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  2. Great news, I think every casino should be obligated to let you lock your withdrawal or make it irreversible. I think Guts have something similar and on Leovegas you can flush it, not sure how many of the other big brands gives you the option, if someone has a list I'd be interested in seeing it.
  3. Man nice hits
  4. Nice 1
  5. Get in there buddy @Gee_Bee1 pretty crazy how close that was to brooklyn
  6. FeelsGoodMan, awesome hits
  7. Saved you from brooklyn ! Nice one
  8. Totally agreed, its disgusting how it's legal for them to have a cancel option.
  9. Oh damn, never seen such a sweet win on Vikings Good job
  10. Today
  11. Cheers guys 😀
  12. I agree. Great to see Casumo take a step in the right direction.
  13. Jeez, congrats!!!
  14. Wow, sick hit!!! Congrats!!
  16. That slot is on fire! Nice hit there mate!
  17. Chair Power!!!
  18. Cheers reggie,,, it paid for my weekend of drinking and gambling!!!
  19. wow that's a sick win sir
  20. Photoshop, Wild desire don't give more than 2 wild reels Al least for me congrats on the win buddy
  21. it's the one you posted on the stream? congrats btw
  22. sweet hit
  23. wow that's sick, this one can pay grats mate
  24. that's one awesome win mate
  25. cool win
  26. love novos so much congrats buddy
  27. awesome win sir Make sure to check the community biggest wins on Friday
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