Community biggest slot wins #35

This Friday we are happy to present Community biggest slot wins #35. As we do every week, we have gathered the biggest casino slot wins shared on CasinoGrounds Forum. Furthermore, with all the wins, we form two separate compilation videos. The first compilation includes clips of big base game hits and bonuses, while the second includes screenshots. Thus we bring both compilations to you today, with wins from the 8th until the 14th of September 2017. Moreover, we have to say a big thank you to all our forum members who impress us week after week with their incredible wins. Finally, if you want to play, for real money, any of the slots featured! -You can find them on Bob Casino, or any other online casino.

Community biggest slot wins #35 - Clips

Well it’s time to pay homage to all the big winners who shared their incredible clips with on Community biggest slot wins #35. And we start with a very active member on our forum. We are talking about none other than “DreamsComeTrue” and his incredible win on the Dead or Alive video slot. We are extremely happy to feature his win, on our competition, today. And not only because he is one of the nicest people on the forum, but because the win is truly amazing. To try the Dead or Alive slot, you can find it at Super Lenny casino, and if you win big make sure to make a clip out of it. An insane number of huge wins are flooding our forum, and they are all from “DuoSlots”. We can only pick one for our compilation, however we suggest you go and check them all. You will truly enjoy them, cause they are all amazing. As for the one in the compilation! - It’s a big win bonus on the Dragon’s Treasure slot. You can find this particular casino game at redbet casino, along with most other Merkur titles. Danger High Voltage also makes an appearance, with a sick bonus round from our member “DAREALMIKEHUNT”. Every Big Time Gaming bonus is fun to watch, especially when they give big wins. You can find all the provider’s games at Casumo. Finally, there are a number of other winner as well, but we will not spoil the entire clip, so watch the compilation for more incredible wins.

Community biggest slot wins #35 - Screenshots

Now for the second compilation video of Community biggest slot wins #35! This one is all about screenshot wins shared on CasinoGrounds Forum. Here the wins are more numerous, bigger, and on all kinds of different bet sizes. We usually share this clip on our CasinoGorunds FaceBook page, so you will find it there, later today. And even though it's impossible to mention all the winners, we will give a shout out to the 3 that had the biggest wins.

  1. J Moxon - 4591x on Dead or Alive
  2. Ragluv - 2509x on  Dead or Alive
  3. danfal - 1627x on Multifruit81

It is interesting that the two biggest wins here are also on Dead or Alive. This slot has been on fire in the last few weeks. Giving massive wins to players and casino streamers alike. Finally, the casinos in which the player play are also numerous and diverse. These range from – MrGreen to Thrills, as well as, many others.

Take a look at the compilation on the video below:

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Did your win make it on today’s video?

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