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  2. This is the perfect crime if you are smart due to sweden barely never giving long sentences in prison. Steal the 2.2m euros, place the money abroad, crypto or something else. Get sentenced to 3.5 years in a swedish prison which is not that bad actually. Like a kindergarten for adults. After 3-3.5 years, move outside EU and live a good life. Since the bank has paid all people who got stolen she wont have any people after her that want to hurt her either and since she goes down under outside EU like India, Brasil or something like that there is nothing the bank can do.
  3. Flame Busters big win

    Highest level I got so far on Flamebusters. Entertaining bonus.
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  5. Super Win in Gem Rocks!

    I'm following this Super Win in Gem Rocks! All over dojin
  6. hahaha about time
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  8. Not a streamers fault, not anybodies fault really, but certainly expenditure like that on a casino site should be flagged (probably why new checks ask what your job is and where your money for gambling comes from). Also, how did the bank not notice this money going missing over that period of time (assuming it was dripped out of the accounts over time).
  9. Extra Chilli mega giveaway!

    @Skylined87 will answer that for you buddy, because your 0x was lowest possible win and you were the first to post it up, I am assuming you have won the worst win prize.
  10. Looks like Blueprint slots are intending to incorporate Megaways into their future releases as BTG has officially licensed them the use of Megaways in their slots. Could be interesting releases coming up.
  11. roaring wilds this game can pay

    @leeunited17 well done lee on your win and another slot this is the first time i have seen it. When the stacked bears landed i could see it has potential. There are alot of stacked symbols. From your other pictures aswel shows this, Congrats lee and enjoy your winnings.10- 200 cashout isnt to bad.πŸ‘πŸ‘. Even better when its a free 10☺.
  12. 200x no bonus

    @nallez1 congrats on your win nallez, thanks for posting it up. I dont see that many wins from flame busters so its nice to see. Its a good good win playing 5 euro stake, really boosted the balance. The guy with the patch over his eye just rolled right in. 4 more nallez and you would of had a full screen, Well done and enjoy your win.πŸ‘πŸ‘. Nice hit.
  13. Super Win in Gem Rocks!

    @Huggehugg nice win hugge. Gem rocks i dont get to see much of, now and again hugge. Nice win. The big hard looking dude dropped down and boom into the reels/cascades. Creating a good payout. So congrats hugge and i hope you get a cashout. Your last stream i think you got a good cashout so hopefully you carry on from thare, πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. I cant use anymore hearts today hugge because i am at my limit. Or i would drop a heart on your win. Sorry hugge. Al do it this wayβ€πŸ‘. I missed all day yest hugge with commenting and when i logged in today i had 32 messages to get through and wins to comment on. I used up my days allowance on hearts this morning. πŸ˜”. Hard going catching up. I made it.. It all happens quickly and through people i follow i get a notification of whats been said or been happening. I logged in tonight i had 23 notifications. Its my choice though hugge. I could change my preferences but i like it the way it is. I do admitt its hard at times trying to get through everything. I will keep trying as long as i can. Sorry for the long comment hugge.πŸ‘.
  14. 20p moon p 725x

    @jollyman77 congrats jollyman on your win. I can see you had it right up a the 20 x multiplyer, just low rolling and i will say it again some of the best wins come from low rolling. You play at the stake size that is comfortable for you. 145 pounds is a nice bonus from your stake, well done and another good post jollyman.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.
  15. 200x no bonus

    Not massive but a surprise 216x. The bonus that followed only gave like 30x
  16. Balance saver on $10/spin :)

    @Casinolandstreaming congrats on your win. Right on your last spin the bonus dropped. Really nice. Jacks were ok and your stake level was high so a good run on anything is good to get you back in the game. It was a shame you got 3 or 4 dead spins but 1665 dollars back was ok in the end. Im sure it was that but please correct me if i am wrong. Thanks. Last spin and you get the bonus. I understand the reaction.totally. well done and a good postπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.
  17. Hello

    @Kobe77 welcome to casinogrounds kobe, i hope you enjoy all the site has to offer.πŸ‘.
  18. Book of Dead 5 Book again :O

    @DreamsComeTrue well done DCT on your 5 book trigger. Twice that has happened and its a nice sight. Also it looks like you got a couple of retriggers in the bonus with 30 spins. Kings and a full screen, beautiful full screens are. Anyway 109 euro bonus from 0.20 stake is pretty decent. Congrats and a good postπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.
  19. roaring wilds this game can pay

    yea i can agree with spins could been more but was first time playing it didn't think it would pay tbh but by looking at it it has potential
  20. I don't see how streamers can be blamed for this. Casinos do attract high rollers. I once had a chat with the owner of one online casino and he told me how much "proper" high rollers deposit. I makes the likes of the Bandit, Rocknrolla etc look like amateurs (single deposits of Β£20,000 are regular deposits for these high rollers). But having said all of that, Leovegas should have done a "Source of Wealth" request to verify the origin of the funds. But having said that, if she works for a bank she probably has the knowledge to hide some of the stealing that a casino may not spot when doing due diligence checks.
  21. Book is broke

    I usually do 10p or 20p so your stakes are actually big stakes to me.
  22. GAMSTOP Is Now Live

    Just checked their website. This is a private limited Company and not a charity? Who has audited them? Where is the link to the Gambling Commission? Who is paying for the Directors and their cost? I am more than happy to start advertising this service but need to be confident what this is all about. I genuinely thought this was going to be run by the Gambling Commission or one of the charities such as Gamcare.
  23. I caught a beast +5000x

    What game is this? I've never seen it before.Is it a Novomatic/GreenTube?
  24. are you claiming they knew she was stealing money from a bank?
  25. disgusting. this whole bussiness is disgusting. noone will care when leo ceo will die/get shot for retarded shit like this imagine the affiliate if she signed up with any how much that motherfucker has earned on someones addiction haha DISGUSTING
  26. It has none connection at all. I see casinostreaming as entertainment and not as an instruction. I have rules when I play online and one of them is to put a limit on my daily deposit amount or else I know it can go wrong and the fun is over. I once started a topic about how to play online and what to be careful about. One of them is never to play at a casino without limits, if casinogrounds fell like it, they can surely take some of my advices and make a topic about gambling online (a cop of coffee is the price if I once go to Sweden and visit some of the streamers).
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