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  1. Past hour
  2. sirbuzzk

    Long time viewer, first time poster

    Welcome! Thanks for sharing and congrats!
  3. Nick

    Long time viewer, first time poster

    Welcome to CasinoGrounds! Superb win bud
  4. Today
  5. Pork_sword_mince_rolls

    [LAST GIVEAWAY TODAY] Valkyrie Tournament + Free-Spins

    Still haven’t got my spins
  6. Biggest win so far in terms of multiplier. A lovely win on Jammin Jars, 1880x Lovely jubbly Hello all, glad I finally took the step to get registered here. 😁 Hopefully more wins to follow. (Sorry for the low quality) Jimmeh
  7. Yesterday
  8. brawlbats1

    Perfect Locking Wilds bonus on Genie Jackpot Megaways

    I thought you had 4 entire wild reels. Imagine that... ahaha. Congrats for the awesome win anyway !
  9. CasinoJ

    1354x Vampires!!!

    Totally understand pal, thank you
  10. Rickardos1

    22500x Primal basegame

    Leovegas Don't know.. ask them
  11. Jonno75

    22500x Primal basegame

    So what Casino and can we have a comment from the casino rep to make sure this is real?
  12. Rexxor420

    Book of Dead 1117x Explorer bonus

    Trump would disagree here, but nice hit congrats!
  13. BOOK BOOK BOOK! Finally a good hit on the Explorer symbol in the bonus. CHINA NUMBA WAN! Jääääää Knäckebröd!!
  14. Stu the bass man

    Buffalo Rising awesome bonus!

    Nice one bud ..hitting these megaways games out the park 👏👏👏👏
  15. Stu the bass man

    Perfect Locking Wilds bonus on Genie Jackpot Megaways

    Nice one bud ..this locking wilds bonus is the best one for me 👏👏👏👏
  16. Stu the bass man

    941x win on fortunes of ra 80p spin

    Yeah it’s not bad but watch out as it can be brutal just like it’s cousin book of dead
  17. I already said too much.. enjoy!
  18. Rickardos1

    22500x Primal basegame

    hehe yep I had to show off.. Too good to keep for myself..
  19. Luckii

    Finally, my first 1000x+

    I was confused at first how you managed to hit 1000x on this game But nice to see the 5 scatters, gj!
  20. its showing your best result and your last result . .. so if you was 1st you are 1st
  21. commander_dicksquad

    Affiliate spam sms.. Now leovegas..

    Is ther a way to block that crap i get alot from a frank fred affiliate it just say its from comeon and some guy called Arthur ?
  22. Same here bud i came 1st but says i finished 100th
  23. I don't see anything "unfair" there. Also, of course I discussed this with CG team before creating the thread and got their approval. The point here is to get as many big wins as possible. In fact, you can win the competition with just the minimum deposit, if you get lucky enough. What if you deposit let's say $20, get nice balance boost, or hit x1000+ on Jamin Jars and then grind your balance and get more x100+ to make sure no one will beat you? As for making it "fair for everyone", in fact it is just a strategy: you can try to get more points with less multiplier but with bigger bet size, or just get more wins with smaller bet size. It is up to players to decide which strategy to use. And like I said, if you are lucky enough, you can win the competition with very small amount of money invested. Anyway, thanks for wishin a good luck.
  24. Hello. I came 4th place as you can see on the highscore. But the competition says place 80?
  25. kim

    nice hit on Primal Megaways

    720 X hit on Primal Megaways 16 Dkk bet
  26. kim

    1024 X on book of dead

    Nice hit on Book of dead 4 Rick wild in the bonus 😃
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