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  1. Mast3rmind0

    DOA 5325x

    Hey everyone! Havent posted a while on here but today something amazing happened. I decided to play on videoslots and redeemed my 25 freespins on starburst. Got 1.10 euro with those spins and decided to play some pimped. I got my balance up to 19 euro and went to DOA. This was my second bonus with 3 scatters. Got freaking douple wildline in bonus!!! Im shocked!
  2. Mast3rmind0

    DoA 2500x

    Thats incredible hit! Gratz
  3. Mast3rmind0

    Nice Novomatic run

    Yeah novos were paying really good! I also got 300x in indian spirit (with 3 euro bet) but didnt take picture of that
  4. Mast3rmind0

    Nice Novomatic run

    Decided to play some novo slots and had some quite nice hits
  5. Mast3rmind0

    300 shields 824x

    I hate this game bexcuse I'm so unlucky with it but Im happy that someone else has better luck than me. Gratz!
  6. Mast3rmind0

    Mega Win over 500x on Silent Run

    I have had some great wins in this slot too but nothing like yours! Well done!
  7. Mast3rmind0

    3 Hits over 3 hours played $1700 cashout ikibu

    That's great! Gratz
  8. Mast3rmind0

    hit bonus with only 34kr left :)

    Sweet recovery man! Gratz for the cashout
  9. Mast3rmind0

    rumpel wildspins

    Thats just....EPIC! Im happy for you
  10. So I have been playing on Leovegas some time now and I have noticed that I have one annoying problem with the campaigns. I wonder if anyone of you who plays on Leovegas have the same problem? So usually when there is a campaign you need to play certain slots to earn some freespins and tickets to various prizes. Freespins should be credited to your account next day at 15 pm. The problem for me is that when I play those campaign games I dont get those freespins. I always have to contact the support and then they check my account and add them manually. This usually takes some time and this is very sad for me and the support Dont get me wrong now...I have always get those freespins but it takes so much time because I play A LOT and I love campaigns. It frustrates me that I have to always contact to support to be able to get those rewards that I have earned by playing when those should be added automatically. One time I waited 45 minutes in livechat when they checked my account and calculated how much I had wagered to campaign included games. In the end I got the spins as always but it took so much time. Usually it takes between 15 - 25 minutes to check my account and add the spins but sometimes it takes a lot of time because they have to serve other people too and I understand this. Would be so much easier if I dont have to spend hours in livechat every month and I imagine it would be easier for livechat persons too. I have send some emails to Leovegas (finnish one because Im finnish player) considering this issue and they have said that there can sometimes be these problems with the campaigns. But this is not one time problem for me but its every single time. Last two campaings that have been on Leovegas has been very frustrating to me because it has taken so much time to contact the livechat when I play those campaign games. I know this is a technical issue and therefore I really hope it can be fixed. Thats why I hope Leovegas Tobias or Leovegas support reads this and can check if it can be fixed. I love Leovegas and hope this can be solved. Best Regards, Mast3rmind0
  11. Mast3rmind0

    2327x On jack and the beanstalk !!!!

    Thats Huge win! Gratz
  12. Mast3rmind0

    [GUESSING CONTEST] - Super monopoly money

    6250 kr Mast3rmind0 on twitch
  13. Very nice buddy! Gratz
  14. Mast3rmind0

    Couple magic mirror pics from sunday

    So did a small deposit on sunday and played some magic mirror. Almost ripped my whole balance in this game...then I got sweet line with unicorns and some spins later got decent bonus with Q-symbol.
  15. Mast3rmind0

    690x on Bonanza!

    Thats incredible! Gratz buddy