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Everything posted by danishcomfort

  1. danishcomfort

    Bonanza - Mega win on 2€ stake!

    Great win, congratulation. Bonanza back in business?
  2. danishcomfort

    [Competition] 500x+ Chase - Bonanza vs Diamond Mine

    Bonanza - 576X
  3. danishcomfort

    [Competition] Wildline Chase - Dead or Alive vs Cazino Zeppelin

    Dead or Alive - 3234X
  4. danishcomfort

    Sick hit on Book of Dead!

    Amazing win. In the heat of the summer I sometimes dream of it. Hope you will enjoy the win
  5. danishcomfort


    What is the record of retriggers and number of spins in the Bonus?
  6. danishcomfort

    Monster hit on Donuts!

    Thats a win, a really good one. Congratulation
  7. Always get verified before the first deposit, talk to the costumer service and tell them that you would like to deposit after the verification is done, that will make the process go very fast. Hm, I wonder why it can go that fast In DK we need to login with a personal keycard and most DK casinos accept that as a verification. It is a political decision how the regulation ought to be, but most people cant believe the wild wild west the casino world is, so it goes under the radar.
  8. danishcomfort

    Maybe Book of Gods is better than I thought ;)

    Maybe it just is, but the bonus variance is very high. I got lucky on my second bonus as well : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=285oFk2syMo&t=14s
  9. danishcomfort

    CasinoGrounds 2.0 is here! - Community Feedback

    Blue and yellow, it is must be Sweden Nice upgrade. Some bugs : the browser open a new window when I change from Forum to another main category. The site insist that I should login from the beginning every time I go to the site. Keep up the good work
  10. danishcomfort

    YouTube banning gambling/casino streams and channels?

    It is the case that the EU are going to make laws regarding what the call "mis-information" on the socialmedia platforms. Under the term "mis-information" is that someone is to evaluate the truth condition for the posts on the socialmedia - that might sound like a good idea if it is about simple claims like who won the Champions league this year, but it is not simple claims that are going to be evaluated. Imagine the power an organisation like the EU would have if a group of people that will give the final call weather a claim is true or false. How would they evaluate critic of the EU or political statements? What about entertainment like casino streaming? Well, my guess is that it is going to banned on Youtube in the future because it is in a grey area and it might not be political accepted be those who evaluate what to be accepted or not accepted. @nudgeshuffle instead of using a simple speech act as a response try to use some more useful words that qualify your opinion.
  11. danishcomfort

    YouTube banning gambling/casino streams and channels?

    This is a political issue and a lot of very strange things is going on. To put it short, the EU system does want another Brexit or Trump or Italian election, which was possible with Facebook, youtube and other online social media, the EU want to carry on with there project even-though public disagreement - they are going to censur all big media platforms out there and also Youtube. The documentation for that insane claim can be found on: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/news/tackling-disinformation-online-2018-mar-12_en Or else try to search on: Fake news+EU+ new laws in June. It is going to election last in June. This is so scary.
  12. danishcomfort

    Big Time Gaming's Book Of Gods Exclusive launch!

    Good news, Book of Gods is aviable on all other casinos now.
  13. Has BTG again sold out to a not very good casino, to put it in a nice way. As always read Term and Condition BEFORE the first deposit. But, some good news - Book of Gods is finally at Leovegas and other good casinos out there.
  14. danishcomfort

    Pagoda of Fortune - 1620x (Insane hit)

    Good one, congratulation Is it Microgaming or what, havnt seen that slot before?
  15. Had to try this new BTG and have a little break from my bitter sweet darling Bonanza. Enjoy.
  16. danishcomfort

    Diamond Mine or Bonanza???

    Do you wanna live in a world without the classic product and only a generic look a like? Bonanza is the King.
  17. danishcomfort

    Book of Gods. Warning very long vid.

    Yes, Book of Gods is really great and volatile and it would be great if it will become aviable on other casinos. I did some calculation about the wins. A full screen of the premium Gods would have paid on a 15 DKR bet: 20x15x234 = 72900 , what a potential.
  18. danishcomfort

    Had to try that new BTG, Book of Gods.

    Nope, it is only on Bwin casinos like PartyCasino, but also those casinos who uses the Bwin software like DanskeSpil, maybe other have now?
  19. Big win surprise, it was a natural bonus I got because the price for a bonus is pretty high. Vids coming up later on.
  20. danishcomfort

    Had to try that new BTG, Book of Gods.

    Thank you buddy, very nice of you. I have like a 20 min video I have to edit before I can post it, but the potential is amazing. To bad Book of Goods is only aviable on Bwin like Partycasino ( a very bad casino with the most terrible T&C but it is also on DanskeSpil with ok T&C).
  21. danishcomfort

    Queen of Riches (5120x) my biggest Multiplier ever^^

    Amazing win, congratulation
  22. danishcomfort

    Good one! Bonanza.

    It is time to dig some Gold and maybe some Gems, watch out for the explosives.
  23. danishcomfort

    2862x - Bonanza! Finally!

    Caramba, what a hit, congratulation. Still working on the 1500X win, damn it is a hard one to dance with.