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  1. dirtystack

    Best slot of the year 2018

    Jammin Jars! For low rollers like me its amazing. I've had over ten 1000x payouts on desktop and most of my biggest wins are from playing on my phone. These are some from my phone. all £0.20 stake. The good thing about it is that it gives you walkaway/cashout payouts. Love it! If a website doesn't have Jammin Jars, it better have a great promotion otherwise, what's the point of playing there!
  2. dirtystack

    900x Aquaman

    Very unexpected!
  3. dirtystack

    Roulette fail at BGO

    Aquaman refunded me:
  4. dirtystack

    Roulette fail at BGO

    Deposited £100, tried some of their exclusive slots and got to £200 instantly. See they sent me a Golden Chip worth £2 to use at their live casino. Went to roulette and put the Golden Chip on #29. Thought I should cover the neighbours so I clicked on £5 and clicked on 29 on the racetrack. The bet didn't show on the racetrack so I clicked again, still nothing, spamspamspamclick 29 neighbours > insufficient funds>huh?>WTF?>bets closed! Shit, look at the layout and I have £40 on each of 7, 18, 22, 28, 29 + the £2 golden chip on 29 Winning number 33, BLACK, ODD, FUCK! Work in a casino so I was thinking it would show the bet on the racetrack, not just place it straight on the numbers..... Lesson learnt!
  5. dirtystack

    600x Trolls Bridge

    Curiously, I haven't hit the bonus again some 3000spins later lol. Playing the tournament at vera and john so I can keep track of the spin count via the leaderboard. Oh good, jinxed myself into it.
  6. dirtystack

    600x Trolls Bridge

    4 Scatters, random wild, superstacked troll and that troll wild, another troll wild and x2 multiplier. I thought I was recording but apparently my licence has expired:D Will have to take my word for it.
  7. dirtystack

    1708 microjam

    Just playing to kill time as walking home from work in the morning, froze the bonus round halfway through and recorded the rest when I got home. Oh yes, I didn't deposit anything, there was a tournament that finished last night which gave me $10 cash prize.
  8. Extra Chilli is just terrible for me, whether I spin or buy the feature, gamble or don't gamble. 77% rtp for me after 30000+ spins
  9. dirtystack

    BooK Of Dead X891

    I hate this game as it always screws me over. I like seeing people such as yourself crushing it though. Avenge my defeats!
  10. dirtystack

    [Giveaway+COMP] Buster Hammer Carnival

    My grandmother is terribly ill She may die if you knock me out of 5th place as I wont be able to pay for the hospital treatment she so desperately needs. Do you want that on your conscious. Stop playing!
  11. Maybe when you hit bonus round on extra chilli the possible payouts are determined there and then; 0x for 0 spins, 1500x for 8 spins, 40x for 12 spins, 1000x for 20 spins, 400x for 24 spins. Where you stop gambling or whatever determines which, of the predetermined figures calculated when you press spin, will be your reward.
  12. dirtystack

    Vera& John casini

    I'm winning there, they seems pretty decent but don't buy stuff with your coins until after you cash out.
  13. I've been paid 0 in 8 spins once. It would have to happen 50% of the time that you took 8 spins if it worked they way you think.
  14. I don't know, I get a bit annoyed by these observations of a singular persons experience passed off as fact. I've seen a ghost, in jogging gear, chased after me on a stormy night as I was walking through a park near a lake. If anyone is so suspicious of the gambling industry then they owe it to themselves to study mathematics and programming, get a job working for BGT or whomever and expose them, here on the forum, with facts and figures. Free the people from the tyranny of the slot providers. Lack of conviction?
  15. Regarding games with gamble feature. It just rerolls the rng when you press gamble. For it to do otherwise and that it pays the same as it intended to when triggering the bonus doesn't make much sense to me as it would imply that even if you lose the gamble and do 0 spins you should still get the same payout as if you did 8, 16, 20 or 24 spins. There is most likely some quite complex math behind these games, dynamic RNG and RTP that only overall has to come in line with the stated figures. It doesn't have to line up for everyone. We see what we want to see and are always on the lookout for anything that confirms our suspicions. Also dragons fire has no gamble feature and of course its predetermined what you will get for the bonus, its how slots work, you bet, they pick a number and show you a visual representation that correlates to that number.