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The name is Chi-Man Cheung, 40 years of age, but people often mistaken me for 25. I am a 13-time Top 32 Online Ranked player in the world in Killer Instinct on Xbox One/PC.

Parents from Hong Kong but born and raised in the Netherlands. My dayjob is being a Business Analyst at the biggest retail company in the Netherlands and no I can not fix your desktop because I work in IT.

Played Live Casino most of my gambling life only past few years the unpredictability of slots is far more exciting. Joined Casinogrounds because I want to be part of a positive helping community again

I started streaming in 2015 when the Twitch app became available on Xbox One. Was playing Killer Instinct at the time. Used to just stream content and type words with a laptop to interact. Was kinda scary to put yourself out there. Was also part of the OG gambling streamers together with Letsgiveitaspin, Casinotwitcher and Shaltar when the Casino section was created. Had fun a couple of months than went back to KI again, got partnered and now I am back again.

Why did I start with this? To get lots of donations of course 😉 No the real reason why I started streaming is because I wanted to share my passion with the world. It’s like gaming with friends around and sharing the good and bad moments with each other. The reason I came back to the Casino community this time is because I wanted to be part of this big community again. I want to create content for everyone, do whatever I can to help out the community and have meetup with the community.

Letsgiveitaspin is my favorite casino streamer. Not only did he paved the way for many of us, but he is just a genuine emotional guy who shows this on stream and has alot of fun in what he is doing. Also shoutouts to my fellow dutchie mr sexy beardguy himself David Labowsky for being the most chill guy ever but has a great mix of mid and highstakes play. Can’t wait to meet these guys in real life.

My favorite table game in definitely Blackjack, although it has also become a very frustrating game. Full tables I tend to ignore, I hate donks at the table who play with their heart and go against the odds. With Live casino I played a lot of Blackjack as well in the past usually to interact with the dealers. I play by the book although I do not always double on Ace or 10’s. 15 is hit on high cards and 16 is a hit on Ace and 10’s 9’s


When it comes to slots, my absolute favourite game is Moon Princess – not only is this one made for Asians. It has a little Easter Egg where you can click on the princess and it will generate a soundbyte YEAH. Amazing, hats off who programmed that at Play n Go. Also the bonus does pay good. Another slot worth to mention is Captain Venture – the best novomatic slot machine in my opinion. Bonus almost never disappoints. Even without retriggers it is almost always 75x. I feel this Novomatic slot has the highest percentage of retriggers. The dream is to get 5 scatters or a wildline 🙂


Last but not least, Danger! High Voltage. Did not like the layout/game at first but it is hard to deny the potential this machine has. Both base game and bonus games can pay huge. Got my second largest multiplier win on the Gates bonus (1106x). Always have to play a few rounds of this machine on stream. Fire in the disco!


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Leovegas is topping my list of best online casino because of their great customer support (even in dutch), their great offering of the latest slots and their own dedicated live casino. Also they have a great parachute bonus where wagering only starts when you touch the bonus money. Withdrawals are super fast with bank transfer and I love the bank transfer/Ideal option to deposit. Overall great experience to play at and I am sure they are working hard to make it even bigger.

18+ – New customers only – T&Cs apply – Gamble responsibly –

Casumo Casino

Casumo is second favorite casino right now. For one this is the only casino I can play Novomatic on being in the Netherlands. Second Casumo also has their own dedicated Live casino which I like. The always have the latest slots. Have a super search option where you can type in the developers name to find all the machines (*cough* Leovegas take notes). Withdrawals are superfast and being transferred the next businessday through bank transfer. I also like the fact that they have an bank transfer Ideal option.

18+ – New customers only – T&Cs apply – Gamble responsibly –

Videoslots Casino

Videoslots is a great site for slot enthusiasts. They cover even the smallest slot developers. They also give you cashback while playing for a weekly weekend booster and a weekly leaderboard cashback. Most unique part is the Battle of Slots a casino reel race tournament structure, where you can make a buyin like a poker tournament and play for a set amount of prize money. This is different from other sites where you usually play with your own bankroll. Also very good customer service and very fast payout structure. The bonus is somewhat weird, instead of giving you a bonus amount they will payout in chunks. They offer some Novomatic under the developer Greentube for the dutch market. 

18+ – New customers only – T&Cs apply – Gamble responsibly –

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