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    Heya everyone, Tomorrow, 4th of April, Extra Chilli is finally going live and we have quite a few things happenings in the pipeline during the next 3 weeks Extra Chilli goes live ~ 22:10 CEST and I’ll do the first 100 spins, then it’s open for everyone! When the game goes live, all active Letsgiveitaspin / CG players on Leovegas will each get 20 extra spins each to try it out with. Additionally, from 4th of April 2018 to 10th of April 2018 all new LGIAS/CG sign ups will get 20 extra spins on Extra Chilli credited the day after, on top of the 40 spins you already get! The following day, Thursday 5th April, there will be a 5,000 extra spins giveaway with 25 lucky winners. On the 11th of April (1 week after the launch) there will also be a sports bet on over 500 spins and 5 feature-buys in Extra Chilli, where EVERYONE placing a bet will receive 20 extra spins credited on the 12th of April. Are you from Canada or Denmark? Not to worry, we've sorted you out with a batch of extra spins to be used in the Play'n Go title Reactoonz. For the 3 week exclusive, there will also be a forum competition where the five biggest wins will receive a prize (Remember we only count the multiplied winnings, and not the actual monetary rewards). These winners will get: 1st: €1000 2nd: €500 3rd: €300 4th: €200 5th: €100 We'll also have a €250 reward bad beat prize for the worst feature. Prizes will be credited in bonus money with 10x the wager, extra spins will have the normal bonus terms. In the unlikely case of a draw, the first submission will win. Only one prize per person can be won. Submissions for the cash prizes shall be posted below in THIS THREAD. *General T&Cs apply and more giveaways might be added. ** Extra spin value is 0.20€/£/$
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    I just got an orgasmic win on playboy. Couldn't describe it better The story behind this incredible win is that i deposited 16 euros on the casino and i was just low rolling with small bets, started with 20 cent bets on falcon huntress and i won a decent bonus on that slot something like 40-50 eur so i raised to 50 cents and won another 90 eur... was up to a 140 eur balance or something when i stopped playing on that slot. Afterwards i went to Playboy which is a microgaming slot that i've had some luck on in the past but unfortunately i had a dry run of something like 400 + spins without a bonus i was about to give up on Playboy i decided to stop at 40 eur balance and change slots but afterwards i decided to just try to get a last tease before i leave it and bam.. i FINALLY got the bonus feature after quite a long time of playing it and won the second largest slot win i've ever had which couldn't have come at a better time to be honest. I'm still in shock as i'm writing this lol i can't fucking believe it edit:something like 8147x win
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    Hello guys, so i happy i recorded this, a bonus and then a raise stake into another bonus after around 40 spins later, i normally dont play these kinds of stakes so for me this kind of thing is life changing. Possibly the greatest ending to an average bonus i have ever seen, i hope you enjoy It all happened very late hence no sound on the first one ... fingers cross this might make my first ever appearance int he video compliation
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    im still in shock 2 days ago this beauty landed.... after a 200 euro deposit... over 5000x... still waiting for processed withdrawel
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    Does anyone want to see the video? ? Bonanza ❤️
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    Hey all! It is that time of the year again! Casinogrounds recently turned 2 years old and just as last year, we will have a crazy week ahead starting THIS SUNDAY, 15.04.2018 and ending Monday 23.04.2018. Over the past year we have grown tremendously, which wouldn't be possible without each and every one of you - members of the community and the streamers. We thank you for that and we hope that you will enjoy the upcoming week with our anniversary! Schedule! Check the schedule here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OFFc0axIe6II5EvLu4RU4cLBYBpAhLbIQRPWMWme6zs/edit?usp=sharing So, lets hop to the hot stuff! What will be happening??! Mythbusting the slots - time to test your myths! Monday, 16.04.2018 throughout all day and all the streamers. Winners - €50 each bonus money on LeoVegas: @pausefisk @Tussilago87 @alucui @petosilli @snapper84 @supersmask @stingypetrov Poker Tournament between CasinoGrounds Streamers - with something new! Tuesday, 17.04.2018, starting at 20:00. (hint: Follow the CasinogroundsTV channel on Twitch ) On that day, you will see 6 of Casinogrounds streamers - Letsgiveitaspin, CasinoReggie, Huggehugg, Smackdowncasino, Slotspinner, Nickslots - compete with each other in a poker tournament. In addition to the streamers, we will stream all of the streamers simultaneously on CasinogroundsTV channel for easier overview of the tournament with some music and commentary You, the viewers can submit (via widget on the right sidebar of the forum) who you think will win the tournament and if your pick is correct - you will get ticket to a freeroll poker tournament on GUTS with a 1000EUR prize pool! Update: Viewer tournament is planned on 29.04.2018 @ 20:00. Check the POKER thread for more information! Bonus hunting! Wednesday, 18.4.2018 throughout all day and all the streamers. 10% of total bonus hunt outcome - Winners: @dukezbf - 290EUR (Slotspinner's bonus hunt) @Knobbo88 - 43EUR (Supersmask's bonus hunt) @Pouliko - 200EUR (DavidLabowsky's bonus hunt) @Scarypeet1994 - 43EUR (Smackdowncasino's bonus hunt) CasinoGrounds viewer / streamer meet-up package giveaway! - NEW DATE Sunday, 29.4.2018, 2 lucky viewers will be able to bring their friend to the Halmstad viewer / streamer meet-up on June 2nd 2018. Super Monopoly Money MEGA bullet! Monday, 23.4.2018 - Letsgiveitaspin, Slotspinner, Slotplayer, Nickslots will join forces to spin the SMM wheel This is just a shorter version of what's to come during the anniversary. This thread will be updated with more information as we are nearing the start. All of the relevant information will be easily accessible from the front page of the forum! *Please note that information in this thread is a subject to change at any time.
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    I couldn't believe what I saw!! Only downside is, 10 minutes before this I was betting on 40p. Oh well, is doesn't get much better then this!! Video:
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    From £250 to £7.5k in an hour. Every Novo slot I played gave the bonus within 10 spins. Rigged or what!
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    I just hit my first massive win after nicks stream today on Jewel Strike. Would you say this was 5000x or 500x? The base game value of the spin is £1 but due to the epic spin I had to pay £10 per spin, but the base pay out would always have been at £1 per spin. I can see an argument for both! Either way I am buzzing my fucking tits off!!!
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    Was playing a micro stakes MTT for hours on 888 and got in a hand with the biggest tilt monkey on the table where I get it in as a massive favourite preflop.. of course I loose to a rivered 2 outer. I decided to blow off the rest of my $ on slots loaded up some Queen of Riches for 0.20 per spin. Unexpected result to say the least. My biggest win in terms of X Enjoy. .. first post btw
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    Hi folks..I was mucking about with a tenner on age of God’s when all of a sudden it put me into a picking game for the jackpot..tbh I didn’t know I was going to walk away with one of the wins as I thought it was like casino zeppelin and this is what I won
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    Heeelloooo! i had a insaaaane hit on Book of ra! I have cashed out over 300k SEK this week and started on a 3k deposit! This is insane!
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    absolutely insane!!!😍 5x 2times 4x 1time
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    After all those three wild reels... When you least expect it.
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    Finaly some luck in 2018 !
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    It took me 4 years - 6 fudging diamonds!!!
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    Ok so I signed up here a few weeks back, after browsing I thought I would give Rizk casino a try, deposited £100.00 and got an extra £100 match bonus last Saturday, by Saturday night I had managed to get through my wagering (£4000) and withdraw £1400, logged in again Sunday to use up the rest of my money and wham another two cash outs. took away a great £1800 and hours of great slots play. The bonuses just kept on coming, as you can see below they were pretty relentless, hope I haven't used up all my luck in one day
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    Hey everyone, had the sickest fudging run of my life. Started with winning Nickslots giveaway getting 25€ on skrill, i put 20€ on storspelare played fruit warp up to 100€ then i went to fat rabbit and won After that i went back to fruit warp and fudging hit mega wins twice cashed out 4000€ and continued and shit go even more sick was in shock so i went to reactoonz and OMFG i hit big so i took out almost 8000€ from 20€ deposit, i went to my near by kiosk and bought topptipset the day after and i FUDGING WON AGAIN Im in complete fudging shock in 2days i won closer to 10.000€ from 20€ deposit, and without nickslots giveaway it wouldnt have been possible
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    First time ever hitting 5 explorers and happens when I play with 5 lines! YES!!
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    Played Danger High Voltage non-stop from midnight until 6AM today as I had some design to do. Expected a rip but ended up with £1400 from £250 start
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    Hit almost fullscreen stars, started with 9 stars on the right and then I hit the 3x guy, expected maybe 300x but it just kept counting. This is my biggest win ever.
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    hi guys, I wanted to share my video of the end of my biggest ever bonanza hit. I want it featured in the biggest win video on youtube. Who do I need to send the footage to? Anyone? here's a screenshot of the action that I failed to capture in total cheers!
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    I would just like to put a post up to everbody that uses and interactes in various ways in casinogrounds that the site/forum has reached 7000 members. It shows how rapidly the community is growing and the interest people have in using the site. Here's hoping the site continues to grow and reach 8000 members. I just wanted to point this out and thank everyone for contributing in the various ways they do. I myself have health issues and have found an amazing outlet in casinogrounds to comment alot, Have a function in an outlet to interact when+ whare i can, enjoy the time i spend on the site and also seeing users ups and downs. Its fun. I think alot of users look to the site for outlets, information, posting anything casino related, and all the various topics listed. A large community and a large interaction point. I just wanted to point out the the site has hit 7000 members and this is a clear indicator of how popular an outlet it is for users. Thanks. Craig.
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    wow, oh wow... So I deposited 85 EUR with darkslot.com (Direx N.V.) to use their welcome bonus. I went for Book of Dead on 0.80€, within minutes I got the freespins (explorer symbol). Because explorer never pays ;)) I stuck to quick spins and therefore didn't manage to take a picture of him appearing 4x times on the reels for a 800€ win (1.000x). Changed slots to Jungle Spirit on 2.00€. Got multiple nice hits (e.g. 300x in the elephant feature)... Jungle Spirit pushed the balance slightly over 2.000€. Wagering was almost complete at this point. Went back to Book of Dead @ 1.00€ because I got so lucky on it in the beginning. Three books land, explorer again. It was on quick spin again (ofc ;)) but this time on the 3rd free spin I managed to take a picture: Biggest win ever - stakewise. Balance sitting at a healthy 7.000€+ I decided to finish the wagering on 2.00€ spins. Within seconds feature again, explorer AGAIN. And then this happened: At this point I was almost certain that I won't see any of my winnings due to a "software glitch". My heart was probably beating with 180+ bpm All these winnings appeared in less than an hour, my balance went from 170€ (including bonus) to 10k€. Went out for 14 hours, got really drunk, came home and lost 2.000€ of it back (which hurt quite a lot). Then this happened: Casino Zeppelin @1.00€ bet - VIDEO So in a nutshell: - 1.000x @0.80€ = 800€ (Book of Dead) - 5.135x @1.00€ = 5.135€ (Book of Dead) - 1.102x @2.00€ = 2.204€ (Book of Dead) - 1.573x @1.00€ = 1.573€ (Casino Zeppelin) Balance back at 10.000€ I requested a cashout and uploaded the required documents. As always with Direx Casinos both verification and cash out were super fast and I got the first half of my winnings within 3 hours after providing documents (bitcoin cubits withdrawal). Unfortunately they have withdrawal limits of 5.000€ weekly and [email protected] monthly, so I have to wait until saturday to cashout the remainder, but set my loss limit to 0.01€ for a week so won't be able to play anything of it away. I never got so lucky on slots in such a short time, never had 4x 1.000x++ wins in a row.. just crazy.. Just booked a trip to the Canaries this spring, awrrr Cheers everyone and good luck !!!
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    Well went in with 2000 euro got it up too 38000 euro took out 30000 yesterday. Had 8000 euro left and played reactoonz and got it upp too 200 ish went too moon p and this monster got in This is not my normal bet size but i was on the biggest roll ever and just felt it 93000 euro withdrawl
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    You guys have to see my hit on white rabbit! ONE word, (Crazy).... Updating the post tomorrow with the youtube link due to the 24hr rule! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/242684244
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    Finally got a epic bonus on Bonanza. £50 deposit to £1900 cashout on a Friday night/Saturday morning. Insane run of luck
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    Just Cashed Out £1000 on Vera and John and decided i would go degen with £200 - £4 stakes on the new Push Gaming slot and this drops for me. Not massive in terms of multiplier but i will take it. https://youtu.be/hQ1jXE7C0WM
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    This is from Feb 17, my biggest win ever !! I did share this on one of Nickslots streams at the time with the cashout amounts which were £15,000 (after wagering done). Only have this screenshot because i hit this on my iPad!! I think i had two wildlines!!
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    Ok so i never get big wins on 300 shields then i get a nice bonus over 300x , then within 5 mins .... wow the dream.. enjoy!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_JyGcPQrY0
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    You see a lot of big and epic wins on this forum. Don't be fooled by thinking that they are common things. I also posted several epic wins on this forum let alone the ones that i never recorded but those are cheered due to the important fact that they are rare. I have been playing slots for around 10 years and for the last two years i play everyday for a couple of hours. Despite these total long hours of gameplay and thousands of dollars i spent, i never ever got a wildline on Dead or Alive or a 1000+x on 300 Spartans or 5 explorers on Book of Dead etc... Gambling is a serious thing if you lose your grip, so just be careful and do not play thinking sooner or later that you are going to hit one of those epic wins. Chances are high that you will never hit any of those.
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    Had a small bullet on Extra Chilli this afternoon and within 40 spins 153 ways of the red chilli dropped in! Didn't manage to screen shot it in time though
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    Extra Chilli - Is on Fire / EPIC WIN - 4€ Bet
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    Three BIG wins in the space of 20 minutes this morning playing Big Time Gaming
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    The low rolling was on fleek! Check this base game hit! i coud even printscreen it on time So happy finnaly hitting some kind of these magic hits!
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    Moon p is on fire and i finally got the the best thing on reactoonz I went in with 2000 euro and the winnings are over 240000 euro now
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    So this happened! Super happy! I'm going to take a break from gambling for a while and enjoy the money.
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    When you only get 10’s in bonus and hit this beauty ??
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