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  2. Hey! While it's ok to self-promote, please avoid self-promoting every single stream as it becomes bit of a spam. Thanks.
  3. Today
  4. I've had quite a few Red Tiger only nights and they did quite good. had plenty decent wins on them. Note that I did play over 100.000+ thousand spins or so Now for any SG games on the other hand.... horrendous for me, never had a win and rarely a bonus.
  5. HAven't checked if mine would be enough for the prizes, but probably not as it 'only' paid 250x but for the FS trigger Got the 5 scatters figured it was worth a post! FS themselves only added 5 bux but messed up the total screenshot so, this will have to do:
  6. First of all, I'm not here to defend him, but I wonder how it is possible to play live games (monopoly live, live roulette and dream catcher) in practice mode. Nobody can play live games in practice mode, right? If he plays in practice mode, how he do that?
  7. Amazing hit on really degen play concidering balance. Congrats
  8. live slot play 8.30pm tonight. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnqNHnNix7rD6k8Ex88BLwg come and join the chat.
  9. Fuck yeah, its x5000, cash outland is real....
  10. Chindits

    red tiger

    Worst provider ever. Well i’d maybe put then neck and neck with Quickspin
  11. Fired up the stream a few minutes after 4 PM Bummer to go out on Brighton getting a red card and a disallowed goal AGAIN, with United I'm kind of lost for words but it's football and these things happen, hopefully we can spike the 13 soon
  12. idk based on many youtubers that i see that does max bets they win faster casino loves high rollers, also from my personal experience i like flipping the bets and when i go max bet the wins comes faster.
  13. Be interesting to see how this spans out. Would be interesting to get the other “big” steamers thoughts on whether he is legit or not.
  14. "The rtp is higher for bigger bets" - False. That mainly applies to land based casinos, but not online. If your "strategy" works on 10 spins then so be it
  15. its not play money i go into my dashboard and view the balance look at my other videos. because i only need to win once within 10 spins to be profitable when im gambling high limit also the rtp is higher for bigger bets.
  16. Please Feature me in your next Community Biggest Wins Please. :33
  17. Just remove any doubt and don't use it is my advice.
  18. @StallCation evidence coming later today ! Rocknrolla is not autorithy but at least he has the guts to speak about it . Why did i sent him the pictures , because he actualy contacted Dazza and ask him about it . How many streamers would do this ? A ? Talk to u soon
  19. Boracic the point is my name is printed on all the 3 cards and I get the card statement that is the card bill of all the 3 cards on my email address... The only thing is that out of these 3 cards, in 1 card bill statement the name printed on the bill is my wife,'s name and the address in same in all the 3 cards statement...
  20. desity2017

    DoA2 insane...

    wowwwwww Big Congrats ❤️
  21. 🤑What a nice snart. Jars moving away. Grrr. Cashoutland.
  22. To be deposit in any account the card must match the account holders name. If you have three cards then use one of the two with your name on it. My daughter was recently married and could not deposit anywhere with her maiden name on so had to contact casinos first and change it. I don't see how you could even deposit if the card is not in your name and even if you could I advise you not to.
  23. his other video title "My strategy for winning easy money with online european roulette Sure profit in roulette wheel." 😁😀 ofc with playmoney too 😂😂
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