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  3. I tried it out in demo mode. After 27 spins the bonus landed and paid over 1300x seems like a really good slot with mega potential
  4. Nice one bro... Enjoy the money pal
  5. I took a 50% match bonus last week. I deposited $200 and the casino (lucky days) added $100. Wagering was so slow. Then I read T&C’s... It said 40x deposit and bouns 😂 so basically 120x on the $100 then gave me 🤣 $12,000 wagering with a $100 bonus. These casino are getting out of control.... Anyhow I got super lucky and cashed out for $3402.
  6. Stay away from these scam casinos FFS... Everyone take note. It’s an absolute joke. They simply frustrate people into loosing all winnings... Use VideoSlots, MrGreen, SlotsMillions, BetVitor. Instant payout to E-wallet and bank transfer within 30 hours. Fk all these other Scammy casinos. They make enough money as it is... Horrors.
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  8. ill be trying one more withdrawal, if it doesnt go through ill post it here. That means that after 5+ attempts i couldnt withdraw from Justspin.com. During this period from 1 attempt to 5+ these things have happened: - Been asked to deposit more money from my cashout source so it can be "verified".(already did deposit like 9x times). - Their bonus system malfunctioned and i did not get any bonuses, it was extremely hard to get them to add bonuses manually, they required guess what? Another deposit. - When i couldnt withdraw my money they offered a compensation of 50 freespins probably worth 1.50 €, i was trying to withdraw around 13800 €. - Been asked to change from visa to skrill from skrill to visa and then deposit to verify the source. Basically justspin makes you wait so long you will wanna rip off your nails and play slots again before you can pay out. Im sure they are legit way down but atm they are stringing people along and requesting people to deposit to withdraw, sounds like scam.
  9. Chelseaman


    I'm sad to hear that mate, should be illegal to be given a 5 x total win in a bonus on any game i feel....
  10. BoracicLint


    Had a bonus tonight that paid 5x. Shocking bonuses lately.
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