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  1. My Favourite Slots

    So i posted an article about my favourite online slots here: http://www.nickslots.com/blog/my-favourite-high-variance-casino-slots They are as follows: 1. Danger High Voltage 2. Star Quest 3. Book of Dead 4. Montezuma 5. Dead or Alive I'm just wondering, what are your top 5 slot machines? Please list them in numerical order like i have above <3
  2. No luck this time. Will try again soon! We finished on a total of 36 bonuses with no wild line. So if you're guessing for the first time after this please ensure your guess is ABOVE 36. Thanks!
  3. harsh

    Really unlucky mate, this happens way too often on BoD
  4. Thread is re-opened! The hunt continues, we had 29 bonuses recorded so far so please make your guesses above this number.
  5. I played this a little bit offstream and was disappointed, but nice to see you hit something mate. Might give it another chance
  6. Terminator 2 - HOT MODE! HUGE WIN!

    You're on fire lately (literally) Another amazing win buddy!
  7. House Stark Delivers again!

    Bet your heart started racing when you saw this roll in! The biggest win i've ever had on GoT was with the Stark bonus too, might be the best
  8. Cazino Zeppelin Wild line!

    Shaltar!!! The myth, the legend. This is an achievment in itself getting a wild line on this slot, never even been close myself Enjoy the money mate!
  9. Awesome win @Herranelson! Enjoy the money
  10. 1627x on Multifruit 81

    How did i miss this! Wow Incredible hit buddy, i keep saying on stream how much potential this slot has
  11. Wampires 1300x 10kr

    Awesome win Meller! I never seem to win on this slot
  12. nickslots

    Thank you for that mate. And this is exactly what i said on stream, i want to start doing giveaways again but make them available for everyone and not just people who gamble as let's face it quite a few ex-gamblers watch our streams. so i wanted them to get involved too. Previous winners from my giveaways here where i spent thousands of pounds on prizes: https://www.facebook.com/pg/nickslots/photos/?tab=album&album_id=458293301193346 New rules from UKGC means we have to be careful with giveaways so that's why i've postponed them temporarily but i hope to restart them very soon as i love giving shit away! Peace x
  13. DoA insane wildline again!

    Another stunning win mate

    Just insane that you hit this 1st bonus of the session too.