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  2. Never noticed a reply from bitstarz here untill now so let me make it clear that i dident play at the casino it was my dad and hes still playing multiple casinos and has been doing so since 1997, ive allready tried to explain everything to Olle, but why he thinks older people cant be online i have no idea must be a personal issue he has with older people or maybe he thinks they are easy targets for scams. I even explained to Olle why there was an IP issue since he likes to talk about that all the time, so let me fill everyone in on it, my dad took over my appartment when i moved to a bigger place, and IP dosent follow the person it stays with the appartment, Olle has recived documents on who owns the apparement and that it is only my dads name showing up on the address at the time the win happened, but Olle never talks about that part, he will keep trying to make them sound legit like any scammer would do. Olle dont talk about the offer to make a video call either, my dad has made so many offers to clear this matter up fast and easy, to make a skype video call so the casino can see for them selfs that he is who he claims, but all the documents like drivers licens, proof of appartment ownership, bank statements and so on, all goes ignored, they simply just dont care about customers and they will steal money whenever they feel like it so dont say you dident get warned, there is a big chance that you to will be cheated out of legit winnings. I am done with bitstarz and with this issue, it was only a win that they stole from my dad and since they refuse to do a video call with him that says it all, enjoy the 3000$ you stole Olle buy something nice like an A/C might be usefull for where your going at some point
  3. letsgiveitaspin didn't pick my sugestion for cash compass on flash giveaway, so I played myself 100 spins for 20p stake Hit 2 bonus rounds 25x and an epic 1193x, well happy with £200+ profit. ding ding.
  4. yup, lets hope for the best!
  5. Always invest in WATER companies, more valuable than oil
  6. can you post it again?
  7. Damn, what a cool answer. You must have a lot of friends.
  8. Looking forward to some ding dings! Thanks for making quarantine 100x more enjoyable!!
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