forwarded this on to Dunder and i hope they will be able to Solve it
  12. Slotspinner

    My New BIGGEST Win Ever.

    Thanks guys, its something interesting ive been doing the past 2-3 months trying just a few of these at the end of stream. Of course most times it wont work out, sometimes its a couple hundreds profit from em, most times rip... BUT theres always the Chance of something like this too!
  13. Slotspinner

    BoD Jackpot

    so many people getting this lately wtf!!