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    During Tuesday's very lucky bonushunt we collected 11(!) bonuses. We went in with €750 raw cash and were hoping for at least €75 average per bonus to make some profit. Here are the results: We ended up cashing out €1000. 20% of that will be added to the major giveaway. €200 for the good guys!
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    A nice start to the weekend
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    Adding a SEK 9000 = €934 to the total cashout amount
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    Well, I have been having shit sessions lately. Losing over 10 straight deposits, and I felt for playing some really low stakes Merkur games and this mother trucker lands out of no where. Like always I was just about to raise the bet size from 1kr (~€0.10, $0.10), but I'm still pretty okay with having this achievement in my backpack. I'll update the post with the video when it's available.
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    I was lucky enough to hit this huge 7500x win on Dead or Alive yesterday and I am still in shock. I deposited £10 and was just doing 0.09p spins.
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    Did get my first full screen with the explorer on book of ra deluxe, a bet on 5 SEK - totally win of 2500€ Amazing!
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    This thread is dedicated to the "Total Cashout" day as a part of CasinoGrounds anniversary. Streamers will update this thread regularly so you can keep track of how much cash outs the streamers have made during the week in total. On Monday, 8th of May 2017, 20% of all cash outs combined will be raffled away to the viewers. Tuesday, 02.05.2017: Casinomon: No cashout DavidLabowsky: €1000 NickSlots: No cashout LetsGiveItASpin: No cashout Slotspinner: No cashout Wednesday, 03.05.2017: Casinomon: No cashout DavidLabowsky: No cashout NickSlots: No cashout LetsGiveItASpin: €934 Slotspinner: No cashout Thursday, 04.05.2017: Casinomon: No cashout DavidLabowsky: No cashout NickSlots: €2353 LetsGiveItASpin: No cashout Slotspinner: No cashout Friday, 04.05.2017: Casinomon: No stream DavidLabowsky: No cashout NickSlots: No cashout LetsGiveItASpin: No cashout Slotspinner: No cashout Saturday, 05.05.2017: Casinomon: €700 DavidLabowsky: No cashout NickSlots: No stream LetsGiveItASpin: No stream Slotspinner: No cashout Sunday, 06.05.2017: Casinomon: No cashout DavidLabowsky: No cashout NickSlots: No stream LetsGiveItASpin: €700 Slotspinner: €300 Total cashouts so far, €5987, means that the giveaway currently stands at €1.197 - rounded up to a nice €1200 giveaway.
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    I have had a insanely lucky week on the slots. Trada Casino emailed to say I had money left in my account, so went degenerate on Immortal Romance and it paid off. The joker pro was again very lucky to hit the jackpot line. So over £7K in withdrawals this week and now the accounts are on timeout to stop me putting any back in.
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    A really, really nice hit! Nice cashout from a 300 SEK deposit, withdraw 45000 SEK.
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    I knew this slot had potential. 435x
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    Trying out new Games can pay off.. sometimes! Was on a Red Tiger Games spree yesterday and blew my balance off to the moon from 90€ to .. well no spoilers but here was the biggest catch!
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    Big win on Dead or Alive.
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    My best ever run on the slots, full replay
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    Happy to say that I've received my 28,000
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    Had an amazing day today! I also have a video that my friend will send me, he was filming me while i had a book of ra bonus with the explorer!! I can tell you that it ended with 4100 euros!! And this bonus from captain came 2 hours after!!!!
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    Had this nice win on stream today https://clips.twitch.tv/HeartlessAssiduousTubersMcaT
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    Got this on video also, but im just talking too much 😂😂😂 http://m.imgur.com/M1s94X7?r
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    Adding £400 to the pot!!!
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    I love any slot that can pay huge like this in the base game!! Over 500x
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    Hit this this morning on the new slot danger high voltage the potential on this slot is crazy it looks haha enjoy people
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    Hola everyone I have finaly started to stream, have got 4 streams now I haven`t got a regular time i stream, but try to get 2 streams a week, maybe more depens on the winnings I`ll post my time of the streams on my page on twitch Hope to see u there!!
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    Started a new highroller wager attempt on BossCasino (staytuned for the vids in my other thread). Collect couple of bonuses and recorded them all together, first on the menu was bride maids, and I managed to hit the jackpot on higher stake for the first time...
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    Sickest win ive ever had by a mile on this Slot!! Ladies all over
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    my first 5000x on a 2€, darn I didnt record it
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    use this slot for wagering couldnt believe it when i hit this
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    So, i just got this hit on Book of Ra. Defenitely my biggest win ever. Im still shocked.
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    If Nickslots picks anything Gunbritte chooses, the win will be less than 50X ALWAYS. Myth or Truth?
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    This is from a 50 euro deposit with a 150x bonus wich I cleared a day ago then I thought I will give rumpel a go. No bonus money pure cash I grinded it for 1 hour with a starting balance of 280 euro and was betting 1 euro then was down to 200 euro after 5 feature's so raised it to 1.60 per spin and this hit. The other bonuses was 167x, 76x,89x, 3x and 15x.
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    @Andy Fox you seem to be experiencing a serious gambling issue. Stop it. Now. I've warned you on previous post you made regarding the winnings where I asked you "didn't you stop?". Either quit gambling all together (cold turkey) or gamble your life away (what you're doing right now). Choice is simple really. This is your wake the f*** up call. That's all I'll say.
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    654 x win on Wild Desire!!
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    Just though id share this video of my biggest DoA win. Pretty happy I got this from a £20 deposit.
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    This game is harder to crack open than steelcovered coconuts with a spongehammer
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    As part of the CasinoGrounds anniversary week, we will go myth busting the slots on Friday, 5th of May 2017 . During the day, all of the streamers will test the slot myths that have been posted in this topic. This will be the continuation of the previous myth busting topic. Entries submitted should include slot name and the myth. For example: 30 powerspins on Steamtower will get you the bonus. There will be random giveaways for the best myths picked by streamers.
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    Let me take you back to when we first started discussing this project... Myself and some friends would often stay up until 2am most weekends. Attempting to land those 4 elusive wilds on Raging Rhino in the hope that we could finally claw back some of the money we had thrown at it. Spin after spin we would proclaim to one another how "rigged" the bonuses were as the "Guarantee" dropped in for the sixth time that evening. We decided to make a stand and do something to see if our thoughts were really true or if our degenerate gambling ways had fixated the tinfoil firmly upon our heads. Slot Tracker was born. Slot Tracker seamlessly tracks and presents the results of online slot play with a variety of live graphs and mapping solutions. It runs silently in the background and updates automatically in real time as you play. It accurately reports RTP, profit and loss, hit rate, bonus information and more so you can play your favorite games with informed confidence and find the best odds to extend your gaming session. Even more valuable, Slot Tracker provides community level data. You can view specific data for each game, and casino across millions of spins. This allows you to compare your results to the masses and be guaranteed the machines you play are fair. All spins are time-stamped to allow you to drill down into specific sessions, and you can even create powerful widgets to track your big wins, bonuses and wager information. Slot Tracker has been built with the latest available security technology and is cryptographically signed to guarantee it is safe. Slot Tracker currently works with WMS, NetEnt, MicroGaming, Thunderkick, Novomatic, NextGen Gaming, IGT, Play 'n' Go, Big Time Gaming, Elk, Quickspin, Red Tiger and Yggdrasil. We are working hard to bring out new providers and also a mobile version in the near future. If you are interested in trying out the software then its available here: https://www.slottracker.com We are open to any suggestions or questions you may have that will help us improve Slot Tracker!"
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    Just remember real men don't shave, but you won't know that bum fluff face
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    Little something on Bonanza, look the balance,
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    The winning continues
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    @Ziggy This is a common practice. You as a player always have to read terms & conditions, as it is your responsibility, not casinos. Most casinos as stated above have 1x wager requirement on deposit due to money laundering. Basically you have to do play through €1000 as they have stated in the support. This is NOT a rouge practice, so accusing casino to avoid them is a bad example. Hope that explained everything you wanted.
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    Well, trying some spins on the phone on low stakes! Fun game.
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    Gobbles himself spitting up the Wins
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    This is my pick with a little twist á la Huggehugg