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  2. My Favourite Slots

    So i posted an article about my favourite online slots here: http://www.nickslots.com/blog/my-favourite-high-variance-casino-slots They are as follows: 1. Danger High Voltage 2. Star Quest 3. Book of Dead 4. Montezuma 5. Dead or Alive I'm just wondering, what are your top 5 slot machines? Please list them in numerical order like i have above <3
  3. No luck this time. Will try again soon! We finished on a total of 36 bonuses with no wild line. So if you're guessing for the first time after this please ensure your guess is ABOVE 36. Thanks!
  4. Today
  5. Cazino Zeppelin Wild line!

    Another great hit mate. I imagine you doing ShaltaGasm face when it happened
  6. Dead or alive (double wildline)0.18€x2366

    Well done mate
  7. Bonanza - MEGA WIN!!!

    I hope they don't ban you for winning all the time
  8. Bonus nr 49. Twitch: YuzaTV
  9. Always Merkur

  10. 1627x on Multifruit 81

    Thanks Nick! I agree, this slot has some really crazy potential!
  11. Dead or Alive Wild Line Hunt

    my new guess is bonus number 42 ! GL
  12. Dead or Alive Wild Line Hunt

    Ill say 38
  13. Always Merkur

    Get in there, nice one!
  14. Dead or Alive Wild Line Hunt

    Wild line bonus 47
  15. Always Merkur

    another awesome win buddy big congrats
  16. Always Merkur

    Who needs retriggers?
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