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  1. SirPontusSpins

    Wild line hit 5000x

    Holy moly 😮 insane one, big congrats! Hope you do something fun with the money
  2. SirPontusSpins

    so close..BoD 5euro bet

    Seems to be running good on BOD two good hits! Congrats
  3. SirPontusSpins


    Wow that one spin big congrats
  4. SirPontusSpins

    insane win on vikings!

    Holy moly! Big congrats hope you do something fun with the winnings!
  5. SirPontusSpins

    Crazy run on Genie!

    Nice one! Love that buy feature on this game not my fav feature you got, but has potential. Congrats!
  6. SirPontusSpins

    944x on captain venture

    That´s a good start of the day congrats mate
  7. SirPontusSpins


    Insane one big congrats
  8. SirPontusSpins

    21casino.com banned me after winning big

    @Robcop Glad to hear that they sorted it for you ♥️
  9. SirPontusSpins

    Peking Luck - My first Huge Win of 2019

    Nice one that one spin was phenomenal! Congrats
  10. SirPontusSpins

    I have started to love Spinal Tap <3

    Nice one has good potential, but can be really brutal sometimes.. Congrats Hugge
  11. SirPontusSpins

    extra-chilli gives to chillG_G

    Thats a really insane hit 😮 on 15x multi aswell! Big congrats
  12. SirPontusSpins

    21casino.com banned me after winning big

    @LetsGiveItASpin Could you maybe look further in this ?
  13. SirPontusSpins

    Big win Queen of Riches 22000x

    Insane one 😮 congrats
  14. SirPontusSpins

    5410X vikings unleashed

    Nice one! What did you start with in terms of spins and multiplier ?
  15. SirPontusSpins

    Jammin Jars 1876x Base game

    Haha most long tease i seen, paying really good aswell 😮 congrats