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  3. He sounds Irish not Scottish He's DEFO Irish ,NOT my homeland scotland
  4. Today's selections Wednesday 19th June 2019 HORSES 15:05 Ascot - Nayef Road (16/1) 16:20 Ascot - Threading (20/1) 17:00 Ascot - War Glory (40/1)
  5. For now, cus you don't have DNB or Nordea. You'll have to change your methods soon too. For now. When all the banks follow the instructions set by stortinget, you're gonna have to do what I said
  6. Ecocard works for withdrawals too Norway also
  7. Rapid transfer by skrill for deposits and withdrawals are instant for me and i’m Norwegian. No need for a skrill account either.
  8. Yesterday
  9. hi guys, my name is dutchspins and i am from the netherlands. i am playing slots about three years now and got in touch with the online streaming community. i always watched the online video slot streamers so thats why i have dicided to try this also. yesterday i made my first stream and got some nice big wins & made a nice profit. Enjoy ! greetings DutchspinsNL
  10. Summermoney. Cash it out and go back in september
  11. Big congrats mate, hope you bagged it all -v-
  12. Not sure if there's something special about Denmark, but I've played from my UK account in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Scotland, England and Netherlands, while out travelling. Never had a problem, never talked to chat about it.
  13. For sure Reactoonz takes a bit of grinding. But when Garga shows hes big face outside the space-cage it sure can pay. This is some clips from the past week from Daskelelele´s channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXPDblCmpBc
  14. https://youtu.be/yaoHpmLAIzk
  15. It's possible to deposit to skrill if you say you're not gonna use the very funds you deposit for gambling transactions. That opens up for withdrawing from skrill to your bank in the future. Also, there'a a big problem right now, and that's the fact that the same leftist politicians who are trying to block you from making your own choices, have found themselves in violation of the EEA agreement. The Norwegian State is now being pursued in EU court over this very issue, and Betsson is one of those pursuing it. Arbeiderpartiet was charging full speed when they implemented the block, completely disregarding the fact that their "mother" Gro Harlem Brundtland was the one who signed the EEA agreement in the first place. Not to mention the fact that if you, as a DNB or Nordea customer, travel to Denmark and go to a landbased casino there, your payments from your DNB or Nordea Debit card will actually be blocked from transactions at their casinos! This is so clearly the traits of a dictatorship, it's getting ridiculous. This is the type of stuff North Korea does! Norway is approaching full blown socialism, and we all know what kinda track record socialism has. Civil war will break out when people realize what's going on.
  16. spaM


  17. It doesn't work to deposit from bank to Skrill, the best thing is to get a Skrill PREPAID MASTERCARD, it costs a little when you withdraw money from the ATM, but I see no other options
  18. Very very very nice hit Dude ! Insane hit and nice cashout! I ll definetely try this slot soon
  19. Hi guys, Norwegian players cannot get direct withdrawals from casinos, and the 3rd parties are quickly sniffed out by the Norwegian Gambling Commission (lotteritilsynet) and the banks. Anyone who tries to withdraw to a DNB bank account will contribute to the blocks of new sources. Skrill is the best way to go at this. Here I will explain each step in detail for you: 1 - Make a small paysafecard deposit to skrill, then deposit that to the casino you're wanting to withdraw from. That opens up for withdrawals from that casino to skrill. (you need to do this because if you deposit to skrill from a Norwegian bank account, you will trigger a box asking if you're gonna use the money for gambling. You cannot do this) 2 - Then make a small deposit to skrill from your bank account with your visa card. This opens up for withdrawals from skrill to your bank account. 3 - Withdraw from casino to skrill, then from skrill to your bank account. It's gonna get harder and harder, and this is the only quick way to do it these days. Using the method i just told you makes the money reach your bank account within 1-2 days. I am constantly on the phone with Lotteritilsynet about this, and I'm currently working on setting up a meeting with Kulturdepartementet. I will eventually need signed forms from Norwegians who want to decide for themselves what they spend their own money on, without the government blocking them. This form will be vital, as it will allow me to speak on behalf of you all and with your support, to put pressure on the politicians to stay out of our personal lives. I will make appearances in the media about this when the time is right. If anyone would like to reach me and talk about this, please email me at: [email protected]
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