Huggehugg – Casino Streamer

Welcome! My name is Hugo, but I am more commonly known as Huggehugg. I am currently streaming Casino on four times a week and I am having the time of my life!

I am currently living in the city of Karlskrona with my family with plans of studying IT Engineering in Uppsala this fall.

During the times I am not streaming, I love playing video games, playing ice hockey and workout in the local gym. I also have a huge passion for photography.

I got into the world of gambling when I turned 18 after I have been growing up watching my father and brothers playing those (bad) slots at the local pizza places.

My Streams

The main reason why I started to stream was because of the fact that I have always wanted to have a stream of my own after watching a lot of other featured-streamers growing up. The dream was that my streams would be something that people eagerly would wait for because of the simple fact that they genuinely enjoyed watching it. This is not all though, there is actually a funny story behind my leap in to the casino world.

When I first started to play on online casinos, I was a total noob. I knew absolutely nothing about how it all worked, so I reached out to a friend of mine that also is a viewer (StingyPetrov). He helped me and when I was about to start playing, he literally forced me to set up OBS so he could watch me play 😀
So, my first ever stream was for StingyPetrov only and I never thought that anybody else would ever watch the stream. It took some time, but more and more people joined the stream and were super nice to me. That really got me thinking that this is something that I could do, cause I loved every second of it (and I still do).

One of the first featured-streamers I started watching will always be my most favourite streamer, which is LetsGiveItASpin. He actually cares about all of his viewers and treats them like they are friends, which creates an amazing atmosphere in the stream. I also love Kim because he has the hair and body shape of an Irish leprechaun 😉

Other featured-streamers that I really enjoy watching are CasinoReggie and Supersmask, both of them being fairly new to the community. I have spent a lot of time in these streams because I really enjoy watching them play. This is mainly because of their personalities, but also because of the fact that they are in the same “stage of streaming” as myself.

What I think is best about being a streamer is definitely the community because of the general kindness that flows through it. Everyone helps each other, which is what I love about the community.

My favourite Video-slot is easily Danger! High Voltage because I have had great success in the slot. Best moment is when I managed to cash out over 2100 Euros from free spins during the month of December 2017.

It was tough not putting this game in the absolute top, but I decided to put Jack and The Beanstalk in at a strong second instead. I have had my largest ever win in this slot (3000 Euro win on two euro stake) and that is why the slot is close to my gambling heart.

Lastly, this is a curve ball, but I really enjoy Jungle Books from Yggdrasil. I just have this strange love for this game, and I have no idea why 😀 I mainly think it is because of the almost endless combinations you can trigger.

My favourite providers are Microgaming/Novomatic/Merkur and I usually play low to mid stakes while streaming. And yes, I do occasionally stream alongside a teddy bear named Bruno. If you are interested in knowing more, tune in for a stream and ask me personally 🙂


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I tend to stream when I have time. I will post a schedule once I am able to do so. Until then, make sure you follow me on Twitch to see when I go live!

Slotty Vegas Casino

First place is for a casino I recently started playing on and it is Slotty Vegas. They have an outstanding welcome bonus and an almost always active wager-free cash pot that fills upp while playing. I have also had very positive experiences with their customer support.

18+ – New customers only – T&Cs apply – Gamble responsibly –

Bobcasino logo

Second place is reserved for Bob Casino and it is simply because they have one of the best loyalty-systems that I have ever seen. They also provide one of the fastest withdrawals that I have experienced!

18+ – New customers only – T&Cs apply – Gamble responsibly –

King Billy Casino

Third place goes to a casino I recently started playing at, which is King Billy Casino. Their sleek design and huge amount of games got me impressed from the very start, but the main reason is that they are very professional in terms of contact with both me as a streamer and viewers.

18+ – New customers only – T&Cs apply – Gamble responsibly –

Watch me on Twitch!

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