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    From £250 to £7.5k in an hour. Every Novo slot I played gave the bonus within 10 spins. Rigged or what!
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    Hey everyone, had the sickest fudging run of my life. Started with winning Nickslots giveaway getting 25€ on skrill, i put 20€ on storspelare played fruit warp up to 100€ then i went to fat rabbit and won After that i went back to fruit warp and fudging hit mega wins twice cashed out 4000€ and continued and shit go even more sick was in shock so i went to reactoonz and OMFG i hit big so i took out almost 8000€ from 20€ deposit, i went to my near by kiosk and bought topptipset the day after and i FUDGING WON AGAIN Im in complete fudging shock in 2days i won closer to 10.000€ from 20€ deposit, and without nickslots giveaway it wouldnt have been possible
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    Just Cashed Out £1000 on Vera and John and decided i would go degen with £200 - £4 stakes on the new Push Gaming slot and this drops for me. Not massive in terms of multiplier but i will take it. https://youtu.be/hQ1jXE7C0WM
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    Update: Stream ended with 8500 SEK cashout!
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    lil Low Rolling at work sadly busted out on 400+ spins on bod with no bonus
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    its been along time coming for me but i finally managed to turn my £20 deposit into big cashout low rolling
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    Two big wins on small bets
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    Book of Dead is one of my favorite Slots. You can turn the volatility very high on playing only 1-Line. Bonus comes frequently and sometimes it hits BOOM. This is a nice hit on 3-line playing.
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    Nice win this morning 444x
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    after watching Nick play this new slot yesterday which looked good, had a blast low stakes of course 😏 hit 580x in bonus and just wanted to say the potential is massive if you hit on good picks in bonus definally worth a spin 👍
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    david labowsky what a genuine guy, when he hits big he’s flying high, a smile on his face every single day is the reason his viewers will never fade away. Nickslots my man from the uk, btg is what he loves to play, he’s usually happy and rarely sad, he has a big heart and is a fantastic dad. Letsgiveitaspin what can I say, he is best know for his aggressive play , he is always kind and very fair, keep up the good work and get the fudge in there😃 slotspinner is known for the merkur slots, knights life’s his game but he smashes the lot 😂 In everything you do I wish you all the luck, so kill them slots you degenerate fucks 😜😜
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    This game doesn't need much time, to provide a huge cashout!!! What a hit.. My best so far on QOR
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    This is from Feb 17, my biggest win ever !! I did share this on one of Nickslots streams at the time with the cashout amounts which were £15,000 (after wagering done). Only have this screenshot because i hit this on my iPad!! I think i had two wildlines!!
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    I know there are a lot of people who are having trouble staying in control and may need some software to help with this ... GOOD NEWS for all betfilter.com is free for a year with this promocode PLATINUM100 . usual cost is $65 for the year. I feel anyone with a problem should take advantage of this now.
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    So i've been watching Nickslots and he doesn't seem to like playing blueprints that much, I have no idea why. Maybe these would change his mind, 461x and 799x only 40p stake though as thats what I can afford realistically
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    This is insane after yesterday's 300 shield hit, we did not do very good on stream. Lost about 1k in 1.5 hours hitting only 1 bonus on Voodoo for 36x. So tried my luck on Casumo for some novomatic and hit this beauty. Kept getting retriggers and ended the day with a plus #ChinaNumba1 boys. Video for some reason did not have any audio in it...sucks
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    Hi folks back again with another great blue big win 426x and eye of Horus 236x both from a pound stake...this time I’ve managed to get a screen shot of a paying spins from both slots
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    Best of it all is that the article is filled with ads from Casumo and Cherry. The press on their high horses.
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    A lot of spins, usually means a lot of wins
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    Got biggest hit before garga was released =D
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    So; basically I got 7x and it landed on number 1... outcome? 4000 x 7 + stake = 32000 SEK = 3200 euro. still waiting for the casino to respond.
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    Hello all! My name is Brian im 20 years old and im from the Netherlands. On youtube my name is : PyroTeamGroningen On Twitch my name is RMDnbSimply I like the comunity a lot so thats the reason that I am joining this community of gambling! I also will be an active member of this community! much love and greetings from The Netherlands! PyroTeamGroningen out.
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    Had a blast on bonanza low stakes again ,hit gold 940x bonus , kept spinning later hit gold + 5 spins lovely site 😁although did not pay as much as first bonus ,enjoyable session .
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    Went with High Voltage, one 115€ spin with a x44 wild saved the whole bonus
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    Beautiful hit on danger today. 414X in total. deposited 20€, cashed out 300€.
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    low stake again , but added to my list of achievements 👍
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    low stakes but finally got it 😉
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    https://gyazo.com/93ade00d850edd1679d313fab3c2953b So close yet so far!
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    Great sight to see 5 scarabs on the freespins for a solid 375x single spin, few more small wins to make it 413 at the end.
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    Getting my first trinity after just 25-30 spins and getting a 647x monster from it, and 8-10 spins later trinity rolls in again and gives a me a 432x bonus! Insane rush
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    The new game from Yggdrasil. 0,5 Euro bet, won 245,80 Euro A bit dark pictures
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    I do have a problem with an underage person promoting a casino especially by playing slots when they should not be doing that at such an age. It is against the casinos terms and conditions after all.
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    GAMSTOP, the national online self-exclusion scheme, is now live for registrations. There is also a free helpline open from 8AM to midnight for registration issues and extensions of existing exclusions: 0800 138 6518 You can exclude for a period of 6 months, 1 year or 5 years. Whilst the majority of UK operators have joined the scheme, the remaining are in the process of participating and by the end of 2018 it will be compulsory under UKGC rules. https://www.gamstop.co.uk/register The national gambling helpline also provides free support until midnight daily for those needing confidential advice, information and emotional support: 0808 8020 133
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    Yes, like a walk in the park not the desert this time, I finally hit on Falcon Hunter.
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    First time ever. Not the best but more than happy with the result:
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