Today we skip the usual reviews on new slot machines and take a look at something a little different. Evolution Gaming, a leading provider of live casino games, has released a brand new title which might be the next big thing in the online casino industry. Dream Catcher is a crossover between online casino games and classic land-based casino Fortune Wheels. The new online casino game is a large vertically mounted Money Wheels, operated by a live dealer. Dream Catcher in available on desktop, tablet, as well as most other mobile devices. So players get to experience all the excitement of a live casino game, from the comfort of their homes or from the screen of their phones. If you want to try the new Dream Catcher live casino game for yourself, you can find it only on selective online casinos including LeoVegas casino.


Game Description

Dream Catcher is is a massive wheel of fortune divided into 54 segments. Of the segments, 52 are marked with numbers. These numbers are (1, 2,5,10, 20 and 40). As for the 2 remaining segments, one of them has a 2x on it, whereas the other has a 7x. On every new game faze, a live dealer will spin the wheel. Dream Catcher looks huge, dwarfing the dealers that spin the wheel live. The dealer also interacts with all players that are playing the game, via an online chat box. All those who are playing the game can access the chat, and leave comments to each other or the dealer. Moreover, the games offers an amazing three-dimensional gaming experience, with closeups and sound effects auto-synchronized to the game action. This is thanks to its innovative use of multi camera setup.

Dream Catcher casino game live


How to Play

To play the game, before every wheel spin, players need to put their bets on the number that they think the wheel will stop at. Each number has a payout equivalent to its value. So basically, the numbers represent multipliers. And for example, if the player bets at nr.5, and the arrow lands on one of the 5s on the reel. Then the player will get a win equal to 5 times the original stake. So on, if the player bets at 40, and the 40 hits, the win will be 40 times the stake. If the arrow lands on one of the multipliers on the wheel, (2x and 7x), then a respin will take place until the wheel stops on a number. If the number landed on the re-spin is the player's number, then his win will be multiplied by the multiplier the player landed on during the round. The best outcome is to land consecutive multipliers and then the number you have bet at. This will produce the biggest wins. Furthermore, it is possible for the player to bet in more than one number during a wheel spin.

Dream Catcher how to play



Dream Catcher is revolutionary casino game with a huge winning potential. The game’s RTP varies, depending on which numbers the player chooses to bet. Visually stunning and extremely engaging, Dream Catcher has already become a favorite among players and casino streamers alike. We strongly recommend you to try Dream Catcher on LeoVegas or any other casino that features the live/online casino game.

Dream Catcher big win


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