Mobile Casinos

Are you looking for a mobile casino?

Half of all those who gamble online for real money in 2019 now does so via their mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet using Android, Apple, or Windows. Mobile casinos offer the best gaming experience. Period.

We have a list of regulated and licensed online casinos that we update on a weekly basis. Most of the operators that list are adamant at ensuring you’re getting an equally good experience on their site, regardless of the type of device and browsers you are using.

It’s however up to you do decide what you deem a good experience, as everyone is different.

Online Casino

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    • Unibet 25 for $25 on registration
    • No VIP program

New Mobile Casinos 2019

Sometimes the grass is indeed greener on the other side of the fence. Maybe you’re not happy with the promotions at the casino you’re playing at right now, or maybe you’re simply in the mood for exploring. 

So if you’ve typed in “New mobile casinos 2019” in Google or other search engines, and landed on this page - the list above should satisfy your query.

It’s a mix of both old and new, but mostly new launches. You may recognize some brands from past experience. If years have passed since your last visit, give them another go (the operator has likely improved a lot), or just go with one of the new options on our list.

It’s like being on a quest for a new place to eat; you’ll come across the old favourites - while looking for that new and refreshing experience somewhere else. It’s just human nature. 

Just please note: The mobile casino market is booming, which means you have more options when looking for places to play. Not all options are equally good, as there are quite a few casinos being launched every month.

You can rest assured that any operator featured on our list of mobile, and new mobile casinos have been vetted thoroughly following a strict set of criteria, ensuring a safe and secure gambling experience for you and other players. If you’re experiencing some sort of issue, and you’re not able to solve it via the casino’s official channel, let us know in the CasinoGrounds Forum. We’re a 24.000+ member strong casino streaming community, and we like to help each other out.

Mobile Casino FAQ

What is a mobile casino?

A mobile casino is simply the mobile version of any type of online casino, specifically designed and coded to deliver a great user experience for those who choose to play on their smartphone and/or tablet.

This means a good gaming experience is expected on smartphones and tablets using Android, iPhone and Android. 

Why should I play on mobile casinos?

Because it gives you a far better user experience compared to regular online casinos. It’s faster, more personal, and can be done from anywhere in the world as long as you have a battery and an internet connection. 

Is there a difference between casinos available on desktop and mobile?

In 2019 most online casinos are adapting to serving multiple versions of their casino, depending on the type of device the visiting player is using.

In essence, there is little to no difference between a mobile and a desktop casino provided that you’re visiting a respectable and solid operator. Good casinos strive to ensure an equally good gaming experience regardless of the device used. 

Why are mobile casinos popular?

In 2009, 0.7% of all global web pages were served to mobile phones. According to, this number has grown to 52.2% in 2018 - and shows no signs of slowing down.

The shift in technology and a growing smartphone market means easier access to online gamblers, while mobile casinos provide a faster and far better user- and playing experience compared to its desktop equivalent. 

Are mobile casinos safe? 

Mobile casinos are considered a safer alternative compared to their desktop equivalents as mobile phones are more personal and rarely shared.