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    Did get my first full screen with the explorer on book of ra deluxe, a bet on 5 SEK - totally win of 2500€ Amazing!
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    One of my biggest ever hits on Immortal Romance, this time at 90p. (Will upload the video later as its on my iPhone) Following recent events in both Manchester and London, I felt the money was better off going to the charity helping the families and victims of the attacks.
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    FINALLY hit the 5 scatters! Was feeling it today so did a deposit of NOK 1,500 (roughly 150 euro) on Rizk to only play DoA. Originally betting NOK 7,20 (€0.72) bets, and increased it to NOK 18 (€1.80) for 5 bets, and hit this! Win was NOK 45,000 (€4,500), and the 408 was from the bonus itself.
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    got a mail from casino jefe.. i had some free spins in my account.. i was like "ok.. i might check it out..".. while waiting for dinner i decided to log in and see what amazing gifts was on my account.. and it was 5 spins on spinata grande... lol.. oh well, i am broke, i am bored i guess ill play them. i did hit a "big win" and won 50 NOK/5 euro... so what to do? i guess, shoot for the moon, put it on DoA and go autoplay... and this one hit..
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    Deposited 200 got a big hit took me to 800+ was going to raise but doubted myself, then 30-40 spins later got 4 Scatter trigger for this one.
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    As you guys know I've been on the HoG Mega Jackpot quite seriously, and damn the things this game has done to us! Here's yesterday's highlights. Not for the faint hearted.
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    Yeah, this happened yesterday evening on a 0.80€ bet... I had to stop immediately after this win, I couldn't take it anymore Unfortunately only screenshots... but a few of them
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    all i can say insane..didnt know this could happen on these slots but well..... FUCK YEAH
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    So had quite a bad rush today, been depositing way more than I should. With the last 125kr i had left, i decided that after loosing almost 4k Nok, why leave that ammount... There it is... Merkur saves the day Video link
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    Im having some trouble breathing, well needed It dropped in on the very first spin in the bonus, got a 3x and a few 2x after + retrigger.
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    This was such an insane moment of my streaming career. Started with 110 euro (55 euro real cash) and went up to 300 euros. I streamed for almost five hours and had a total blast, but the balance was slowly fading away. I went down to 10 euro and then this happened. Sorry for my profanity, but I might have been a bit too excited Clip: Watch live on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/huggehugg
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    If you play hours and hours every day of course you will hit something. The reason it's even possible to stream are more frequent deposit bonuses, with a deposit bonus you'll get more playing time with the same deposit amount. As I've said on stream I was actually down a ton this year before my incredible last week. I even traded the Euros I had won in the landbased casino for Skrill because of my bad run. Even though I was running insanely cold I was able to post a few big wins because they will simply come if you play hours and hours every day and for some reason people tend to remember the big wins but forget about the money it cost to get there. The €15k Bonanza win wasn't mine (even if I wish it was) but a viewer called Leedsbullen.
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    sick hit! stopped in 5 scatters on DOA on a 9 krona bet. ended up with 22500kr on one spin 2500x the money:) unfortanetly the bonus was shit but who can complain:) And it all happened when watching the best streamer letsgiveitaspin.
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    Well. My life is now complete I can cross this off my bucket list.
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    Put in 50e. Minutes later i got rich. Up 80 000 sek since april on slots. Yay
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    First 4 reel expanded with wilds and last reel had 2/3 wilds, almost fullscreen, didnt get to take a screenshot during the freespins when it happend unfortunately
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    I logged into my videoslots account, to put in back on timeout and had £13 cash back. The pictures show the results in minutes! The account is now back on timeout. There is proof of no deposits for the doubters!
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    Sorry for popo quality pic, I was playing in the living room with my mother on her Laptop, and we hit our first Wild Desire ever. This was also my first deposit in a long time, as I've excluded myself from Casino's for a while. 5000 DKK each, that's not bad.
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    DOA deliverd ones on mobile and seconde webbsite. Total almoste 6000 x
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    Thank you for making the right choice last night and finally calling it a night.. it took huge amounts of strenght to do so. and ofc.. Congratulations on the win.. <3 from norway
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    6€ left and this happend 0,25 cents --> 455€
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    It's been exactly 4 weeks since I wrote the last time that I was quitting gambling I have got my monthly paycheck nearly a week ago from work. Oh also its rain outside. So for 4 weeks now I havent played a single slot I was at a friends house who asked if we was going to play a shared bullet a saturday night and I said NO. Then he said he was gonna play himself then and I said that he could do that tomorrow because if you play casino now I will walk home. I got my paycheck and I payed all my bills + rent and I have a little money over that covers food for the whole month. I did play lotto on svenska spel for 50kr(Like mega millions and thoose other lottery but swedish for 5€/5$) didnt win anything sadly but who cares didnt instantly make a new row of lotto or anything. Overall I feel so much happier in my life the anxiety is not a hard hitting element anymoore. Sadly it does not repair my debts that I got from gambling and I dont have enough hours at work to pay back since I need food to survive. But this is just the start of my new life there will be plenty of time to work my ass off to repay what I caused due to my addiction. But in the end I feel like this is it im free and i'm very happy for all the support I got from here. My dark sad story turned to sunshine thanks to all the support from this forum! Conclusion: Sunshine! I like how the gambling comunity comes together and support others when needed. people can talk as much shit as they want about gamblers but atleast gamblers have hearts of gold thats one proven fact!
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    Loved World of Warcraft, i was best Hunter on server tbh Me in action TBC:
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    After taking a battering from the slots lately I tried a few games I've never played before and my second biggest ever win rolled in
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    this game is so hot right now!!
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    Started with 20 freespins on mr greens copy cats and this is how Doa treated me to help me to a 17 k cashout after wagering 71k
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    I cannot repeat enough how Merkur is my favourite provider..proving it again last Night, Watch for yourself!
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    Here I got two Stacked Wild´s on Steam Tower. Never see this before.
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    Hi, This is my first post on this forum. I am a long time follower of LGIS channel and I am really proud of what he has created. A great stream, a great website with a forum. But also connected several streamers together is just great. Btw Jörgen is the best slotplayer in the world
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    This might be my favourite Merkur slot at the moment
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    Letsgiveitaspin The first streamer I started watching. I've always thought Kim was interested in the deeper game with slots and is without a doubt the most informative stream I've encountered. I also like the fact that he is almost single handily bringing new interactions between the industry and the players which simply did not exist before. These two things set him apart from the crowd by some considerable distance I'd say. RockNRolla I only recently discovered his streams. The most volatile of all the streamers I watch and I think that's a result of problem gambling thing either past or present and it makes high drama entertainment. I would also say he's probably the most honest streamer I've seen in terms of talking about problem gambling. If you've ever had a problem yourself and heard him talking about it then you'll know that a lot of what he says can only come from experience. I hope one day that experience can be put to even better use (I say 'even better' because I think his openness in the streams is already a therapy of sorts). Casinomon Nice and relaxed streams and always looking to improve his stream one way or another with new ideas, new layouts etc. I've been watching him for a long time and was super gutted with luck at the beginning which was cruel at times. Thankfully he's hit some monsters since then to keep the dream alive and long may it continue. DavidLabowsky Some people just have the demeanour that works for streaming and David is one of those guys. No hype or drama on his streams....just slots and interesting conversations.
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    Ive been trough a LONG LONG LONG way trying to hit my 2nd all time wild line in Dead Or Alive. Approximately after 500-600 bonuses played, many teases after. I got it! Unfortunately all screenshots I have from DoA are the sickteases and the disappointments I have a video of the last 7 or 8 spins here SOUND ALERT!!! I hit my first wild line 6 years ago, ever since i've been trying to hunt one down and today was the day! Sickest thing here is that last night I had a dream of wildline ! IM SO HAPPY!!! Bet size 0,27€ Total win 866€ 3207x bet
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    Decided I wanted to try this new game and really lucked out on my first spin. I wonder if the same thing would have happened if the bet wasn't kinda low, but happy I won
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    huge amount of spins, sadly mostly dead ones thanks kim
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    On 05 April 2017 at 22.25 this happened. My biggest win yet, after watching Casinomon get that monster win on this I've always been wanting to play it. I guess it was just beginners luck.
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    Just putting up a RTP calculation for each number in Dream Catcher, just incase anyone doesn't trust the 2-10 system. It only considers the feasible spins, no cases of 4+ multipliers in a row as they are so unlikely that they add extremely little to the RTP. Any errors, let me know.
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    After a break from casino games i decided to deposit 15e just to have some fun lowrolling. After about 20 spins i hit bonus and this happened. http://imgur.com/yzzbkkV
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    Hi, I just hitted this win, It isnt that much, But on such a low bet its a big win
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    Hello this is my first post here, i just won my first over 1000x win and i felt like sharing. I just started playing and was about 200 kr down.
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    Alright, this happened yesterday, just 5 days after my last 2k win on this machine. Jack dropped me 4 harps in 1 quickspin, I can't believe it. Second hit paid over 1100€...
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    on a trip to prague we decided to check out the hilton hotel casino.. went in with about 2500 Czech Koruna ( about 93 euro), gambled away 1900 Czk on 10 CZK (0,37 euro) per spin, and was planning on leaving.. we had had our fun, i asked my brother how much he had left, and he had 600, i told him to give me 100 czk before we left, found a totally different machine then the ones we had played on and deposited, hit the bonus on the last press and in the bonus we hit this... ended up with 90 freespins and a withdrawal of 15000 czk.. needless to say, we are going to enjoy the rest of our low-budget holiday