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    normaly play 4-10 kr but still ... happy fck days
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    Big hit on a 6kr bet ??
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    Had this awesome bonus 15 minutes after firing up my birthday stream! Totally insane win, the potential is huge with this one. Just want to thank @David Labowsky and @Badazzbear1 for the hosts! Couldn't have been a better birthday <3 <3 <3
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    Hello all Slot player from Toronto, Canada. Thought about streaming a channel on twitch or youtube but haven't made the commitment to do so yet. I am a low roller usually betting between 0.50 to $2.50 max. Watch Kim and rocknrolla all the time. Hi Kim, Reggie and Paul! Let me know what you think of these big hits! These hits have happened as far back as a couple months ago to the Vikings runecraft win this morning! Torontolowroller
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    Finally got the line!
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    So, to make something interesting for myselfe, i decided to go "all-in" for a wildline or 5-scatter hunting in Dead Or Alive. I wanted to se how many spins it would take to get either (if getting it at all). I played at several casinos simultaneously, and at some point i had 6 running DoA's. For the project i had a decent betsize of 0.5 coin value (4.50kr). I played at my favourite casinos: Rizk, SuperLenny, LeoVegas, Vera&John, Norgesspill and Betsafe. Yes, i got a wildline in the end. It took me over 31 000 spins! The wildline came at LeoVegas, but with only 2 remaining spins of the 5 extra spins, so this wasnt the best wildline result either, "only" giving me a 940X. usually i would expect around 2000X++ Totally i'm still down on the project, even hitting a wildline. The end result (according to Slottracker) is an RTP of 96.6%, which is over all a decent RTP. At some stage, i was up 101% RTP, but then as it often does in slots, turns around. I ripped on several casinos, only had 2 left with still money in my account. I deposted on LeoVegas 1000kr extra to do the last try (i wanted this!!!), but decided to go for 3.60kr bets since balance was low and ripped 2 timed already in this project. Then it hit (offcourse...) on 3.60 instead of 4.50. Even if i played on 4.50kr when the wildline hit, i would still be down. I might do this project later aswell. It was pretty fun at some stages when i had 6 sessions running, the time between each bonus was not long, and at some stages i had 3-4 free spins running at the same time If anyone do something like this in the future, please report It's always interesting to see how projects like this ends Some stats and results of the how close i came some times aswell: The WILDLINE i got, finally: Some other close ones, but still good bonuses: Finally, my setup :)
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    Got this insane hit in the Rambo free spins bonus, best symbol with fullscreen on the last spin (its like book of dead but with 720 ways) Session started with a 15eur deposit and 3600eur cashout
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    Just as the stream was slowly getting to a RIP end, this just drops in proving that it only takes one spin after all:
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    Emoji planet Emojiplanet is a fairly new slot from one of the most prolific slot providers, NetEnt. It is a “falling” slot machine that on the surface looks a lot like a Play’n GO machine. However, if you look more in depth you’ll find… No, it’s a Play’n GO machine, but with NetEnt interface. Imagine that someone played Viking Runecraft and thought “This is way too scary”, then played Gemix and thought “But how can this be marketed even more towards small children?”. Looks, symbols and stuff Emoji planet is, as it’s name indicate, based on popular emojis. It is most likely the first in a trilogy of slots, soon to be followed by the slots Memeworld and Whatever marketing indicated would sell globe. The symbols of the slots are “Crying laughface”, “Smiling alien”, “Slutty lipstick marks”, “Flying rocket” (possibly to escape Emoji Planet), “Big blue heart stalking smaller blue heart”, “Bomb about to explode” (possibly to blow up… you know), “Wild star” and, as the perfect analogy for this slot, “Shiny smiling turd”. Shiny Smiling Turd starts of with an introduction video showing us a dead smiley with wings ascending to heaven. Parallels can be drawn between this slot and the two first parts of Dante’s Divine Comedy, as the smiley ascends past some horrific imagery. However, where Dante gave us the beauty of Paradiso as a conclusion, NetEnt sends us straight back down to Inferno, where our game takes place. Mechanics Like in similar games, you win by matching 5 bordering symbols. If you match non-premium symbols, you fill up their power meter. If you’ve filled up one or more power meters by the time the spin has ended, special features activate. These features includes multipliers, added wilds, blown up symbols, added winning symbols, and possibly some other random stuff I have forgotten. These features can pile up, and can in theory keep a spin going for a long time. Unfortunately, the chances of it resulting in anything worthy of YouTube, or even a little smile, are very, very slim (as this is being written, I have yet to find any big wins on this slot on YT). Starring To remind you that you are in fact playing a NetEnt game, we also get some surprise visitors. Gonzo sticks his head out on the screen, to remind you that the chances of him giving a bonus on Gonzo’s Quest are so slim that he can in fact spend most of his time watching other games. Also, the pig astronaut from When Pigs Fly makes an appearance, to remind you that NetEnt has made pretty pointless games before (though nothing quite at this level). Small sample size results + Medical advice I decided to play either 1000x spins or 100xbet (whichever happened first) on this slot. Unfortunately the game wouldn’t let me lose quite enough, and made me play out the entire 1000 spins. During these spins I lost about 50 bets, leaving me with an RTP of about 95%. This is a quite alright results, and fairly close to the reported RTP of 96%, but I do wish they would show me mercy by giving me slightly less wins and a lot more peace of mind. My biggest win was a 98x, with a handful of 20-50x to go along with it. I have heard from certain sources that this slot has potential to pay thousands of times your bet. However, renowned psychiatrists have released papers indicating that most human minds can’t handle the mental degeneration such a task would inevitably lead to, and recommend you play some BoD or Novomatics instead. Verdict + More medical advice I would like to recommend this game as a wagering game, but only if you have the option to leave the room while the auto plays run out. Also, and this is very important, do not under any circumstances play this game for more than 5 minutes with the sound on. I believe that what was hidden in the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark, was in fact the sheet music for this monstrosity. Handle with care, avert your ears and eyes, and enjoy playing Emoji planet! Do you got any wishes for a bitter review, or possibly you just wish to tell me to shut the F up? Leave a comment.
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    Whoever said when it rains it pours...they weren't lying, can someone pinch me please?
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    Looks like BTG is starting to pay! Finally Basegame hit from Danger! High Voltage and 1500x bonus on Bonanza
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    Promised to post this so here it is
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    Tried some bigger bets this morning and was down to my last few when I got the Anubis symbol
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    Got this on a 4€ bet and almost died! Got this a couple of hours ago on stargames
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    €3 free spin winning to this, Enjoy
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    Hey Guys im a new streamer on twitch and wanted to introduce myself here! I am streaming mostly in nighttime at the moment so feel free to come say hi at twitch.tv/daskelelele and i hope you guys will enjoy my stream! =)
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    A special thanks goes to Slotspinner for introducing me to the wonderful world of Merkur slots. Danke Freund!
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    My second hot mode ever, my first was 300x on T2 and this one abit over 300x at 60c bet, had 5 'dead' spins winning less than 5€. Sidenote, watch balance and watch the win LUL
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    https://clips.twitch.tv/ImpossiblePoisedGoldfishDoubleRainbow insanee! PUT YOUR VOLUME DOWN ! REALLY DO IT ! OTHER WAY RIP! kpieters13
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    I grinded the balance from 200 kr to a decent balance for a little bigger bet and decided to follow my guts. prove that u can grind from small deposit!!
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    Haha got 8 freespinns on Guts.com on multifruit, hit this insane win, only on 2kr (0,20euro) bet tho! https://gyazo.com/31c8f74a0f8d9faeb904a0feaa1fb51c
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    The betsize is sadness, but happy about it nevertheless.
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    Not often you get 2 Youtube videos from one stream:
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    I am definitely riding my luck on this one:
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    Hi Jayleepoker, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. If you can send me your email used on LeoVegas I will have a look at this. Tobias
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    Just hit this 2 minutes ago, my biggest win in both x and €
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    Wagering didn't go that well afterwards but did cashout 2k in the end
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    Managed to get 12 free spins and 15x multiplier. The result was 500x the bet.
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    https://youtu.be/vxFnfVccfNs https://youtu.be/hOZM3VGt5Z8 FeelsGoodMan
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    Got this insane setup and win! (not technical over 1000x on £20 big bet, so move it if that is a problem)
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    Nice hit! I remember NickSlots hitting the same line
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    Luckiest lineup ever?
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    Did not expect this to hit in basegame