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  3. Have just caught up on all the mythbusting streams, what fun it was
  4. <3 Kim Thank you for the chance and for the fun! I think i will have to try some of them some day. // Lostbabe
  5. Looks like you got hell of a lot spins m8! Graz =)
  6. yes
  7. Was this from Mythbusting competition?
  8. Awsome win with 0,5 € bet !
  9. thanks to OBS not choosing to record the right window... a screenshot will have to do
  10. So true
  11. Thanks David! I was shaking a bit, not my kind of regular win
  12. i got this i few days ago
  13. Nice hit for a 4kr spin! Well done! I really like the gfx and audio in this game. Fits well for fast spinning
  14. Woah! So this quickspin machine can really pay! That's great win man!😀
  15. Yeh this slot has great potential
  16. Knew this machine could pay.
  17. I could use sportsbetting for sure. I got tons available and no clue what's good. A complete offtopic place, yeah sure! I love pictures of peoples pets
  18. Nomnom! Sweet hit! Shame about the max cashout though. one day I'll hit such a hit.. :')
  19. You can upload videos to Twitch as well. As you already have an account there. If you don't want to use YT
  20. OMG yeah this game can deliver. Takes balls to go +5 though, but if you hit... Awesome stuff well played!
  21. Big Bad Wolf on fire at €2.50. Both me and Casinomon hit huge on it
  22. wow, good job. i have never gotten over 50x on that bonus
  23. Ah nice, seems like you found your sweet spot then. Gotta try that out more often on slots myself
  24. Well that can be an own thread in the off topic section where we can discuss our Sports bets and brag a little with the winnings 😆 Because i think Sports betting is actually happening in online casinos but its not that important to have a whole section for itself in this forum where its 99%Slots
  25. Yesterday
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