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    Finally!!! Off the bucket list
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    Got this tonight from a £20 deposit with 100% bonus and was only playing 30p a spin so there's 2K wagering but still!!! can't help but show it off.. what a screen!
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    just got the jackpot in BoD only 10 cents though, buts thats fine i am a low roller anyway FeelsGoodMan
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    Absolute insane hit on Queen of Riches at Video Slots. This just rolled straight in and nearly gave me a heart attack. Big time gaming have truly changed online slots for the better. Happy new year everyone 👍
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    Mega Win on High Voltage spins on DHV. Biggest win so far for me on this game... enjoy
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    I got the bonus after ten spins.. I usually don`t play this slot, and it was over a month since I played it last time! I does`nt matter how many spins you make.. It`s all about timing when the slot is in the right mood, and off course a bit of luck. I am still shaking 15 min after this monsterhit!
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    Damn i was shaking like 10 minutes after that one. Double wild line and overall 4 off from full screen wild. Got first wildline when was 10 spinns left, including +5 . https://imgur.com/a/TfE54
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    Jackpot x2200 !! Ended up cashing out 1000 Euro
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    Couldn't believe it when this rolled in! Instant cashout on Slotsmillion!
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    What a start to the stream!!! Couldn't have been better
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    Today at Leovegas. My First Fullscreen 5000x. I have won 5300x but 5000x is maximum.
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    Hi all, I signed up simply to add to this thread, however I have been lurking around for some time. My story/view: I used to gamble a considerable amount, almost every day. That was my choice, and I alone can be blamed for that. I got into some financial difficulty because of the gambling, which meant I had to cut down on spending on other things. Was I addicted? No. I enjoy gambling... A lot. I chose to continue, despite the problems I was facing. Admittedly, I was not gambling to quite the extent, as I was struggling to pay off the debts I had built up. Again, this was my choice, no addiction. I was lucky however to win a slot jackpot (circa £165k), which I used to clear my debts, and did good things with the money. I did put some of it back in over some months following, but not through addiction, but through choice. But I decided that I would almost completely give up gambling as I knew it could lead me to be in a bad situation again. So I chose to stop, well almost. These days, I very rarely gamble, and never with money I cannot afford to lose. But what I do do, is watch streamers and their videos. Do I feel compelled to gamble when watching? Absolutely not. I choose not to gamble. I am in control of my mind. You see, some people do suffer mental health issues, and that is sad and something that needs to be addressed. And these people would likely develop issues regardless of whether they watch streamers and/or their videos. That is something that is easily forgotten by those wishing to address what they perceive as the problems. Take a person with mental health problems that goes on to shoot someone because of it. Would they have killed someone if they did not have a gun? Probably yes. Do all the millions of people who watch sports over and over suddenly all want to play those sports? Of course not. Gambling streams/videos are in a way similar. If someone is susceptible to developing a problem, they will very likely do it whatever the setting. So back to me... I watch and enjoy streamers and their 'Big Win' videos. They make me smile, I love seeing the reactions. You know what?, If you were to campaign for the removal or restriction of casino streamers, that makes you no better than those who impose restrictions on what people can and cannot watch in countries like North Korea, just because you perceive that the effect of the media will be so much worse than the reality will ever actually be. The CG streamers, to me, have all, always been very open about deposits, bonuses, affiliation and both wins and losses. None of them, do I feel, have ever made me feel like they are trying to force me to signup or to gamble. Sure, they mention their links, but then so do video gamers who have affiliate links to buy the games they play. Ban them? Don't be silly. My last point is this, and let me make this very, very clear: If you gamble, it is YOUR CHOICE! Period. If you gamble, you must at some level WANT to gamble. If you don't want to, or don't like gambling, you won't. It really is that simple. Thanks for your time.
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    More than 2x on Super Monopoly Money wheel
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    So, @Huggehugg said, correct me if i missheard wrong, on his stream today that he never seen anyone got a full line premiums (200x). Here it is, just happened minutes ago Was down to 300kr, got a good run, up to 5800kr. Played down to 5000kr then the slot was cold. Video: (500x speed) https://streamable.com/1j6kf
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    I'm not sure what's happening! I did buy two 5€ bonuses first and then just raise to 20€ and spin once I think. This is my 2nd over 1000x win in few days. Okay so I did put some cash back at the slots but nothing compared to what I won now. I know my luck will run out as it always does.. The best bonus I've ever had on this starts around 5:18. -Breinaaja
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    Here’s something I hit yesterday on Leo Vegas’s. merry Xmas to me
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    So i was gonna spin 5000kr at 50kr per spin, but i apparantly accidentally set it to 500kr per spin. First spin, instant respin and i hit this monster.. talk about being unlucky and lucky at the same time. 10 DKK = 1.4 euro
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    deposited £10 and played for fun on low stakes:(
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    First show spins, second is total win when it was done, total of 1043x after 2 hours of spinning.....
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    This is my mates crazy win on Star Quest
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    We have got quite a few Korean-spammers the last two days, dont click on ANYTHING. We will remove those as soon as we can. But just let ém be and report it to us please Whatever you do, dont click anything that looks fishy. May the force be with you, and love to u all!
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    Its probably posts like these that are the reason known streamers have been banned from youtube not knowing why or what will happen. Get the legitimate, real, friendly ones banned so all the scammers can do there thing.. Youtube cant even stop the fake re-streamers....
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    sadly on a lower bet
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    Had a late night out with some friends and came home with some cash on my account and got this hit. Withdraw 20k. Nice to get money back for Christmas presents;) My first post here. Hope you guys and girls like it.
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    @pausefisk Thanks for your comment. I don't "work" for any of casinos you see on my stream. The casinos are all ones I'd play (and play) off stream, as it is my opinion that they are among the best. When I pick casinos the process is first to establish that they are a solid and reputable operation, that is generous towards those who play there, pay in a timely manner and have fair bonus terms. If all that checks out I then check and negotiate what extras and benefits my stream viewers can get for playing there. If the offer is something I think really makes a difference to my viewers, I often start playing there. No other party than myself has any say in where I play. This has always been the case and is still the case after LeoVentures investment in Casinogrounds. Clearly, being an affiliate, I benefit from as many viewers as possible playing at the casinos I play at. This, however, goes hand in hand with only playing brands that are really good. In my opinion this is still a win for everybody - the casinos and myself get more activity, the viewers get more benefits and are playing at brands they can be sure to be treated fairly at. As for the problems relating to gambling I always encourage people to play responsible and within their own limits. On the few brands I stream from it's usually a click of a button and you can exclude/limit yourself, which is also something I think is extremely important for responsible gaming. If one is looking to make as much money as possible it would be better to push as many brands as possible, with poor terms and inefficient RG features - that far too many casinos today offer. Something I would never ever do.
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    As you ask for opinions, i'll sure share mine. First of all, those steamers i watch on CG act very decent. They often say on stream that you should only play with money you can afford to loose, and they also encourage people to cash out when they show their big wins. They also state very clearly that in the long run, you are most likely to loose, and should never chase losses. And this is words i've heard many times from many streamers. It wasn't just said once. They do (offcource) recomment the casinos they play at, but not in any agressive way in my opinion. "If you want to try out <casino>, check the link on my page" etc. I think this is a calm and good way. I've never heard formulations like; "you should sign up right away" etc. When that is said, i do understand your concern. The partnership between the streamers and the casinos is not ment to be in your favour. You guys out there must not think that everything is "done for us viewers". Yeah, they sure promote and give us free stuff. That is a part of the strategic way of getting more viewers, possible signups and better deals with the casinos. That is something everyone who works with commission would do. There can always be a discussion if this is good or bad for the viewers. For some it might be bad (going back to gambling), but for most people with control on their gambling, its very positive, and something you could gain from. I've noticed many people in chat on stream says that watching streams helps them from gambling themselves, and if this is the case, its a very positive thing. For those like me, its the other way around. The more i watch, the more i want to play myselfe. And with all offers trough streams and e-mails, it's hard to resist. That is something I need to handle myselfe. I can't put that responsibility on the streamers. So, should those who manage to act responsible miss out on all of this, because some people dont have impulse control? I think not. If you have a gambling problem you should seek help, and stay away from anything related to gambling. If you watch streams or beeing active on casino-forums etc, you seek it yourselfe. This is where your probem is, not the streamers. At least, that is how i see it. I will end this post by encouraging all the streamers on CG to be more aware of those with gambling addiction. It would never hurt to pay some extra attention on the issue once in a while, even though their main goal is to affiliate more players.
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    Cashed out 20k on leovegas Never thought this was possible on playboy.
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    Long time lurker, had to register to share this one. Four scatters.
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    Stunning bonus round with the 15 spins. Nearly every spin had the multiplier - easily my biggest win so far on Danger High Voltage. 1080x
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    Awesome ! Deposit 20€ and after the double stars line on doa I hit this !
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    My biggest x win, just in time for a Christmas cash out! Merry Christmas all!
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    Is this a sticky or non sticky thread? What’s the wagering??
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    Its times like this i wish i bet more then i do.
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    Such an interesting topic and interesting to read both sides.
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    Just throwing a pretty casual Explorer line on like its no big deal. Over the moon to see this come in
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    I'm a happy girl again. Finally found somewhere I can play the old versions (flash) of DoA and Raging Rhino FIRST SPIN! on the three line method.
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    To quit gambling completely. I have lost a lot of money this year to the excess of about 20000 euro i hope i will never ever gamble again. Goodbye
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    Finally a hit over 1000x