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  1. it is a good one, I guess it will be 7310 SEK
  2. danishcomfort

    Hi guys! New here

    Hi Oscar and welcome If you play Dead or Alive we can call you Oscar Wild-line
  3. danishcomfort

    Jammin Jars does it Again.

    Wow, you got it rolling, I cant hit anything on that. Congratulation
  4. danishcomfort

    Donuts - MEGA WIN!! (€2 Bet)

    Sweet win, congratulation
  5. danishcomfort

    1st casino stream !!!!

    Enjoy and best of luck, hope you will like show-business or else there are always New York or Las Vegas
  6. Great win, congratulation. I´m still hunting that diamondline in the bonus, one day maybe.
  7. danishcomfort

    [Competition] 500x+ Chase - Bonanza vs Diamond Mine

    Bonanza 782X
  8. danishcomfort

    [Giveaway] Jammin' Jars from Push Gaming

    I think there around 4,2 K candy pices in the Jar, dont eat them before counting.
  9. danishcomfort

    EPIC win on Donuts, 4800x

    What a win, amazing. I have been working on that Donut slot, and I hope sometime just after Christmas I will get one of those purple donut win.
  10. danishcomfort

    Wild Swarm - Swarm Mode Feature

    All the bees makes honey and big wins, congratulation
  11. danishcomfort

    [COMPETITION] - BerryBurst Max

    Now, tell my that BerryBurst cant pay.
  12. danishcomfort

    Bonanza - Mega win on 2€ stake!

    Great win, congratulation. Bonanza back in business?
  13. danishcomfort

    [Competition] 500x+ Chase - Bonanza vs Diamond Mine

    Bonanza - 576X