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My name is Kim aka LetsGiveItASpin and I’m a huge casino and poker enthusiast.

I’m a former poker professional (started back when poker was easy) from the small town of Smålandsstenar, central Sweden. I basically started gambling in my late teenage years and have been doing so ever since. Outside streaming and playing slot machines I love to eat good food (a lot of kebab) and play DOTA 2.

Letsgiveitaspin StreamI started streaming back in November 2015 after winning big on an online casino and haven’t looked back ever since. I’ve only streamed casino games and poker as that’s where my home turf is.

I got in to streaming by accident (won big) and I had no clue that it would grow this big and that there were that many casino players who enjoyed watching and socializing with other gamblers.

I’ve always been a social person who loves to gamble and when it comes to playing casino games I always see it as the more the merrier. My main focus with the stream is to engage with my viewers, talk about machines and help people who need it.

I watch basically all Casinogrounds featured-streamers, Nickslots, Slotspinner, David Labowsky, Huggehugg, Slotplayer, Supersmask, Smackdowncasino. Outside of CG featured-streamers I watch Rocknrolla the most.

Mega JokerMy absolute favorite video slot must be Mega Joker. You can’t ever get enough of this machine, I love the volatility and swings that come with it. Unfortunately it can take your money in a heartbeat which is why I stay away unless I’ve had a good casino session.

The Strongest runner-up would be Reactoonz. I think there is something mesmerizing about puzzle slots and with Reactoonz it feels like Play’n Go has perfected it but who knows, there might come an even better machine in the future.

The third choice is a bit more difficult, there are a lot of machines that I like from time to time, for example Monopoly Big Event was a long time favorite but has fallen out of flavor. Right now it’s probably Magic Monk Rasputin, Danger High Voltage, Gem Rocks, White Rabbit or Moon Princess that are the favorites after the two first.


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LeoVegas has been my favorite casino for a long time as they’ve been good and generous to my players and have given them extra benefits. As soon as there have been an issue they have also sorted it in a timely manner.

18+ – New customers only – T&Cs apply – Gamble responsibly – www.begambleaware.org

Highroller Casino

On a strong second place, I put Highroller. It’s a new casino brand which I think have a good gamification and reward program. They are also giving my players extra benefits, such as more coins on level up and free spins.

18+ – New customers only – T&Cs apply – Gamble responsibly – www.begambleaware.org

Rizk Casino

Finally,  I enjoy Rizk Casino. No Rizk, no reward. The people behind Highroller are also the people behind Rizk, which is also a solid brand no doubt about it.

18+ – New customers only – T&Cs apply – Gamble responsibly – www.begambleaware.org

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