Who i am

I’m Mario (SuperSmask), a dane living in sweden with croatian roots. I was born and raised in Denmark, but have lived the last 14 years in the beautiful country of Sweden.

Back in the days I use to play danish slots (fobt), which are quite different from online slots. After some time though I just stopped playing, just got a bit bored with it. In my childhood, my nickname was often Smask, therefore I choose SuperSmask. SuperMario would have been to obvious 🙂
That’s also the reason you´ll see SuperMario pop up quite often on my Twitch/Youtube page. I’ve been playing since November 2016 on a couple of different casinos, so I’m fairly new to online slots.
I really enjoy playing all kinds of different providers/slots. You never know, when you might find the next gem hidden somewhere.

If I was to choose one favorite game it would probably be Book of Ra Deluxe.

Danish slots (fobt) are quite a bit different from online slots, as the stakes are MUCH lower than online. Had to adjust to that as I thought betsize was way too high. I usually play at app. 9-15sek bets (0.9-1.5sek). I feel thats still enough to win big.
I mostly play on Rizk, Guts. I will of course explore som other casinos during my time here, but those 2 are on the top of my list.
Since I work shifts, my streaming times do differ but usually its either 10:30CET or 21:00CET. Days vary for every week, but I have my schedule Twitch/CG for every month.

Im streaming because it´s so fun sharing it with someone else. A lot of you, have already stopped by and said hello and welcomed me, which makes me so glad.
Love the community and am looking forward to a lot of future fun, here at CasinoGrounds.

My favorite Online Casinos


Rizk Up to 200% (1000sek/100€) + 50ES on 1st Deposit + 1 Wheel Of Rizk Review Visit
Guts Up to 4000sek/400€ + 100ES + 10ES ND on Piggy Riches Review Visit
RedBet Up to 2000sek/200€ + 150ES in Welcome bonuses Review Visit

All offers: 18+ – New customers only – T&Cs apply – Gamble responsibly –



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