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  1. Huggehugg

    BerryBurst Max 2130X

    Big congratulations mate ❤️
  2. Huggehugg

    [COMPETITION] - BerryBurst Max

    No problem! A question regarding the South Park games. Did you guys cancel the renewal of the license because not enough people played them? I love South Park and I loved the craziness of the slots haha
  3. Huggehugg

    [COMPETITION] - BerryBurst Max

    Hi all! I just wanted to chime in and give my personal opinion on the game now after I have watched LetsGiveItASpin unveil the concept. As many people say, it is a long overdue overhaul coming from NetEnt. The game it self is very aesthetically (as most NetEnt games are) and it renews an old classic slot like StarBurst. The potential of the MAX version is greatly increased from recently released NetEnt games, which I highly enjoy. We want more volatile slots coming from NetEnt, and this might be the concept we have been eagerly waiting for I must say that I do not like BerryBurst MAX as a game, but I do love it as a concept. As many people have mentioned here, I am very excited to see which other games will get the "MAX- overhaul", but I guess time will have to tell how well the concept will be appreciated by the casino community I would love if games like FrankenStein or South Park (this would be a dream come true ❤️) to have MAX-versions
  4. I also got banned on YouTube now Feels so demoralizing
  5. Huggehugg

    [COMPETITION] - BerryBurst Max

    Hi! I also wanted to get a bit creative, I am in the elite of poor photoshop so this competition was right up my alley! Introducing the BerryBurst Max® RTP And Energy Bar! Are you feeling tired because of this abnormally hot weather? Are the slots feeling too cold? Look no further! The BerryBurst Max® RTP And Energy Bar is here to save the day. Description: This bar is made out of the highest quality organic material and is completely vegan! Nutrient packed to the absolute brim and is scientifically proven* to increase your energy levels and the overall RTP of all slots you play! Amazing, isn't it? So whether you are tired or are not getting the results you want from the slots, buy the new revolutionary bar today! Contains: 80 % Chocolate beans from the Jumanji Jungle 10 % Tears from NetEnt Entertainment Investors 5 % Sweat from QuickSpin Employees 5 % Kebab from Halmstad Notes: *Scientific study conducted in the village of Karlskrona and should never be trusted @NetEnt Feel free to hire me as a Product Developer
  6. Huggehugg

    Lets eat some donuts! 4170x

    Holy moly! Big BIG congratz ❤️
  7. Huggehugg

    Two big wins in donuts base game

    I love this game! So good that even the base game got massive potential Big congratulations ❤️
  8. Huggehugg

    Super Mega Big Win in 300 Shields!

    Major thanks Chris! Hope you are well ❤️
  9. Huggehugg

    Super Mega Big Win in 300 Shields!

    Stream Update: This was such a crazy win! I have been so lucky for these three streams, been playing the games that have been "due" for me has paid off Cashout was 1800 Euros from this stream!!!
  10. Huggehugg

    30p bet 861x BOD

    What a win! And I thought the book was dead
  11. Huggehugg

    You are not alone, Craig Smith!

    Good afternoon everyone! I just wanted to dedicate this post to a certain member of this forum. You know him as Craig Smith and he is one of the kindest guys I have had the chance to get to know in an online community. He is always extremely active and supportive on the forum threads, which I am honestly blown away by. The amount of love and dedication Craig got is a very rare commodity, especially in an online community like this. I can genuinely say that he on his own makes the atmosphere of this forum more friendly and more filled with love. One of the reasons why I started streaming in the first place was because I loved the interaction with the casino community, and people like Craig makes feelings like this possible. "Life is not easy, and it never should be, but there are people who have it harder to cope with their everyday life than others." As you guys may know, Craig is not having the best of times at this very moment which makes me devastated because I myself have had to observe depression very closely within my own family. I can't say that I personally know what depression does to your body and mind, but I do know what it can result in. What I can do is to tell you that there is always light at the end of the tunnel no matter how grim it is looking, you just have to get there! Depression ain't something that you should battle on your own so please remember that we are always here if you need someone to talk to. I also wanted to say that if you ever feel like we at CasinoGrounds can do anything for you, then you just have to ask! We would love to show our support and help a fellow member of our community out ❤️ Thank you @Craig smith for being an awesome human and may you overcome the obstacles in your life! ❤️ Also much cred to @BTGKinG who showed his support to Craig via E-mail!
  12. Huggehugg

    Super Mega Big Win in Flamebusters!

    Stream Update: Wager was completed and we managed to cash out 450 euros. Could have cashed out more if the wager would have gone better, but I am still super happy Thunderkick stepping up ❤️
  13. Huggehugg

    Most Insane Win on Pink Elephants!

    That is beautiful!
  14. Huggehugg

    Rumpel Wildspins x882

    This is definetely one of my favourite novomatics! Big congrats