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  2. Ya, Book of Dead would do for me, and maybe some Holiday Season, and after that, i'd try with Twin Spin since its RTP is quite generous. just sayin'...
  3. Every bet was on 9 kr/ € 0.90 (except one)
  4. So this was the slot you won so big on? Daaammmn son
  5. Burknisse senpaiiiiii, teach us!
  6. 5 line

    I was playing Book of Dead the other day, and i was kinda struggling to get back the money i won last night (had over $3.1k) went down to $2.4k and i was about to give up cuz i didn't get free spins after like 200 spins, then suddenly it happened...
  7. Just scored this.. first time reel rush 250kr deposit
  8. I actually now always go to Book of Dead or Big Bad Wolf when under 200SEK. 1sek min-bet on BoD and 2.5 min bet on BBW has turned me back many times. Went from 12 sek balance to 2000sek balance in book of dead with 5-line min-bets, hit bonus, won like 20 sek, then back to 10-lines 2 sek bets and up to the end. It's all about timing tho, but Book has such potential!
  9. Is this slot exclusive on Unibet? Do you know? Nice hits Nice bets!
  10. Yesterday
  11. Love bonanza! Feels like there is so much potentiale great wins mate
  12. Roshtein and other multilotto streamers definately fake as hell, would never watch those.
  13. Interesting) I just started playing. so I have no more of my theories)
  14. Such a craazy degen session and it all started whit 500 kr deposit ended upp whit 20 k whitdrawl
  15. First i got the best symbol i dont how many
  16. Thunderstruck II is where I usally head when Im trying to grind up :-)
  17. Dead or Alive low rolling for me. I find that you get some decent play time and the excitement of some (crappy most of the time) bonuses.
  18. Some nice wins there. Still haven't seen those monster wins this slot is theoretically capable of delivering. Where are they? I think the highest that I have seen is just shy of 2,000x which is not a lot considering that it can take an awful lot of spins to trigger the bonus where all the money sits. During free play in one session I gave up triggering the bonus after 6,000 spins. With real money I have had in excess of 2,000 spins before the bonus triggered. I have now all but given up on this slot as I think there is something amiss with it.
  19. Wow!! Nice!! What did u get in the first pic?
  20. Got some nice bigwins on Bonzana . First a big win without bonus and second,third are bonuses
  21. nice hit i got same hit last month with 13,50 bet 35000k
  22. So sick! 1.80 in, 4.5k out! With the click of a button Well played amigo, well played.
  23. Yeah that's Reel Steal alright. Just a "casual" line hit
  24. Always go with that feeling! Damn what a nice balance booster!
  25. Had the pleasure of admiring this on stream yesterday. This must be the sickest hit on Book of Love I've ever seen! So .. lovely
  26. nope 5 scatters. its insane but its a 2500 x.... i felt something was happening i usually go for just 18 bet ....but you sometimes get that felling somethings gonna happen and hell yeah it did
  27. Hit this yesterday Damm I dind't bet more !
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