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  1. CasinoBullets

    Massive Millionaire Win

    Nice bro
  2. CasinoBullets

    fail ffs

    just 1 symbol on reel 2 would of been minimum 1200x ;/
  3. CasinoBullets

    Millionaire big win BTG

    firstly not a bad bonus for the stake & I pussied out on the gamble but this game has donked me loads of times so I thought the 14 is needed secondly is my slot volume too low for anyone? just testing OBS and would love you hear comments back x
  4. CasinoBullets

    Genie Jackpots 6 scatters + big win

    thought 6 scatters I'm sure 1000x but noooooooo booooooooo still ok not a bad win for bonus buy.
  5. CasinoBullets

    not a bad win for 60p bonus buy.

    please note I intend to upload any win of 200x+ I'm building a YouTube channel please if you don't like please just don't watch I've had some nasty comments I had to delete.
  6. CasinoBullets

    5410X vikings unleashed

  7. CasinoBullets


    Streamers affiliate for a specific casino they like to promote they don't get paid by the casino to stream.
  8. CasinoBullets


  9. CasinoBullets

    Extra chilli

    Not a bad win small stake
  10. CasinoBullets

    extra chilli fail ;/

    missed out on £1,680 cos of reel 1 TILT MODE :@
  11. CasinoBullets

    Royal panda...

    lmao look at this reply when I complained to them. so I deposited via www.skrill.com and I had to withdraw to my card? yet below says other wise @Melvin - Royal Panda can you shed some light on what happened here? cheers
  12. CasinoBullets


  13. wish I had staked higher I really dooooooooo
  14. CasinoBullets

    Royal panda...

    So I deposit £100 via skrill.com and withdrew £500 I was told to 'process back to 1 of my cards I had on my account'.. hmm so OK no problem they process the £500, what baffles me is on their Friday's bamboo bonus they have 50% up to £150, and only can use a debit card for this. In the past I've deposited via card and requested to be sent to either Skrill.com / Faster bank transfer & they replied on live chat as. 'Please withdraw to the correct payment method you used to deposit' kind of using rules to suit them and amend them selves, if they had any security issues they'd of not processed it and just asked me to verify it again? there is no issue here I'm just baffled as to why the casino tells me how to withdraw I use skrill.com for a reason if I wanted to deposit on my card I'd of used my card.. duh