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  1. Huggehugg

    Best casinobonus 2019 in sweden ?

    Definetely most of the Unibet brands as Supersmask stated above, they carry no wager on the bonus
  2. Huggehugg

    Best slot of the year 2018

    I am the only one who has voted for Spinal
  3. Huggehugg

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome ❤️
  4. Huggehugg

    Hello casino grounds :)

    Welcome mate ❤️
  5. Spoiler: This amazing win resulted in a cashout of a total 20 000 SEK, means 15 000 SEK profit. Happy days!
  6. Big congratulations all ❤️ Happy new year!
  7. Raffle is now closed and the winners will be notified shortly! Thanks for participating all ❤️
  8. Huggehugg

    A Visit from St. Kim

    Merry Christmas! This was well put together! How long did it take?
  9. Huge congratulations! A perfect christmas gift ❤️
  10. Huggehugg

    Creature Black Lagoon 1265x

    Huge congratz! I had 14 spins on max level and won 200x