Community biggest slot wins Part 50

As the new year is only days away we take a look at Community biggest slot wins Part 50. The holidays have been really kind for a number of our viewers who share their big slot hits on CasinoGrounds Forum. Therefore, like every other week, we have for you two amazing clips. Our main compilation video is full of big win clips from all types of  online slots. In addition, the second video is full of screenshot video slot wins, which also comes in the form of a clip. Furthermore, all these casino wins included are from the 22nd until the 28th of December 2017. If you want to play, for real money, any of the slots featured! – You can find them on Unibet casino, or any other online casino.

Community biggest slot wins Part 50 – Clips

As you will see Community biggest slot wins Part 50 includes two spectacular bonus rounds on the Bonanza slot. The year that we leave behind was the year of Big Time Gaming slot machines all of which you can find on on MrGreen casino. However Bonanza is not the only BTG slot we will show you today. On that account there is also a mega win on the Queen of Riches casino game which our viewer was playing at calzone casino. Moreover the best Play’n Go video slot, in my opinion, is also present. I am talking of course about Book of Dead which our viewers have smashed, giving us two amazing free spin features. Most online casinos have this slot, and that includes Rizk casino. The last win of the first compilation is not only super big in terms of x but on the amount of bananas it gives as well. Specifically a 9 bet bonus on the classic Dead or Alive online slot. The potential this casino game is in full display during the bonus. Thus if you want a taste of that potential head to Casumo and try getting a similar win. Now let’s give a shout out to the viewers with the best three wins of the first compilation:

  • Breinaaja - 3397x win on Dead or Alive
  • Bendelonge - 1164x win on Bonanza
  • Kosmankasa - 1045x win on Book of Dead

Congratulations to all the winners, and make sure to keep recording and sharing with us your incredible hits.

Community biggest slot wins Part 50 – Screenshots

Now for the second compilation of Community biggest slot wins Part 50. As I say every week the screenshots of big wins the community sends us, are way more spectacular than the clips. Moreover these mega wins come from a diverse number of online slots. This time is no different, so sit back and enjoy the show. In addition, the casinos in which the player play are also diverse. These range from – OVO casino to  Casino Room, as well as, many others. Therefore we congratulate the three viewers who shared the biggest slot wins.

  • Pork_sword_mince_rolls - 19531x win on Queen of Riches
  • barelo - 4250x win on White Rabbit
  • Nicklass86 - 3566x win on White Rabbit

These are only 3 of the huge number of eateries which fill CasinoGrounds Forum. I would love to mention every win in particular as they are all incredible. However that would make this article extremely long. Now if you think that first win is a typo! - Think again. Cause it is not, the lucky viewer actually won nearly 20k x the bet on the Queen of Riches video slot. I cannot stress enough the massive potential of this game, and this mega hit proves me right. Finally this clip will go live Saturday morning, on ourCasinoGorunds FaceBook. Take a look at the first compilation on the video below:

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Did your win make it on today’s video?

Which community slot win do you like the most? – Make sure to let us know on the comments.

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