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Everything posted by danishcomfort

  1. danishcomfort

    Best slot of the year 2018

    I vote Jamin Jars. It is new, well made, volatile and sumptuous addictive. You better watch out
  2. danishcomfort

    Street Magic 1011x

    Holu Moly, that is some street magic you got there
  3. My guess is 4367 £, good luck
  4. danishcomfort

    Finaly a good Bonanza hit :)

    Oh, yeahh. Thats the hit, congratulation
  5. danishcomfort

    [GIVEAWAY] SMM Mega bullet + 5,000 Freespins

    My guess is 24242 SEK.
  6. danishcomfort


  7. danishcomfort

    [LAST GIVEAWAY TODAY] Valkyrie Tournament + Free-Spins

    This is highly offensive. We, the Danes, will bring this to the Human right Council. You know, we are also human beings.
  8. danishcomfort

    Warning Casino calzone

    Do you duty and stay away from unfair and odd casinos, but also read Terms and Conditions. If there are any kind in the Terms and Conditions that is strange, written with small, unclear I always find another casino, I will not loose my money because of smart ass business, I hope you will do the same.
  9. danishcomfort

    Where is Huggehug?

    Nice. But please think twice before signing up for Gender Studies @Huggehugg
  10. Got it, thanks. How about this one on the freespins @LetsGiveItASpin
  11. Ah, yes that is right, but no freespins on Reactoonz on Leovegas yet.
  12. How does this work, does CG gives active players 50 spins on Jamin Jars on Leovegas or what`? The case is, that Jamin Jars is NOT aviable on DK Leovegas (I dont know why?) @Skylined87 @LetsGiveItASpin
  13. 3 years in business makes makes money transfers raise with 10% @LetsGiveItASpin. Congratulation 🥓
  14. danishcomfort

    Old school slot action

    Good old school microgaming Burning Desire, simple but thrilling.
  15. danishcomfort

    5000x on Dragon's Treasure

    JACKPOT! Cant be any better from here
  16. danishcomfort

    [Competition] Find The Pumpkin!

    here we are, on top of the page
  17. danishcomfort

    Good Casino in New Zealand ?

    I´m sure that you will find a very nice casino with The Hobbits of Shire
  18. Yes, that was an amazing win. The potential on this game is beyond the normal, congratulation
  19. it is a good one, I guess it will be 7310 SEK
  20. danishcomfort

    Hi guys! New here

    Hi Oscar and welcome If you play Dead or Alive we can call you Oscar Wild-line
  21. danishcomfort

    Jammin Jars does it Again.

    Wow, you got it rolling, I cant hit anything on that. Congratulation
  22. danishcomfort

    Donuts - MEGA WIN!! (€2 Bet)

    Sweet win, congratulation
  23. danishcomfort

    1st casino stream !!!!

    Enjoy and best of luck, hope you will like show-business or else there are always New York or Las Vegas
  24. Great win, congratulation. I´m still hunting that diamondline in the bonus, one day maybe.