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  1. It has none connection at all. I see casinostreaming as entertainment and not as an instruction. I have rules when I play online and one of them is to put a limit on my daily deposit amount or else I know it can go wrong and the fun is over. I once started a topic about how to play online and what to be careful about. One of them is never to play at a casino without limits, if casinogrounds fell like it, they can surely take some of my advices and make a topic about gambling online (a cop of coffee is the price if I once go to Sweden and visit some of the streamers).
  2. Damn, to bad Guts is closed to Danish players, it would have been fun to win with a fullhouse over straight or flush. Maybe casinogrounds next time will do it on another pokersite?
  3. Bonanza Mega Big Win

    Gotta love Bonanza when you find Gold and Diamonds in the mine, congratulation on the big win.
  4. It took me more than five years to get my first wildline.
  5. My biggest win ever Dead or Alive

    Holy cow, Dead or Alive is the King of amazing Wins, enjoy the money
  6. CG Anniversary - Bonus Hunt Day - SuperSmask

    My guess is 3312 SEK
  7. Myth Book of Dead. It is my experience that Book of Dead has a periode of 60 minutes for every real clock hour. That should be understand as an ex. between 9.00 and 10.00 which is 60 minutes. Between 9.00 to 9.29 is not likely to hit the three books and between 9.30 and 9.50 it is more likely to hit the three books. If it is going to be a great win or not, well that is random.
  8. Bonanza - Tens pays.

    The case is that I do have some amazing wins, but sometimes I can´t leave Bonanza again - I just need that crazy hit one more time. You might know that feeling
  9. Bonanza - Tens pays.

    Nice basegame hit on Bonanza, and very close to like million on Diamonds only one diamond needed.
  10. Huge Mega Win in Fat Rabbit!

    Well done, it is so hard to go to that level, congratulation on the insane win

    What the Fu.. , so it can pay!? Congratulation, this is great
  12. Need some legal advice

    Take care out there People, it is big business. Rule nr 1. If any doubt about the casino and T&C do not play at the casino, for your own sake but also for other gamblers sake, because if we dont feed the bad casinos they will die. Rule nr 2. Always get verified before the first deposit, it goes faster because the casino indeed want you as a costumer.
  13. The Falacon can pay, nice base game hit.

    Thank you, @Tindertompa, yeah close to impossible . Imagine an expand on that.
  14. The Falacon can pay, nice base game hit.

    Yes, like a walk in the park not the desert this time, I finally hit on Falcon Hunter.
  15. Dead or Alive - Wildline again!

    It seems like you had to reload the revolver, I guess it only has six bullets Congrats.