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  2. yeah haven't gotten anywhere near this close lately, don't play it too much though cause it's expensive on 1 line if nothing happens
  3. 3 Wildlines last week, only 1 this week so far, it's a slow week lmao I lose on every single game I play atm so I keep returning to DoA1 and 2 and DoA2 still had this wildline in it for me 👍 Not uploading the video this time, just 2 pics to show how close this was to barely anything. I had 1 spin left with just 4 wilds in total , last spin it dropped an extra wild and the one I needed. No more after that but hey, any wildline is a good wildline! Pic of setup on last spin, and pic of total after last spin. Both those wilds dropped on the last of the original spins so I don't care about no more dropping in after that
  4. Hey guys! Press on the link below to be directed to my youtube channel. On my channel the latest video is the HUGE WIN on extra chilli. Unfortunatly I can't post it here since the file is to big :( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3UmBh2pN9Q
  5. Damn that sucks dude... On the other hand, I used to play DoA and DoA2 at 0,36 a lot, never gave me anything. Started playing it on 0,09 ( and the odd bit on 0,18 ) starting last monday and got 4 wildlines since 😂 . I think some people, of which I am one and who knows, maybe you too, need to at some point realise that it ain't gonna happen unless they play very low stakes. 🤷‍♂️
  6. I was also very Lucky with the 1€ bet. I bought about 10-15 bonuses with 0.3€ bet. Then decided to buy one 1€ bonus and then that happened.
  7. Hi I won the 200€, does these rule ably? or? 1. The wagering requirement must be completed within: 21 days for Deposit bonuses 24 hours for Free Spins and Free bonuses 2. ultracasino.com reserves the right to enforce a maximum withdrawal amount from winnings of No Deposit Bonuses (Bonus Money and Free Spins) of €250. The funds exceeding this amount will be removed from the account upon completing the wagering requirements or upon withdrawal" How long does it take withdraw with trustly? @Bob_UltraCasino
  8. Today
  9. 👍😄👍onneksi olkoon!👍😄👍
  10. Haha, nice! Seems that my 20x'ish from yesterday was good enough Hope i can beat the wagering on it.
  11. Pretty hard tough to wager 2k with 200 euro. I didn't succeed with it. Even tough still a nice promotion and there will be people with nice cashouts.
  12. "Ei voi olla mahollista" Näköjään voi! Gz on the win!
  13. Had 4 quite a few times but this is first 5 of a kind playing 1 line😀 IMG_0595.mp4
  14. It’s a good prize, assuming 95% rtp (which almost all slots online have higher) it will be worth £100. Not bad considering it’s derived from free spins. Guess it’s purely to get new customers as if it was to generate some of the cost they could quite easily made it so you have to do 100spins at £1 or something to qualify - would recoup some cash. Would still be great value for the player. Wish I could take part.
  15. I won 200 from yesterday with this. Got the money just now and there is 10x wagering on it.
  16. Very very very super big congratz!! Enjoy the win mate ❤️
  17. Amazing! Big big congratzz!! 😀😀😀😀
  18. Another 50 000 x congratzzzz with that win !!
  19. Smashing win that on such a small stake, huge congrats 👊🥳
  20. It depends what a player you are. Raw cash player, bonus player, both. 🙂
  21. it cost me 14.20 euros and payed 458 x2200.mp4
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