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  3. Just made an account over at Mr. Green, BOOM! Base game hit Happy Days!
  4. Ha! Crazy first spin then just kept on going - big congrats man
  5. www.cutecatgifs.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/omg-cat.gif
  6. Looking forward to this. Bought maximum shares as I won some free to grab money on BJ. Not a big footy guy but have full faith in you GL on saturday to us all! 🤑💰🤑
  7. Ive had an insane run on garga last couple of weeks All on 2 sek bets
  8. There is an issue with some on Leo as well. I have reported this. Some work, some don't.
  9. 2105 spins on Opal Fruits at £1.50 bet to get a bonus, bonus paid £7.50!! £10 bet bonus on Rise of Olympus. Paid £10(plus £30 from getting to it) Tomb of Madness, in general, the game is just a failure of any sense.
  10. Merci all, I already feel more at home then 'other places' where the bias in play induced by higher powers is so obvious, it reminded me of the novel ' Animal Farm' -G. Orwell-.
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