Looking for Siru Mobile Casinos?

Siru, founded in 2011 in Helsinki, Finland, is a mobile payment processor. The company was founded with the crystal clear vision in mind - Fill the gap in the market that allows mobile payments to best reflect the life of an average human being who relies more and more on their cellular phones for their day to day activities. They are currently present in about 6 countries including the US, Finland, Sweden, Norway. For players in these countries, Siru offers a safe and secure method to make payments to their online casinos with just their mobile phones. Siru Mobile has definitely managed to make a name for itself in the Nordic region at the least. Since their services are restricted, not too many casinos offer Siru at the moment.


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Pros and Cons of Using Siru Mobile


  • They assure confidentiality and privacy.
  • No sign-up or Siru account needed to use the service
  • A High level of security since transactions require only a mobile phone number.
  • No need to enter any sensitive credit card or banking information.
  • All details regarding transactions and passwords are sent directly to your phone, no one else can have access to them.


  • Users can transact only up to €300 within a 30 day period.
  • Available In only a few countries.
  • Not too many casinos offer Siru as a deposit method.
  • It does not offer Withdrawals.
  • Not a very widely used mobile payment service.
  • Fees are quite high- transaction fees + telephone operator’s commission.

A list of Safe and Secure Online Casinos that accept Siru Mobile

Deposits and Withdrawals

As with any other mobile payments processor, you may purchase goods or deposit money into your online casino through SMS Billing or their online payment portal. Whichever method you decide to use, it will be secure, quick and easy to use. Companies like Siru Mobile have completely revolutionized online payments. Most players around the world turn to mobile payments so that they need not enter sensitive information such as banking details or credit card details, where the risk of fraud is quite high. Mobile Payments offer not only the highest security out there, but make it very easy for the layman to transact without having to fill up tons of forms and go through 2-3 verifications.

Funding Your Account using Siru Mobile

To get started, you’ll need to visit the Cashiers page of a Siru Mobile Casino. Find Siru in the list of payment plans and choose it. Then, you will be asked to enter some personal information, most importantly your mobile number. You have to also enter the amount you wish to deposit. Once your details are verified, you need to submit your payment using your phone. If you’re a PostPaid user, it will be added to your monthly bill and if you’re a PrePaid user, the amount will be automatically deducted from your credit. Once processed, you will receive a receipt for your deposit and the money should be instantly available in your Online Casino Wallet.

Withdrawing from your Online Casino Wallet to your Siru Mobile Account

Unfortunately, Siru Mobile cannot be used for making withdrawals. A Siru Mobile transaction is only possible for making deposits. Meaning, you will have to select another method for the withdrawal of funds.

Online Casino Siru Mobile FAQ

  1. Where is this method available?

Ans: At the moment, they are available only in the Nordic region, Uk and the US.

  1. Do I need to sign up for an account with Siru to use it?

Ans: No, you need not have a Siru Mobile account in order to deposit into your favorite casinos.

  1. Is there a limit to the number of transactions I can make?

Ans: No, but you are not allowed to transact more than totaling €300 in 30 days.

  1. Can I use Siru Mobile to Withdraw my funds?

Ans: Unfortunately, Siru Mobile isn’t available for withdrawals. You will have to select an alternative withdrawal method such as bank transfer or the like.


Every couple of days, we see newer payment service providers being readily available for players, with one advantage over the other. Siru was founded back in 2011 because they wanted to bridge that online gap and make online payments easier and more convenient for the end-user. However, along the way, they have seemed to focus only on the Nordic region mainly and UK and US, but the rest of the world which accounts for more than 65% of the online gamblers, remains untouched.

We found Siru Mobile to be a very safe, secure, reliable, easy to use and convenient mobile payments processor. It is simple to use, deposit money and charge it to your phone bill or phone credits. They don’t require an application to be separately downloaded nor do they need sensitive information of yours such as bank logins or credit card numbers, you can transact directly through your browser and need only provide basic information of yours including most importantly, your mobile number.

Not being able to withdraw is a big downside, and not to mention the fees that come attached to every transaction. The biggest letdown according to us, is the fact that a person cannot transact more than €300. A good percentage of the online gambling market consists of high rollers, which Siru has neglected completely. We do believe though that is a relatively unique and different method to transact with, and worth trying at least once if you’re a part of any of the countries they offer their services in.