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  1. 1


    Am i in the raffel now?

  2. 2

    CG Staff

    Hey Manksswe,

    If the top right of rafflecopter says 1/1, you are in 🙂

  3. 5


    Accidentally put in the wrong email. Can I change that somehow?

  4. 6

    CG Staff

    Hi Linus,

    Can you whisper linkolank on Twitch with the correct e-mail address, and we’ll have it updated?

  5. 7


    I am in 😀

  6. 8


    I heard that most have got their 10€ bonus money. I haven’t got, I was on number 451.

  7. 9

    CG Staff

    Hi Tatu – can you confirm that you’ve made a deposit since you created your Leo account? There were some players not eligible because of this, but we’ll for sure look into it if you can confirm.


  8. 10


    I asked from Leo’s chat, they said I have one 10euros deposit 07.02.2016. Btw. the email address on this reply form is different than my leovegas’

  9. 11

    CG Staff

    We’ll look it up with Leo and will have a reply tomorrow – I presume you’ve entered the raffle with the e-mail address you are using to comment here?

    Sorry about the inconvenience

  10. 12


    I changed the email address to match with Leo’s on this last comment reply.


  11. 13


    Hello, haven´t gotten the 10 euros either, I’m a regular at LeoVegas and was entry 360~ something. Are using the same e-mail address now for the replay and on LeoVegas.

  12. 14


    i was not yet get any 10 euro on leovegas. i was register before 500….

  13. 15


    oh never mind, just saw it come

  14. 16

    CG Staff

    Hi Martin,

    We’ll have this looked up tomorrow as well 🙂

  15. 17


    Hi I entered the raffle and was like entry 300 and am a regular deposit on leovegas do I get 10 Euro free ??

  16. 18

    CG Staff

    Hi Matt – then you definitely should have got it. We’ll chase this with Leo tomorrow and get it sorted.

    There were 580 players credited so there are unfortunately bound to be some errors 🙁

  17. 19

    CG Staff

    Hi Tatu,

    Leo told us that there is no user with the s**dent.t*t.*i e-mail you are posting with here and have submitted in the rafflecopter. Can you send the correct one to us by sending a PM to Andreas in the forum?


  18. 20


    I’m still awaiting mine to be credited too

  19. 21

    CG Staff

    Hi Rich,

    Leo is currently investigating what’s happened and working on correcting it. They did a payment run for almost 600 players and it seems that a few never received the credit.

    Please hang tight and hopefully we’ll have it resolved later today. Apologies about the inconvenience!

  20. 22


    I did contact them via Live chat but it seemed as though the guy didn’t even know what I was talking about. I was about #250

  21. 23


    I replied in the forum. (posting here to be sure it got delivered)

  22. 24


    Still no money credoted. 🙁

  23. 26


    How do you know if you have been entered to the raffle

  24. 27


    If you submitted your LeoVegas e-mail address you’re opted in, don’t worry 🙂

  25. 28


    hey, i haven’t got my 10€ free, dont know if there something wrong or if you haven’t give them all out yet, or if i need to do something =), i have all the recueriment and i think i was around 390-410 in the raffle =)

  26. 29


    her also have not recived the 10 eur. i think i opted in at 72 or smting

  27. 30


    not everyone can join leovegas 🙁

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