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    Wooow, you guys know alot of slot myths Everyone who has made a post here feel free to PM me for 20 freespins in Scruffy Duck / the man, the myth, the Mats
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    -Scroll down to bottom for short version- Hi Everyone! Some of you have already read the small introduction I posted here about 8 months ago, as a casino streamer in general. Much has happened since that and today I am proud to say that I´ve just become one of Casinogrounds regular streamers, and with that, a proper introduction feels in place. So here we go again! My ID says that I´m 29, but I´m pretty sure I´ve been 20 years old for the last 9 years. I was born in Czech Republic but grew up in Sweden, and nowadays, I live in Malta. I moved here with my girlfriend two years ago in hopes of finding a job where I can make a good living doing something I enjoy. That for me would be casino/slots, including the business part of the side as well as different psychological aspects etc . I started out working at JoyCasino/Casino-X and shortly after moved on to work with Casumo, which was a little bit of a dream coming true, since it meant working with one of the absolutely best casinos on that market. At both those places I was doing general support-line of work, I´m pretty sure I´ve been in contact with lots of you even if neither of us is aware of it At the beginning of last summer I decided to start streaming, I really wanted to give it a try and I felt this was something that would suit me well. I got off to a great start but was a bit naive and optimistic, ending up getting ripped of by a casino I was working really hard to represent the best way I could. Streaming is *****-expensive, I´ll tell you that if you haven´t figured already. Then not getting paid the occasional winnings that occur nor commission for the viewers who decided to try the casino out is lethal to your economy, it was the end of my "streaming-project" and not far from the end of entire Malta-Experience. I learned a few things from this experience, many important lessons, but also how much I love to be streaming, being sourrunded by people who share the same interests, having my losses comforted and positive feelings from winnings enhanced by others. It is amazing and quickly becomes more than just about slots,it´s the beauty of sharing. We just call it streaming instead I worked hard to get back on my feet and saved up some money to once again start streaming. And now I´m finally back! Since December I have streamed on average 5 times/week for a total of 380 hours. I am sure most of you have seen me and if not, I hope you´ll enjoy the stream if you decide to visit me and my loyal minions We will have lots of fun, no drama, and some deep serious talk from time to time. With just a little touch of some intelligent(or not) trolling from time to time, the atmosphere in the channel is absolutely perfect and probably the best part of the the stream. Like my favourite memory from stream so far, is definitly that time I fall asleep while streaming! What was going on in the chat while the sofa made a sick €1.3k comeback in BoD was absolutely amazing ! I went a bit too hard during the start of this month and had to lower my activity over the last week, but from Tuesday onwards we are back in regular action five times a week strictly sticking to schedule (check casinomon.net/ ) Hopefully I´ll see you at one or two of those days. May the slot gods always be with you! /Casinomon ---------------------------------- Short Version------------------------------------ Hi! 1. Streamed May-June 2016 2. Got ripped off 3. Went super-rip 4. Comeback Dec 2016 5. Streaming 5 times / week 6. Friggin love slots 7. Go to -> Casinomon.net (Twitch & Youtube)
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    So i made small deposit 19+19e bonus on saturday and first game i went to try casino zeppelin. After about 25spins i got the bonus with 4scatter and start wild showed up, and heres the result!
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    So, I basically started with this! Shame there wasn't too many premium symbols though, but I'm not complaining!
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    And my nemesis slot pays again:
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    Update 2: Aaaaand we have the Winners: 1. Jaakontaika - €100 for his Montezuma myth 2-6th place for Cazino Zeppelin hitspins Huggehugg - for his book of dead doubling myth Lohilintu - for his Gonzo's quest always red on 2nd wheel myth Jonas431 - for his Wild turkey myth Fiveoneone - For his myth in Chest of Plenty Allr - for his Wishmaster myth 6-10th place for Nirvana hitspins Shittyshittyspinspin - for his Gonzo's Quest myth Tombha - for his Guns n' Roses myth Casinomon - for his Jade Magician myth Kotikoreka - for his Spinions myth Congratulations everyone! The 10th winner has been contacted by PM and got until tomorrow to reply so make sure to check your inboxes if you've had a confirmed myth. _______________________________________________________________________ Update: Submissions are now closed. To claim your 20 freespins you will have PM LeoVegas_Support here on CasinoGrounds after you've posted your myth, if you message them somewhere else you risk not getting your freespins. Freespins will be credited within 48 hours after you've contacted them. Also I will and one EXTRA hitspin for the best myth of the day I will personally contact the winners about this and ALL grand prizes. Extra prize winners are: 19th of February: jaakontaika For the myth "Montezuma will give bonus if u raise bet 3 times after 2 spins" 20th of February: Shittyshittyspinspin For the myth "Gonzo - Play low bet until you get freefall, then after the freefall start 5o autospin and bet as high as you are comfortable with." 21th of February: Allr For the myth "on wishmaster if u get a scroll in first 50 spins u will get three scrolls on that bonus" All the random winners have been credited their extra hitspin! ________________________________________________________________________ On Sunday the 19th of February 2017 I will, as promised bust or confirm YOUR myths about slot machines and casino games. Rules are very simple, you basically post underneath what you want me to do and what the outcome should be according to the myth. 20 freespins will be given to everyone that suggests a myth and if your myth is confirmed you'll be able to win one of the 10 grand prizes as follows: Best myth confirmed: €100 cash. Place 2-5: One !hitspin each on Cazino Zeppelin Place 6-10: One !hitspin each on Nirvana This promotion (except for the grand prize) is only for active players on LeoVegas; at least one deposit lifetime as a Letsgiveitaspin/Casinogrounds player, at least one deposit last 30 Days for everyone else. I will be the judge concerning which myths are the best and the decision can't be appealed Happy mythbusting everyone!
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    big win! 20 spins
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    Friend of mine started recording the bonus on his phone, the quality is bad because of sending it true whatsapp and such but stil uploaded it to youtube, dont mind me yelling on the background Kappa sorry for the double post I dont know how to remove the other one
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    I have had a great week playing only Book of Dead and Twin Spin. Many fine hits on Book of Dead and some normal big wins on Twin Spin, until... It FINALLY did something different! NETent finally caved in. TWICE! First it dropped me the unusual combo of 27 bars! Only 2-3 days later it shocked me with a very well deserved screen of 27 7's...
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    In the last 8 months i play Doa 5 days a week. i did more then 125.000 spins Most of the time with the last money left on the balance, Tonight i had my first Wildlines. No screenshot of the game,
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    got this mega win on joker fortune with a 50 kr bet
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    This is the best of the hit I made yesterday ! Was a good session ! Withdraw 400€ ! - Gun's and Roses 225x - Book of dead 239x - Game of Thone 278x
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    finally mega joker gave me the golden chests:
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    Hey people, I am new here so I thought why not start with some big wins.
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    Hey guys, Ive not posted wins for a while because I have been on a losing streak for a little bit :-(. But the last 2 days have been brilliant. On Wednesday I got 500x on Zeus on £2.20 spins but got overexcited and forgot to screenshot it so I got £1000 cashout. But yesterday I remembered the screenshots, I got over 500x on Zeus on £1.20 spins then carried on over to Bruce Lee and played that. I managed to get over 400x on one of the bonuses from there, I got a full screen of the ninja stars. I cashed out £1100 altogether yesterday so overall £2100 profit in 2 days. It was not easy getting these it was just pure luck, so be careful and dont chase bonuses. :-)
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    So... my attempts at never gambling again are somewhat.... wanting..... 21.co.uk took so bloody long approving a cashout that I fell for their tricks and played some more..... £2k more While I'm dissapoitned with myself it's very hard to kick myself when I get wins like the one below......... £2k in.... a bit of monopoly big money, wish upon a jackpot, top cat, count duckular and finishing up on Geinie jackpots netted me a £115k cashout.... I've still not come down to earth after that ( I wish I'd recorded it so you could see how retarded my betting was - £500 a spin at points - something I would never recommend anyone tries, I just got lucky) Now i just have to wait until Monday to see if the Casino put me on a flipping payment plan !
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    You know the bonus will be good when you get a set-up like this... Have a nice weekend everyone
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    Hi i just hit this on dragonz one of the sickest wins i ever got kinda crazy basegame hit im so damn happy right now =)))
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    Leovegas early hours this morning I got myour biggest single game pay out 300shields x1400 bet amount:-)
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    Myth busted, wasn't even close Myth busted, bonus right away Myth busted, DoA don't like me Myth busted, got it right away Myth plausible, Rhino don't like me either no more Myth plausible, we could only afford to do 10 Myth busted, close call though Myth plausible, it's soooo difficult to get Myth plausible, we couldn't get to the freespins Myth busted and cost me loads Myth plausible, fishes don't wanna come Myth super confirmed, best one today! Myth confirmed, epic strategy Myth busted, both equally bad Hahaha, no troccies today but will try in the future for sure (a) Myth busted Myth super busted and 20 seconds of life wasted Haha, next level thinking, myth plausible but I'll get hacking attempts by doing so on stream Myth plausible, billy don't screw anyone Myth plausible, no touch sceen today Myth busted, wasnt even close sir 8-) Myth busted, I don't win over 200x on fruit warp Myth busted, 3 wheels maximum. Myth plausible, to tilted after Thunderstorm feature to go on Myth busted, the rigg is always there Myth plausible, playing with fun money is boring though Myth busteed, bonus was shite. Myth plausible, base game > bonus though Hahahaha, love it! Next level thinking Myth plausible, no bonus Myth busted, 10 spins were bad Myth confirmed, high coin value > high level
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    Dead or Alive at "Superlenny" 1.8 Swedish Krona stakes. Usually I bet between 6 and 12.50 Krona. But not this time. :-(
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    Hellu ☺Camilla here! i think its time to introduce my self now.. im 31 years YOUNG, and i live in Norway ☺ i have loved to play slots for many years, and probably will continue with it ☺ soo........ woop woop!!
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    Hi guys! A lot of awesome theories / myths posted so far I will pick my favorite myth later and reward the suggestion with a HitSpin ! Looking forward to see even more interesting myths added. May the best myth be a dinger!
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    Yeah, so after having my first 1000x win on Book of Dead last week I deposited £37 to Leovegas for some Ygdrasill gaming, just 2 spins before I landed this 3 scatter bonus I had a 4 scatter bonus that paid £40, then boom!!!.........Got 5th wild on last spin and landed the 2 wild lines on very first spin of extra 5. DING DING DING.
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    Massive win during the race! uploaded to youtube aswell damn this is my lucky day!!
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    Mega joker is fun
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    Heyho everyone, after being on a lucky streak in January & February with pure winnings totalling more than 7.000 EUR I finally got an over 1.000x win. It was on The Wishmaster with a 2 EUR bet on Slottyvegas (very nice casino by the way: super fancy layout, responsive helpful customer (live) support, verification completed within 3 hours, withdrawal shouldn't take much longer either, "supercharge points": 1% of every win is booked in your supercharge account from which you can withdraw (no wagering required) 2x times a week. This session for instance gave me 46 EUR in super charge points) The funny thing: I requested a 500 EUR withdrawal today midday from slottyvegas - but reversed it few hours later to play again with the winnings instead (usually a losing thing). I saw so many videos from streamers in the past hitting it big on The Wishmaster. Today I finally tried the slot myself for the first time. I was in about 100 cold spins, just wanted to leave, when I got the first scatter... 1.) Extra Wild 1 2.) Extra Wild 2 3.) Expanding Wild 4.) Random wild (making the 1.) disappear) I got some (little) big wins until this happened: 1. Big Win - 4 Wild Reels - 308x - 617 EUR I was so happy about this win and in my mind I had already decided to stop after these spins and request the withdrawal now. All of a sudden on the secound last spin: 2. Mega huge win - 5 Wild Reels - 750x - 1.500 EUR Together with the other little big wins during the feature it was a 1.190x ( 2.380 EUR ) win. I played some more on 1 EUR - even got many rolls, but couldnt catch any big wins and requested a withdrawal of 2.666 EUR. Definitely playing this slot more oft..... never ever again, since I would always try to catch an even higher win, but thats only possible with the 2x or 3x multiplayer I guess (but even harder to get 4 or 5 wilds then since 1 extra wild would be missing...) Wish you all the best for the weekend!
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    I forgot to take screenshot but heres my 1000x win on joker-pro. I was first time ever playing this slot and boom!!!
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    My biggest win so far Cashapillar on 10kr to 5323 kr win And yes, i cashed out .... lol
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    Hallo ,wanna share here some wins from last 2 days , from 3 wins i have screenshots ,from 4th one 620euro win on medusa, i fogot to make On super lenny after 20euro deposit ,on rizk after 50 euro =)
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    this £8950 win was the last spin of an Immortal Romance bonus...i was playing £30 per spin...Happy Daya!...
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    Hit the bonus on Rizk but only have the first woman open as only just started playing it . All from 10 free spins,, thought I was dreaming at first 😎
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    Hello, was lucky in book of ra this Saturday and got 1000x on one spin. Tonight when I played I managed to get 4 explorer guys in a row as well, but not in the bonus.
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    Got this baby a few weeks back. 4 scatter trigger and got the berzerk freespins on the wheel thingy
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    Cheers guys... Trust me, I'm cashing out and this really is it, part of the kick for me was chasing bigger wins (which is why it got a bit out of control to start with). I'm 100% resigned to the fact that I will never ever beat a win like that... it's a once in a lifetime win.... Time to find a new hobby !!! (And maybe that new car)