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  1. danishcomfort

    Biggest comeback 2018?

    down to your last 40 kr and back way above 200K kr, wow. Congratulation, use that win on something good besides gambling.
  2. danishcomfort

    Bonanza - Lucky Raise??

    Good one
  3. danishcomfort

    We have all been here (rage)

    Call BTG or the casino, I did
  4. danishcomfort

    Big Time Gaming's Book Of Gods Exclusive launch!

    Remember to read Terms and Conditions on Party Casino, I´m not playing at Party casino any more.
  5. Good one If any problems regarding spending that insane win, please send me a private message @Daskelelele. Congratulation
  6. Small deposit, small bet and big win. Got the Wildline pretty early so a very good win.
  7. danishcomfort

    Bonanza. A descent win.

    It feels like Bonanza has been pretty bad lately, like since Christmas or close by. I managed to finally get a descent win, but the potential was to much more and to many dead spins. Enjoy.
  8. danishcomfort

    Saying thankyou to everybody for your kind words.

    You are welcome mate
  9. danishcomfort

    Queen of Riches 9375X (Video)

    Yes, I love it. Small stake and big wins, thats what it is all about. Congratulation
  10. danishcomfort

    I finally shot those bandits part III

    Thanks mate 20475 dkr in euro is 2748 and the bet is 0,6 euro. I´m great full that we in DK didnt get the euro back then, really great full.
  11. danishcomfort

    I finally shot those bandits part III

    It was blanks in the revolver the first five years I played that slot, but two double wildlines within a month is more than I would have expected, and 20K on a 4,5 dkr bet is pretty good
  12. danishcomfort

    I finally shot those bandits part III

    Thank you, my second double wildline within a month, when it rains it rains
  13. danishcomfort

    Jackpot WIN!

    So nice - 160K NOK KR, congratulation
  14. danishcomfort

    Question regarding Leovegas

    Trustly is a P2P bank transfer, so the money will land on your account right away
  15. danishcomfort

    Question regarding Leovegas

    Did you choose to get you win as return to card that be Mastercard or Visacard? Else ask the costumerservice if it is possible to withdraw with Trustly next time, it is instant on your account after Leovegas has processed the withdraw.
  16. danishcomfort

    Just drop anywhere garga :)

    The three eyes monster seems pretty mad, it knows that the setup has gone wrong and it has to pay. Finally @pausefisk a big win, congratulation
  17. danishcomfort

    Game Of Thrones 243!

    What, can that slot really that much, insane, maybe thats why I always loose on that. Congratulation.
  18. danishcomfort

    Withdrawal Limit

    Yes, it is really bad if Lady Luck smiles at you and get one of the big progressive jackspots, lets say 2 mill Euro, damn that is a long time to have weekly or monthly cashout - yes it has happened before. Always read T&C and if anything at all sounds fishy choice another casino. Well I do
  19. danishcomfort

    150k X, progressiv Jackpot

    Congratulation, that is so rare and such a great spin. Hope you will find something nice to spend your win on, or else send me an email and I will surely help you
  20. danishcomfort

    Tiki Tumble

    Did you just win more than 2300X, wow, congratulation mate
  21. It has none connection at all. I see casinostreaming as entertainment and not as an instruction. I have rules when I play online and one of them is to put a limit on my daily deposit amount or else I know it can go wrong and the fun is over. I once started a topic about how to play online and what to be careful about. One of them is never to play at a casino without limits, if casinogrounds fell like it, they can surely take some of my advices and make a topic about gambling online (a cop of coffee is the price if I once go to Sweden and visit some of the streamers).
  22. Damn, to bad Guts is closed to Danish players, it would have been fun to win with a fullhouse over straight or flush. Maybe casinogrounds next time will do it on another pokersite?
  23. danishcomfort

    Bonanza Mega Big Win

    Gotta love Bonanza when you find Gold and Diamonds in the mine, congratulation on the big win.
  24. danishcomfort

    The Falacon can pay, nice base game hit.

    Yes, like a walk in the park not the desert this time, I finally hit on Falcon Hunter.
  25. It took me more than five years to get my first wildline.