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  1. Huggehugg

    Big Bets :D

    @Craig smith Thanks for the feedback mate, feels good to finally win something
  2. Huggehugg

    Big Bets :D

    Stream Update: This is the salvation after the 10k wager rip. This felt AMAZING!! Cashed out 900 euros ❤️
  3. Huggehugg

    Mega Win in Book of Gods!

    @Craig smith Thanks bro ❤️ I really thought this game was worse, but it is actually pretty good!
  4. Huggehugg

    Mega Win in Book of Gods!

    Stream Update: We ripped this wager (worst I have had) but we managed to cash out 900 Euros from the next deposit featuring big bet machines
  5. Huggehugg

    Book of GOD'S 1500X+

    This game is better than I thought! I personally hit 500x yesterday Congratulations to the monster win!
  6. Huggehugg

    Big Bets on Mighty Black Knigt HUGE hit!

    What a streak you are on mate! Big congratulations! It is well deserved ❤️
  7. I am excited for the slot but it is exclusive for PokerStars, which in my opinion has the worst casino ever
  8. Huggehugg

    Is This The One? (WR bought bonus)

    Stream Update: Stream ended with a cashout of 100 euro profit hehe
  9. Huggehugg

    Big Basegame Win in Golden Princess!

    Stream Update: Got 600 euro for next stream with 2600 euro left to wager, wish me the best
  10. Spolier! : I am kinda dissapointed about this one, and it sadly did not end with a cashout
  11. Huggehugg

    2000x on Gold Persia maxbet

    Amazing win! Please be careful with those bet sizes now, cash out and do something nice for the money ❤️
  12. Huggehugg


    Welcome to CasinoGrounds mate!
  13. Huggehugg

    Big Win in Captain Venture 5 Lines!

    Stream Update: Still on a ripping streak so no cashout
  14. Big congratulations on this amazing streak! Please handle the money with care and do not put them back into the slots ❤️