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  1. Past hour
  2. haggistrainer

    [GIVEAWAY] Slot of the Year 2018 - Jammin' Jars!

    none on leo, yet
  3. Nicola

    BoD Three Line Method

    Most nights I do a few hundred auto spins on three lines. sometimes pays off
  4. same here no spins on frank
  5. Nicola

    Lightning Strike Megaways 1200x

    Very nice hit! I can never get more than 1 hammer LOL
  6. Nicola

    insane win on buffalo

    Nice win on a 60p bet, well done
  7. Today
  8. Kinger20

    insane win on buffalo

    had a 2 grand wagerin at coral and beat it playin diamond mine and buffalo and i hope u enjoy this picture
  9. Kinger20

    great win on diamond mine

    res reggie lad much love
  10. Quick low roller sesh from a £20 deposit. Was debating upping the stake to 40p but the bonus came in within 10 spins! not the biggest paying bonus but theres one spin that definitely shows this games potential! Thanks for having a watch!
  11. timblackwell

    [GIVEAWAY] Slot of the Year 2018 - Jammin' Jars!

    I haven't got any free spins and have deposited in the 30 days
  12. ProBlackbird

    [GIVEAWAY] Slot of the Year 2018 - Jammin' Jars!

    FrankFred is only one I think I created an account through Letsgiveitaspin but I haven't deposited there for a while.
  13. LetsGiveItASpin

    Lightning Strike Megaways 1200x

    Big congrats buddy ❤️
  14. Congrats on the insane win! I love how this slot looks like it doesn’t really pay much and then BOOM! It goes crazy. Enjoy the money
  15. After a huge amount of spins i finally got a big hit in this game..
  16. SpinnerDK

    Casumo granted danish license.

    Can't wait!:)
  17. Skylined87

    [GIVEAWAY] Slot of the Year 2018 - Jammin' Jars!

    Let's wait until tomorrow then (maybe you'll get them then). If not, we'll take it from there
  18. Can you check if I used the casino grounds or Kim's link to sign up? I thought I had.
  19. SpinnerDK

    DOA big win 2000x+

  20. Filip_FIN

    Dream catcher rigged :D

    Well i thought it was "manual" guess i was wrong
  21. Skylined87

    [GIVEAWAY] Slot of the Year 2018 - Jammin' Jars!

    Yes it's automatic, however you need to: - have an account signed up on Leo or Frankfred through Casinogrounds or Letsgiveitaspin - have made a deposit in past 30 days If you have deposited today, spins will be credited tomorrow. If you signed-up today, they will be credited tomorrow.
  22. How do you claim or is it auto? UK player.
  23. heroine

    DOA big win 2000x+

    tnx guys 😉 and today
  24. psycodude

    8500x+ win on Fruit Blox - Red Tiger

    Thanks! Had no idea at all it would be this big, not even after the second retrigger. @LetsGiveItASpin, will u be playing it on stream soon?
  25. Spajek

    923x On Fish Party ! :O

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sSIw43WMPgAqD3j53i9SN9lW0gkZFZqx/view?usp=sharing Recorded by my phone one hit 554 GBP on 0.6 Stake :O\
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