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  1. Yesterday
  2. Philip the Giraffe (Daskelelele stream) I hope Philip doesn't mind me posting it. ❤️
  3. Congrats on the win. That bet size, brave!
  4. Really poor after building to level 4, only 64x. Still better than previous time though, built to level 4 and got 4.5x.😂 Got 380x, 320x and 150x other times but not on Leo Vegas.
  5. It's a jammin jars copy... RIP game
  6. Cheers pal. Yeah these Megaways slots can be Pretty damn brutal like that. Yesterday Horus Megaways got me to the final upgrade symbol and the bonus paid around 20x 🙈
  7. Got some crazy half screen of same symbol dropdown with 5x + 4x + 3x for a massive 300€+ win on 0,2 stake in a single spin. Sick potentiale.
  8. Well done. Had a bonus today on 40p with 2 retriggers but didn't even get to 200x.
  9. Hello what casino is legit and accepting oplayers from france.
  10. Marchev

    In it bruv!

    120eur raw deposit 1.4K total cashout marryXmas!
  11. not bad I do like this game @Slotspinner do you like this game?
  12. Gambled 8 spins to 12 but it didn’t look like a great bonus. The last spin retrigger saved me and it went mad!
  13. Sorry for the loss of your son, the loss of a loved one is devastating. Glad to read your debts are manageable at the moment, that’s one worry less and you can focus on pushing forward towards being debt free. Counselling is something you should 100% be looking for especially as you feel like you can’t talk to your friends. A counsellor is just a friendly non judgmental stranger who is there to listen and help. I’ve spoken to counsellors one the past. It lifts a weight off your shoulders and makes the steps towards speaking to family and friends about a tough subject easier. I’m not sure where you are from but in the U.K. there are many mental health charities that help with grief and addiction. They are a huge help, non judgemental and I would strongly advise looking for help ASAP. Don’t beat yourself up anymore about the situation you’re currently in. We are only human and here for a short time. Make the most of your wife’s pregnancy and the new baby that’s on the way. All the best
  14. Such a sick game love it 😀 Films_&_TV_2019-12-05_19-14-34.mp4
  15. Hey guys, As there's no jackpot on Saturday and I don't have to good of a feeling about the games I won't do a big coupon. However it's a jackpot on Sunday so we'll go with that one As always everyone can predict and Swedes can join in with the link below: https://spela.svenskaspel.se/spela-tillsammans/bli-medlem/d4548772-d30b-447b-8766-ef1a85115c75
  16. I just wanted to give you guys an update on this case. I replied to betsson asking them exactly why they decided to exclude me from their promotions, even though they can do it according to terms. They have not replied back, and i felt no reason to push for it. But, it seems this decision was made for the betsson group, meaning also my account at Betsafe. I noticed i couldnt get any rewards, and asked them, and got e-mailed they have decided to remove me from all compains and bonuses, refering to the same terms (but to the betsafe.com site). I asked them why the made the decision, but the reply i get is only "that the decision has been made" and "we will not change our minds or investigate this matter any further". Still, no explination. It seems they are aware they screwed up, and they want me somehow to take the fall for it. Still, it's not a big deal, i dont feel i've done anything wrong. I have not had the account at betsson for that long, and havent played much on the site, so i can understand their thinking that this is not a regular player, so why bother... But i've been a loyalty player at Betsafe for almost 10 years (before they was bought by betsson), and done several hundres of deposits. So whoever decided this, i guess didnt care. Well, all they gain is one player less. If they was so angry for the €2000 they lost, they could have kept me as a player, probably with high risk of getting those money back pretty soon. They havent closed my account, and i can still play, but i dont see any reason to play anywhere i dont feel welcome. Godbye Betsson Group.
  17. Hi @Wonderbuns69 you can play on 21.com, justspin.com, mychance.com that I know of. This hit was on the provincial site playnow.com, so depends what province you are in. Cheers
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