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    Anybody fancy some kebabs?
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    5000kr deposit. Cashed out a total of 150.000kr Storspiller.com is getting robbed again.🍾
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    I'm literally speechless, my first four figure hit ever! Can't even believe it happened!
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    Only played this game once or twice this was my first ever bonus on it. Seen it played alot though. Can't remember if it was 33x or 44x but never seen so many bells drop. I was obviously shocked! This money is pretty life changing for me as I spent my savings gambling over the last year but this has more than made up for it.
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    Ok im down to my last $40 playing d.o.a playing .90 c spins , from no where rolls in the dream , i up the stakes and next feature get all 5 symbols but no wild line , then onto Montezuma $6 steak hit feature immediately get 10x (7 spins retrigger ) leave that 1k up , onto bruce lee $10.50 steaks went a bit degen was down alot but got a 1.7 k feature BOOM , $40 to $4639.00 get the fudge in there cash out $4500 rest for poker
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    Finaly got the Rick Wilde line Yes i know, crap about the bet! And with the bonus i got total of 700 x
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    Down to my last £2 and had this hit!
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    I got 10 free spins from dunder on secret of stones, I won 5 eu on that, then I thought mm why no roman legion, hit this : Got a wildline with 2 spins left, siicckk no max cashout on the winnings aswell good day for me
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    Hello guys!! This is my biggest win ever!!
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    Decided to go a bit crazy with my last 100€ and then this happened:
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    I'm not here to ask for help. I just wanted to share my story and remind people that it's okay to ask for help. When I was younger, I built up a reasonable amount of debt simply from being a bit reckless with money, but I didn't tell anyone that I was in debt. After being with my girlfriend for a few years, she wanted to start saving to buy our own home. I was on a reasonably good wage, so my plan was to gradually clear the debt whilst also saving for a property. After a few months, I noticed that although I was saving a small amount, my debt wasn't reducing. I felt a lot of pressure to get things sorted quickly before anyone discovered that I was in debt. I was a casual gambler and had a few decent wins. I convinced myself that I could win enough to clear my debt. That was the biggest mistake of my life so far. The next year of my life consisted of gambling and lying to the people closest to me. As you can imagine, my savings depleted and my debt grew. This resulted in more pressure, which led to me gambling even more. It was a vicious cycle. In December last year, I found myself in a situation that I couldn't lie my way out of. I had no choice but to come clean and watch my entire life fall apart. Not only would I be in debt including about six pay day loans, but I'd be hated and alone too, right? WRONG! I came clean to my girlfriend, my parents and my future in-laws. All of which were upset and my girlfriend was understandably heartbroken and angry. But more than anything, they were concerned and supportive. I attended regular one to one counselling sessions with GamCare for about eight weeks and passed over control of my bank account to my partner. By February, I'd consolidated all of my debt into a single, long term loan. I had full control over my bank account and my life again. With hand on heart, I can honestly say that I haven't gambled since the day I game clean, with the exception of a small lottery syndicate I take part in. More importantly, I don't have any interest or desire to gamble. I've saved hard and I'm proud to say that we recently exchanged contracts on our first home. We'll be moving soon. I've also managed to enjoy life more because I can afford to go to football matches, nights out etc... On a separate note about buying a property. If anyone tells you that you can't get a mortgage if you've had pay day loans, which is commonly said by 'expert' Martin Lewis, they're wrong. I received a full mortgage offer less than six months after clearing my pay day loans. It's a negative factor on the application, but can be outweighed by the positive ones. Gambling should be fun. If it isn't fun, then it's time to stop. If you have a problem (and you'll know that you do, but just refuse to accept it), it's time to ask for help. It's difficult, scary and emotional. It'll probably be the hardest thing that you ever do. But it'll also be the best thing that you ever do. The people that you're most afraid or ashamed to tell, will be the same people that can help you the most. Help is always available. Just ask for it. If anyone ever wants help from someone who's been through it, feel free to message me.
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    Starting balance 600 SEK First a hit with 3 wilds got balance to 4500 2 minutes later this landed. Me in rl = ":O"
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    I was playing on my favourite game Startburst all day and saw that the casino had this new game. What do you think is it any good? I get more wild reels in Startburst though.
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    Had this AMAZING hit in Montezuma Bonus Bet €2.7 and i won €6.700
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    Montezuma Finally pays.
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    Never gonna say a bad word about him again
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    Hello, After losing 50K in a 3 months period, i hit a bonanza bonus (100kr bet, no pic) won 45K. Cashed out 40 K. Then i played Danger high voltage and hit 3 shit bonuses, raised to 100kr again for all or nothing and got this, my biggest win ever, cashout 190K. #feelsgoodman
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    What a surprise!last spin before 5xextra spins was soooo important.My editing skills are so bad....lost the sound somewhere when converting the video format.So I can only show the picture.If someone can tell what is the best video format to post here, I`d be really thankful..
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    Got my third wildline ever just a while ago! First wildline of mine was 0,09€ bet and the second was 0,27€ bet so this is huge for me! Im so happy! Also i have had really long break from slots because it went really bad at the time. Was losing alot and tilting alot then I took a break. Now I just wanted to try couple of spins from my sports betting winnings. Im glad that I gave DoA a chance!
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    Oh how I wish their was atleast one premium symbol their. 😂 😂
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    This lady has sure has made me some profit this year. Another 5 scatter hit Also had another good hit a few days later, not quite 1000x but i'll add it in this post anyways.
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    This is from a deposit on 50 eur. Cashed out 3k😁
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    Biggest Win on Sizzling Hot :-)
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    Just 20 cent bet but still very happy about this. Only got 3 of a kind of that lady in 50 spins tho.
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    High Voltage is on FIRE!
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    Finally! After 72.000++ tracked spins (slottracker) since may, i hit 5 scatters during tonights Rizk Race, only 7 spins in. The bonus itself was pretty bad, but who cares 5-scatters: Checked!
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    Give it a good spin now Tarzan!!!
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    3.rd time this year I got 5 scatters, bonus was schaisse as usually.Never bored at this beautiful view of 5 scatter symbols .
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    After a short gambling break, I am back with this two great hits...Sure, Knights Life and 300 Shields, what else!?
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    Second spin on a 250,- kr deposit:)
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    Damn... Steam Tower nice hit in bonus. And this is during bonus hunt, so all cash.. Ich Liebe
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    Always nice to win like that even if you play small stakes Big Win on Dragons Treasure
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    I finally got this beauty! 500kr deposit to a 5000kr withdrawal
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    Bam.... Bam.... No need to say more..
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    no comment Last spin on free spin
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    Just saw on Facebook, guys are safe
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    Just on holiday in Gib. Put £20 in this at the casino on 1 line with a coin value of .20p made up paid for the holiday lol
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    Low rolling this morning and hit a 600x win on Kings of Chicago £20 deposit to £200 cash-out in 15 minutes. If only it was this easy every time lol
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