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    just got the jackpot in BoD only 10 cents though, buts thats fine i am a low roller anyway FeelsGoodMan
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    I got the bonus after ten spins.. I usually don`t play this slot, and it was over a month since I played it last time! I does`nt matter how many spins you make.. It`s all about timing when the slot is in the right mood, and off course a bit of luck. I am still shaking 15 min after this monsterhit!
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    Damn i was shaking like 10 minutes after that one. Double wild line and overall 4 off from full screen wild. Got first wildline when was 10 spinns left, including +5 . https://imgur.com/a/TfE54
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    Got this tonight from a £20 deposit with 100% bonus and was only playing 30p a spin so there's 2K wagering but still!!! can't help but show it off.. what a screen!
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    So i was gonna spin 5000kr at 50kr per spin, but i apparantly accidentally set it to 500kr per spin. First spin, instant respin and i hit this monster.. talk about being unlucky and lucky at the same time. 10 DKK = 1.4 euro
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    deposited £10 and played for fun on low stakes:(
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    First show spins, second is total win when it was done, total of 1043x after 2 hours of spinning.....
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    This is my mates crazy win on Star Quest
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    Nice win in bonus game. https://imgur.com/gallery/G0T60
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    Stunning bonus round with the 15 spins. Nearly every spin had the multiplier - easily my biggest win so far on Danger High Voltage. 1080x
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    Awesome ! Deposit 20€ and after the double stars line on doa I hit this !
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    Very good start once again to the stream today. This is only like 25 spins in!!
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    I had two pretty big hits live on stream!
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    I have today insane day
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    Finally hit big in queen after million of spins! 2100x 2100 euro
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    All i want to know is peoples opinions on who is more ginger, Nick or Kim.
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    Hit this while low rolling yesterday. First Captain venture bonus in about 6 months. One of the free spins was a line of 4 wilds (near crapped myself because if the 5th one landed it was 8000x/£2400). Cashed out £500 from a £25 deposit.
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    Well, this just happened, fuck me. (Apologies if profanity isn't allowed.) I haven't posted here in a while and this rolled in 20 mins ago, and so I thought I would share it. I never do stakes this high either, was more of an all in/go for it situation haha. Last spin of the 20 too. Get in thereeeeeeeeeeeee
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    Hellllooooo there errybuddy! I'm not usually the type of guy to make introduction threads like this but what the heck, it's close to 5 in the morning and there's nothing else to do. I call myself walrusbeard and I started online gambling about a year ago. My favorite thing is actually Blackjack and I'd actually love to talk/write about it some more on this forum in case anybody's interested. Other than that, I like to play some of the slot races on Rizk Casino, but that's pretty much it as far as slots go. So uh, yeah, got that outta the way... Cheers
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    Really happy with this one
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    So was playing book of dead on 5 lines, £2 stake. Had three bonuses in a row, first two played like crap sadly.(Maybe 3 expansions total in bonuses combined) But then the third hit.... thought it was going to be useless because of the Symbol (usually is) but yeah .... I was wrong .....
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    Got 5 travelers on 5€ bet
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    Had to turn my head to the side lol Sick win mate congrats
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    14000kr (1400£) started at 500kr (50£)
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    Today at Leovegas. My First Fullscreen 5000x. I have won 5300x but 5000x is maximum.
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    Not a slot you see a lot, so I would say a rare video:
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    Hi I did see in one of casino grounds threads that some casino have lower RTP on PlayNgo games then other casinos. So i got curious about the casinos i play in, (videoslots, leovegas, nordicbet) all of them had standard RTP on playNgo games. Then i started check out some casinos i play when i get some good bonus or promotion (kaboo, superlenny, rizk, dunder.....) to my suprice there where no info about the RTP in PlayNgo games So i whent to live chat in few places and ask about what is the RTP of that game. The answer was that they do not track games RTP, and the info what i have there is what the game provider gives them. When i ask that other companys have the RTP in the info and have the same game provider, why dont you have it? Answer: i check in to it and send you a email. So are some casinos using lower RTP and not telling us? Is the RTP info mandatory in all games? The pic is from videoslots and kaboo.
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    Hi all, hope luck is on your side today! Some of you might know me from other community sites, for everyone else I just wanted to introduce myself on the forum as well, since we've recently joined the casino bonuses page on Casino Grounds. I'm Melvin, the CMO of Royal Panda. Dutch origin, lived in Gibraltar for about 4 years and currently living in Malta. I've been with Royal Panda since just after launch in 2014. I'm available here on the forum in case there's ever any questions regarding Royal Panda. I'll always do what I can to help out in case it's needed. Also in case you have any questions about our bonus system, please do let me know. Hope to see you all around, and have a royal good time! Melvin
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    Thanks for doing some research @weimaren87 I always advoke people to stay on trusted brands as smaller ones tend to use all kind of methods to get your bananas
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    Oh, I´m sorry. Big expectations but hard reality. But, it is a nice few seconds when the reels turning around and it gets the bloodpressure in the red area
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    a little higher bet this time
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    One of my best ever wins on such a low stake. Got the third retrigger on the last remaining spin and it basically doubled my bonus. Best hit in the bonus was 11 top symbol which paid 500x.
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    Tried this game after watching nick play it and ended up getting 4 scatters then hit the 588x on the wheel! only a 30p stake but still a nice hit.
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    Actually I have just merged the thread with the other topic covering the same news (title was LeoVegas bought Casinogrounds for €300000). After I merged both topics, the "LeoVegas bought CG" thread prevailed causing the "Leovegas invests in Casinogrounds" being deleted. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I have fixed the thread now and I do apologize for mistake on my end. The thread can be located here: https://casinogrounds.com/forum/topic/7095-leovegas-invests-in-casinogrounds/ I apologize once again, there is no point of us removing threads like these as this is an open forum and we value everyones opinion.
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    This time it has a special little story attached to it. Managed to win 25 free spins on Videoslots in the Moon Princess battle and that yielded £56. Went to Bonanza and 20 spins in the feature dropped on the 116k megaways + 2 additional scatters. Boom:
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    My vote is in Lucy x thanks for joining me on mini slots lol. Look forward to seeing Kim and reggie back on you tube
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    https://gyazo.com/15cd32e73833cf0afb9577ec3a889d5d small bets high wins, love m as a student
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    I don't see the problem
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    Well that card and the global self exclusion database coming up will certainly help those that can't control their gambling and the sooner either or both are implemented the better as far as I am concerned. I am all for protecting the problem gambler but I don't believe those that can control their gambling should suffer because of it.