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  1. Today
  2. Burgles

    [COMPETITION] - BerryBurst Max

    Thanks @Excelstor Glad you liked the Cluster Pays and their effect on allowing the stacked symbols to pay a bit more regularly made it work great on a 5x3 setup like this game.. For your point 1. on improvements - did you ever play Fruitshop? Does that fit what you're looking for? Point 2. You don't know how many discussions we had on this inside NetEnt! Never underestimate the power of alliteration when you name games though (even if there are factually incorrect about the subject matter Thanks for the input on other MAX games. Any particular games you would like us to MAX? Thanks Burgles
  3. Yesterday
  4. Excelstor

    [COMPETITION] - BerryBurst Max

    Hey fellow casino grounds community. I've been watching the forum + your youtube and twitch channels for quite some time now, so I thought it would be about time to participate a bit on my own. Here is my review on Berryburst Max: aspects I liked the most: 👌 The starburst game style mixxed up with the new Max Clusterpay feels very refreshing It feels like you hit more wins due to the clusters than you would on the normal starburst line play The summer theme feels fresh and fitting and is worked out well Upon hitting a wild the thrill for a big win or addidtional wilds is way bigger than in starburst The animation and the sounds upon hitting a wild are cool and feel kinda satisfying Also the Sounds and screens when you hit a win/big win/ super big win are solid The RTP felt fair so far with many small/medium wins while still having the potential for big ones Aspects that I would have done differently: 🤞 Even though I know that it is intended - I still kinda miss a feature other than the expanding wilds or a bonus. It would be awesome if there would be a way that fruitgames/starburst-like games could have a bonus and still run the same style. I liked the theme around berries, even though there are quite a few berry themed games out there allready. But if you do game that even has the word berry in it's title - why add limes and tangerines as paysymbols? The music is catchy at first but gets annoying pretty fast.To me the mix of relaxing and summer/party music is pretty odd. Summary: I liked the idea of putting together the different aspects of starburst and cluster games like Aloha or the Legend of Shangri-La. Also I am looking forward to see the new Max concept on other Netent games preferably on some that have free spins or bonuses
  5. Fornjot1

    New Casino FrankFred - Feedback

    Great casino. Quick and pro customer support. Deposited nok 3000 (Eur 300) without any bonuses, 15 min later I hit a 2665X win on Eastern Emeralds at at nok 60 (EUR 6) bet, getting personal record win of nok 159990 (EUR 15990). The next day I got a nok 45000 (Eur 4500) win on King Kong Cash. I love this Casino. Got all the best games
  6. Burgles

    [COMPETITION] - BerryBurst Max

    Thanks Man, we spent a lot of time on the look and feel of the game. Let us know how you get on with the game! This is AWESOME! LOVE this kind of feedback. There is some great stuff in here, thanks so much Martanic! Hey @dkmikes No worries, Starburst is not for everyone, this is why we took it in another direction. Added the Wilds to All reels, lessened blocking stacks on a 5x3 Reel set up and having some spice in the MAX version. It's a simple game, but boy when you get that 2nd Stacked wild come in, it can give you something quite special back. The game is live so try it out. I think the CG guys are running a freespin giveaway you might want to ask them about! Cheers and keep the feedback coming!
  7. dkmikes

    [COMPETITION] - BerryBurst Max

    @Burgles Ive never been a fan of starburst but ill give this one a try once it comes out, i dont think it will be one i will play alot since for me it would get boring fast with only having the wilds to go for, if it had some kind of free spins or some kind of bonus game where you could get some smaller wins to keep it interesting it while having the huge potential for the wilds hits, then i would be easyere for me to get hooked, the design of the slot and the sounds are good. Do DOA MAX now that would be crazy stacked wilds DOA, but why not go for the highest potential slot ever.
  8. Martanic

    [COMPETITION] - BerryBurst Max

    BerryBurst review Here is some short feedback on BerryBurst Max First of all, I am honestly not much for games without a real bonus function of some sort. Of course I realize that the wild reel respin is kind of a function. I will call it a good upgrade over Starburst though A few things I was surprised about in terms of volatility Same amount of symbols as Starburst. I kind of expected there tobe one more symbol, and let the premiums be even more important To me, I wish it started paying at 6 symbols instead of 5 to eliminate, simply to make that every wi. Is actually profit on the individual spin I personally also would prefer if Big Win screen started slightly higher,I want to say 30x, but 20x could make sense as well. Also to differ Max Slots from “regular" Netent slots More about the Slot itself. I actually do like the music, it goes in on me and to me the music is perhaps NetEnts strongest side right now. Maybe best in business in general (where BTG has the best big win music. It is probably a well thought through decision, but I really would have wanted a “burst” sound as the Wild appears, instead of when the wild extends. Also to make some excitement during the spin. Also the graphics is solid to me, The color scheme seems well thought through and works well for my eyes at least. Again overall it’s not my type of slot, but for what it is, it looks nice. Now lets wait and see what I am really gonna think about it, since lets be honest. In the end it is about what we “win” Max Concept If I should say a little bit about of a good slot for Max Concept, it would probably include some kind of multiplier build up. You guys at NetEnt had it in an old slot that I cant remember the name of now, but it included planets, where the multiplier could get up to like 64 or something like that. What I was thinking though was a multiplier that could get up to 10 and would increase by 1 on winning spins decrease by 2 or 3 on losing spins. Also with some kind of feature with double or triple potential multiplier and more steep steps in percentage. So a 2+ multiplier on wins and - ⅘ on losing spins. On regular spins “we" obviously would pay for every spin. In terms of graphics I have no idea
  9. ZeTourettes

    [COMPETITION] - BerryBurst Max

    So one of my friends gave me an idea and I've turned it into reality! I really like this one Tell me what you guys think ❤️
  10. LetsGiveItASpin

    Mr Holmes and his stones:) 1444x (jackpot)

    Big congrats, happy you got something fromt he freespins
  11. leeunited17

    [COMPETITION] - BerryBurst Max

    here is my feedback on berry burst max i think its a really nice game colors are nice layout is well done i've played it a few spins enjoy the game its fun only time will tell when the big win will come but i like the game 👍
  12. Homer Spinson

    [COMPETITION] - BerryBurst Max

    I like your creative imagination ☺️
  13. Renzo778

    Fortune of Ra Epic Win!

    Big GG! Very Nice win
  14. Wow 😮 Very Nice win ! Big GG
  15. jankkee

    Legends of the Pharaohs MEGA WIN!

    So with just 40€ left i went for a couple of big bets on Legends of the Pharaohs, and this beauty landed on the 2nd or 3d big bet buy
  16. Renzo778

    some time you just want a donut

    Nice win GG and wish you many more wins
  17. Renzo778

    546x Queen of Riches

    GG! Nice win
  18. Renzo778

    Diamond mine base game hit

    Nice win! GG and i wish you many more wins
  19. Had this Today on Leovegas;) got some free spins on BerryBurst and won £20 ... then hit something on Casino Zeppelin and then this happend:) so Pay IN: £0 Cashout: £1000 that was good day:P
  20. Skylined87

    1 day wildline

    This was 1 day event only and is now over. Wildline was not achieved.
  21. gingerafro

    1 day wildline

    Dead or alive 1886 x
  22. Toonarmy09

    1 day wildline

    DOA X2600
  23. luugius

    [COMPETITION] - BerryBurst Max

    Made a nice 17€ from free spins and already UP to 50€ playing moon princess :D
  24. spiker1977

    [COMPETITION] - BerryBurst Max

    So i got 50 free spins, 49 dead spins, and 1 min win. This game is MAX volatile, when it hit's it needs really to pay then .
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