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  1. Yesterday
  2. Holy shit, that's just insane! Imagine 3 more spins with the full block, would be like 15kx?
  3. Insane mate, just insane! Congratulations
  4. Well done buddy, really like the intro as well
  5. Welcome sir @iank1129 you have some guides for machines to play at mostly in the bottom Hope you'll enjoy Casinogrounds
  6. I stand by what I stated... unfortunately the "banter" is primarily childish dribble considering it is an adult chat room... I noticed you are staying anonymous as well. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I have checked with the streamers and offered to step aside... its in their hands so if you have personal objections then please contact them directly. Best Regards Tom Green
  7. Nice one @Nick
  8. Having read my initial post back, and also looking at what ExSlotplayer and Nicola have said, I can now sympathise that moderators will have a tough time keeping up with all the chat, especially at busy times. So it probably is best to "play it safe" and remove comments that may have only been banter, but could still look offensive to other people who are new for example. Tom Green it wasn't specifically aimed at you at all. I actually think you're a good man. I will admit that sometimes I do think you remove some messages that possibly didn't need removing, but I can now see that you were indeed likely just playing it safe, and removing anything that may come across as offensive. I was actually going to delete this topic once I had time to reflect on it, but the option wasn't there anymore. I guess the only thing I can say now is that a few months ago the majority of the "questionable" chat messages were not deleted. So I am just wondering what has suddenly changed which means they now do get deleted? Certain mods do allow all banter, certain mods allow some banter, and some mods seem to allow none. Shouldn't it be up to the streamer to set the limitations and not each individual moderator? I still stand by my observations that some mods are two-faced and there are often multiple mods on a streamers chat who blatantly don't like one another. So possibly looking at mod selection for various individual streamers, rather than each channel just having the same mods.
  9. Good timing
  10. Mixed stakes
  11. Ignore the balance, I was bonus collecting and fired this one up first. Then on 50p bet on Knights Life
  12. I felt the need to respond publicly.... You all but mention my name so I don't really care if you make it public. As a mod I can only do what the Streamers want, after all its their channel and they decide on what they prefer to have. I don't ban people and only removed comments and statements that are plain vile. There is no need to talk about peoples private parts in a casino room chat. Outright attacks are also frowned upon and as for language, each streamer has a limit or a line drawn. I remove the language when it gets fowl. People wouldn't talk this way if it wasn't anonymous. I am sure of that. I would appreciate knowing who is making accusations and by what name you appear with. that may explain a lot. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Regards Tom Green.
  13. Always worth a raise. Congrats
  14. Congrats, insta €1k
  15. Nice wins congrats That Rhino hit
  16. One of the reasons I have declined so many offers of mod on Twitch. Sometimes it's hard to work out what is banter and the like. But clearly anything racist should be dealt with straight away. Last night for example on one stream (shortly after the Manchester attacks) the discussion was wholly inappropriate.
  17. The problem with banter is that it doesn't always come across very well when written down. If only you could see the facial expressions, you perhaps could make a better judgement.
  18. At Novibet prior to todays stream:
  19. @pausefisk Was kinda crazy, i thought it was over again, when on my last spin i did get wild on first reel
  20. That feeling when you see a wildline i DoA, you dont know it untill you had it, now you have, and you will search for it again, its addictive Enjoy @tutis90
  21. Hehe nice one, and that lucky raise aswell!!! Sweet!
  22. Finally hit something this week!
  23. havent had any problems at casumo myself i dont mind waiting 4-12hrs to get my withdraw. (card withdraws take 1-2 days usually tho ) E. also play at videoslots! the withdraws there are indeed really fast. usually 1-2hrs max with bank
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