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    Hi all! New to this community but definitely not new to streaming/casino games. I figured people on here may be interested in this win of mine. Cheers
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    Very sad, it's difficult to hold back on certain trolls. Especially when you do something kind hearted like that and they make up random accusations, I think the combination of beeing tired, losing a bit in the end and a bit of alcohol made him overreact.
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    He is more man for making that video than that troll ever will be. Kudos to him for raising that much money for a worthwhile charity. Well done Paul.
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    Deep respect to Paul.. i've been watching almost 20 out of 24 hours on stream and he got a lot of trolls.. it never effects him.. but on the end without any sleep, a charity that's near to his hart and the use off some alcohol he exploded.. it was wrong what he did but i could really feel him.. Deep respect Paul on an amazing stream and a massive approx 23k for charity.. Looking forward for your comeback mate, on whatever platform it will be... Keep well Greetz
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    Well done Paul indeed, raised a shit load of money for a worthy charity. Trolls ruin everything
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    So, here's my third wild line in just 2 weeks (I'll include pics of the others)
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    I know some streamers have been chasing this.. today i made history...
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    Had an awesome run on Novomatic slots this weekend. From a £200 deposit with £160 bonus i cashed out £3500 after beating wagering Few of my best wins...
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    Not as good as yours but you made me want to play it still a sick win
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    To give a more detailed answer. Speaking for myself of course: I don't get sub money, I don't run advertisements and never will cause I dislike 'm myself. I'm a medium sized streamer with hundreds of viewers each stream. In total, including "affiliate earnings" Streaming for the last 3 months I'm at MINUS €4046,-. I stream because I love streaming. It's costing me a pretty penny right now. I hope to break even eventually. What I'm looking to profit from is the 'Streamer Bonuses' I get when I stream. I should be in profit for about a thousand euros because of those. my guess is that big streamers that push a ton of casinos can make a nice profit. Fake streamers risk none of their own money, so every dime they make they get to keep. This is no get rich quick scheme by any means if anyone is wondering. I'm in it because I fell in love with the community way harder than I could've imagined. Hopefully this clears some of it up.
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    First i deposit 20 euro and played om casino zeppelinn. Then i played on book of dead. Idid take wrong screenshot but it was 850 euro. The i ended whit Devine fortune. I cashed out 2000 €
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    Unfortunate what happened at the end, but an amazing stream for a great cause.
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    crazy win on flowers....
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    I got this crazy hit on Book of maya last night
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    It was a short but quick little competition and maybe i can do this again sometime soon. Here is my 8th wildline on DOA in 4 weeks. $838.70 on $0.45 bet. The winner was Massivehelmet69 with his closest guess of 1785x . The exact "x" was 1863.An easy $125.80AUD/£78.13 win. (Is 15% of the winning wildine win) Send me your skrill email on skype. Well done
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    This is my 2nd 5 scatter trigger on DOA. My first was on $0.45 bet, now on $0.72. Its wins on stream like this that makes it even more memorable when you share it with others and also prove its not impossible <3
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    It's time for another Super Monopoly Money Mega Bullet with @Nickslots and @LetsGiveItASpin again. The session will take place on Friday March 10th on Casumo or Mr Green, and just like last time around, we're giving you guys a good chance to walk away with some of the dosh that we (hopefully) take home. To take part, all you need to do is to guess in this thread how much you think @Nickslots and @LetsGiveItASpin are going to get when we spin the Super Monopoly Wheel at the end of the session. The closest 3 guesses are able to win up to 15% each of the total wheel hit! This is how the session will go down: Starting balance will be £2000, with £1000 to be played before the stream (and recorded) as playing the full balance on stream tends to be quite monotone. Highlights of this play will be published at 12:00pm on Friday, just after the contest closes and actual stream starts. Only one guess per person can be made - please make sure to add your Twitch/Youtube screen name in the post so that I can verify it. Please note that entries to this thread close at 12:00GMT / 13:00CET on Friday 10th of March. Payout structure: 3% for active Nickslots/Casinogrounds players on Casumo or Mr Green 2% for active - non Nickslots/Casinogrounds players 1% for everyone else. If your guess is within £1 of the actual hit, you'll get a prize boost of 5x the initial payout (15%, 10%, 5%), if your guess is within £10 of the actual hit you'll get a prize boost of 2x the initial payout (6%, 4%, 2%). Example: If an active Nickslots/Casinogrounds player guesses for a £150,000 hit on the wheel and the actual hit is £149999, the person who guessed will get 15% out of £150000, which would be a hefty £22500 cash prize! Happy guessing everyone!
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    I Screamed, I'm speechless. I deposited 100 SEK (10,2 EURO) ... Weird huh?
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    I was down to £8.92, So went onto book of dead where I had a lot of good wins at only 20p a spin, which took me to £60, so had a go at 60p a spin on zeplin. Gave me free spins after 46 spins, where i won £94.90, then straight after, dropped in 10 free spins again! This is the end result! WOW, i was almost in tears! Great win indeed! Happy days!
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    Please Please sign let's get Paul back :) Don't let the Troll's have the last laugh https://www.change.org/p/allow-rocknrolla-back-on-twitch-tv?recruiter=295534665&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink
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    Hit this beauty as i was working through wagering
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    twitch don't care but i did it. ASK Twitch for rocknrolla comeback.bmp
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    My suggestions: - upon new slot release, there could be a 24hr competition who gets the biggest win on it - maybe involve providers for promotion as well and the winner gets a nice prize (doesn't need to be money or bonus) - more Yggdrasil competitions - slot missions - e.g. you guys pick a certain slot and challenge the players to get a certain "achievement" on it - e.g. wildline, fullscreen wilds, 5 scatter trigger, ... - "bonus farming" - streamer gets a bonus on ceratin slot(s) and closes it. Players can bet on what the outcome will be (e.g. 5x, 10x, 100x, 200x..) higher the multiplier higher the prize - real life event - hold a raffle or one of the winning players from the above games or others get to experience Malta with a private party on a boat That's my ideas so far =)
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    Sad that some people have to resort to such low-levels to ruin a stream for others. Well done on money raised and look forward to seeing you back on stream one day
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    After withdrawing a small amount this morning after my casual 500x+ on DOA i left $50 in and played some spacewars. Didnt have much left (around $15) and went to Book of Dead and this rolls in lol
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    thnx:D and to night i hit this 1 i dont know what is going on but its damn nice!
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    Had a pretty good streak on low bets on Wild Toro
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    i hit this megawin on my first deposit bonus on rizk. After this hit 1 hit the surfteam bonus of 200X and the wagering is complete. Thanks Rizk
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    Big shoutout to LeoVegas,Tobias, Kim and Andreas for solving this issue proffesionaly! My faith in LeoVegas is fully restored and i got well compensated for the issue. I now regret my earlier harsh statements. Thank you guys so much!
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    I just had this epic win in 300 shields i had lost like 70k kronor in 1 week after my fullscreen book of maya and some other wins but i was still feeling like shit lost that kind of money and now i hit this i cant fcking beleve it!! :DD now i think i will chill with the slots for a week or some days
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    Good start to my sesh today I think! I am really reallly stuck on what to play next though guys, please help! I'm wagering on leo
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    Tonight it´s time for a somewhat bigger raffle in my strem. I´ve had an amazing month, and I want to share some of the happiness and joy it has given me! Total Price pool consists of €100 cash, 100 FreeSpins and a PIZZA 10 Players will receive €10 each, Paysafe or Skrill 10 Players will receive 10 Freespins each on the Casino I´ll be streaming for Top Price to one Lucky Winner: A MAJESTIC PIZZA! Don´t worry, if you win, we will find a site where we can order a really nice pizza for you! This will all be raffled out over 3 different raffles at different times in my stream. The stream will "sneak-start" around 19-20 and officially starts at 22.00. When do we end? I can´t say, you simply never know when you find yourself in the casinomon-channel! Hoping to see lot of friendly faces tonight!
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    I cannot believe what has just happened! I deposited £14 (random I know ) on MrGreen as I had heard about Knight's Life from Nick's stream. Wanted to give it a try. Being very cautious I started with 10p spins... 2nd spin - Bonus. 2 RETRIGGERS!! So close to wild line but.. Total win of £129. Unbelievable! Unfortunately the auto-play skipped the final win but here is a screenshot to prove the win.
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    Thanks I found EspaceJeux here in Quebec and they have a couple of IGT and WMS. But I don't know 3/4 of the slots they have. I played a few spins on Bruce Lee and Amazon Queen. The stated RTP seems the same as other casinos. EspaceJeux do not have deposit bonuses for casino so we play with cash balance only. The good thing is that if I lose; the money goes to the government of Quebec instead of an unknown casino owner.
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    £150 in at Videoslots with a 100% progressive match bonus with just the 20x play through. Managed a £1,000 withdrawal thanks to these wins on Wishmaster, Book of Dead and Black Knight II:
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    Won this through some free spins, 13 free spins on Sevens high, had to wager £368 (I think I won £25 or something like that) Wagered it all through Joker Pro only to hit £2k with about £10 to go. Thanks to Nickslots for the referral and Good Luck to all slot players Stew
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    Hey guys! New to the forum but im always watching Kims stream So. I have never tried novomatic slots and i thought i'd give it a shot... I deposit 50€ on stargames to get a 100% bonus.. and like 2 minutes in i get this: I made a withdrawal of 1521€ like 5 minutes after, such an fast and awesome session
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    that's awesome lisara, defiantly using it in big win from the community video
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    Hi WIn10cent, I'm sorry for your experience with the campaign we had. Without having a check on your account to see what could have happened I cant do much. However if you send me the email you use on LeoVegas I will make sure this is being followed up with the provider to both ensure you are compensated if it was an error, but also to prevent similar situations in the future. I will PM you with an explanation as soon as I've investigated further. Have a great day!
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    Dead or Alive at "Superlenny" 1.8 Swedish Krona stakes. Usually I bet between 6 and 12.50 Krona. But not this time. :-(