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  2. Newest addons to the forum!

    Will check tomorrow! Haven't found the setting in the plugin, so will probably go through the code
  3. And we killed it.....

    Soo rare to get! I have got it once three years ago, and it paid out massive.. Not even close since. Congratz!
  4. And we killed it.....

    Not the easiest of tasks:
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  6. Newest addons to the forum!

    Can the date in the panel be changed to the European rather than American date?
  7. Online casino max bets?

    I know of one casino that has this option. In fact at that casino I have my max bet set at £2. It saved me a couple of times by mistake hitting the max bet button and the bet going through. And that is another thing.... the max bet button should not be sitting next to the spin button. Netent are you listening??!!!
  8. Rome and glory massive win

    great win chipz - haven't seen this slot before..... will definitely give it a go after watching this!!
  9. Reactoonz

    Nice win mate congrats!
  10. ban online casino streamers

    Further to the above post and to back up that casinos have a duty to recognise problem gamblers, 888 Casino was ticked off by the UKGC for failing to do just that: http://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/PDF/public-statements/888-public-statement-August-2017.pdf See page 3.
  11. Avoid Leo Vegas at all cost

    Leo Vegas once again, taking ages to respond to the emails. Sent them a letter asking them what our examination programs on TV and the media might think about Leo Vegas taking 13 days after (what they say) was a serious email. This was Friday - No response as of today. Sent them another one on Saturday, asking who they use as a outside dispute resolution agency - No response as of today. I also did contact them over live-chat on Sunday, asking the same questions and also why they are taking so much time. Hoping I will drop it and forget? Probably. Their live-chat person went to ask someone who their outside dispute resolution agency were in my country. Came back and told me, he don't know. Of course. Was told they are working on it (the emails). And they claim that they have perfect, quick solving support. If 2 weeks to get an answer is fast support, well then yes. So next step for me tomorrow or tonight depending how much energy I'll have after my training is AskGamblers. Anyone else thinking it's pathetic to handle this kind of matter over email? Their Relevant department hiding behind the support. Don't even have a direct way of contacting them. When you win a trip with Leo Vegas, they call you but when it comes to a tricky and complicated situation they just ignore and hide behind emails. How funny!
  12. Reactoonz

    Balance almost RIP
  13. ban online casino streamers

    You were making a total false comparison by comparing somebody selling something legal (alcohol) -v- somebody selling something illegal (heroin). In other words, if gambling were to be illegal, I would not be streaming it. You are saying that alcohol should not be legal? Why? Because some can't control their intake, those that can should suffer? If a known problem gambler is watching me and I know that he is known problem gambler, I will advise him that it may be best he doesn't continue watching me. I can't stop him whilst a shop keeper can refuse to sell the alcohol. So your comparison is, once again, not valid. And you are wrong regarding casinos. Any reputable casino that sees patterns consistent with a problem gambler, has every right to close their account. And they have done so and I am sure will continue to do so else they potentially risk their license.
  14. ban online casino streamers

    My argument was in comparison to your comment regarding Supermarkets selling alcohol to alcoholics. I never said heroin was good to be dealt, nor did I imply that you said it. I simply compared the too and stated that just because alcohol or gambling is legal, it does not mean that it should be. There is really no point arguing on this issue i.e. (banning gambling altogether) because it will never happen. What we can do, however, is to talk about how to minimize the effects it has on vulnerable people. When an alcoholic walks into the shop, known to the owner to have severe drinking problems, the owner can and often does refuse to sell one alcohol. Casinos, however, do not care, unless the addict explicitly asks them to ban him or her from their premises.
  15. Online casino max bets?

    Although I agree with Kim on this one, the problem is that while people who can control their gambling are not affected by the bet sizes, those who have a gambling addiction tend to lose the sense of reality and get 'tilted' way more often than they should (speaking from experience). I think a good measure would be an instrument whereby upon signing up, one would need to set up a max bet limit he or she can place on any given slot. I.e: £5. The slot would then not allow a player to increase the bet.
  16. ban online casino streamers

    It was you that said that my argument was based that it is good for heroin to be dealt. Read it back.....
  17. ban online casino streamers

    Drugs are legal in certain places (Class B at least). We all know, however, why gambling and alcohol is deemed legal, same as guns in the US. This is an endless argument, let's stick to our own opinions.
  18. ban online casino streamers

    Well the drug that a drug lord would supply are highly illegal in this Country and most others in the world. We are referring to heroin after all for goodness sake!!! With regards the timing that I stream, our 08:30 in the morning is somebody else 20:30 in the evening, or 21:30 in the evening, or 22:30 in the evening or even 01:30 in morning. Your argument about the time of my stream would have weight if I streamed on UK television, but I stream on a world wide network for a global audience.
  19. talk about a comeback with roulette... (with great advice given!!)

    also a common idea people have is ''ooh no i have to win my money back'' you actually dont, but this is an idea that pops in and that we want to follow, the hardest part is to not listen to that and just walk off, later on you know what you did, was good, just walking away.
  20. white rabbit payed off with low bet x576

    about time, the red ones was the biggest hit, to bad queens didn't come https://gyazo.com/cdff23ac4434b7cc7b1b16f28a81d477
  21. ban online casino streamers

    @Slotplayer Not all drugs are illegal and underage drinking and underage gambling is illegal and underage people are watching your streams. you are live streaming at unacceptable times during the day like many others and by what your doing you are pulling underage people into gambling. How ever it needs to be the ASA, you tube, authority's etc that need to sort this issue out as asking the streamers to do it and come up with more responsible behavior is like asking the North Koreans to embrace capitalism !
  22. Keep track of your deposits and withdrawals?

    I did spreadsheets last year when I gambled a lot more than I do now, it's quite an eye opener , and I'd recommend it to anyone who thinks their gambling might be getting a bit too wild. I too now have a separate account for gambling, I actually put the cash into it at the bank so on my main account t there is no sign of the transfers. Trying to get a mortgage in a few years so eliminating anything that could go against me.
  23. I'm a fairly low roller on roulette, but it's about the only game I really play now, I use a mixture is strategies to work up a balance from a starting deposit of anything from £30-£70. My method is actually more of a continued play over a week or even a month. I earn small amounts per day and then cash out after a week or even at the end of the month. But even so in the past I've tilted and lost like £300 and gone back down to my deposit amount after grinding it up for days... I know set myself a rule that if I loose 2 spins then I don't play again for that day. I think fir the most part anyone wanting to win hundreds in a day is pushing it, but wanting to win say £30-£50 a day for 2 weeks is more fees able. walking away wether your up or down can be one of the hardest parts about choosing to put your money into a casino in the first place, and it's bites us all in the ass at some point...
  24. Newest addons to the forum!

    Hi everyone! During last few days, we have made some adjustments to the forum. Notable features are: 1. Extended Member information - Make sure you check your Profile and fill in the details that you want to be shown, that includes your Favorite Casino 2. New reactions - New ways to react to the post! Newest members are - Troll Face and Kappa ! More to come... If you would like to see some additional fields to your profile or reactions, let me know! Also, don't hesitate to reply here if you have any other ideas!

    Awesome win mate congrats
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