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XL Roulette by Authentic Gaming is a Live casino show table game, with its live arenas based on the small Mediterranean island, Malta. Founded in 18.05.2021, XL Roulette is the only Roulette Game show which allows players to select up to 11 lucky numbers!

As the player, you get to decide how many lucky Numbers Pay XL from; 1-5 (XL), 2-8 (XXL) or 3-11(XXXL) unique lucky numbers. The innovation of this new table game was inspired by Evolution Gaming’s - Lucky Number Game show format. In XL Roulette the lucky numbers have the ability to payout up to 500x your stake placed.


Here’s a quick overview of the features and other properties that’s specific to the XL Roulette by Authentic Gaming.

  • Enjoy XL Roulette in 4 different game modes
  • Players have the choice to select up to 11 Lucky numbers, instead of 5.
  • The RTP for all 4 versions of this live casino game is 97.30%
  • The maximum win exposure for XL Roulette varies between 50x to a maximum of 500x

Odds and Payouts

How to win money in XL Roulette;

Below you will find the odds for each bet type available to place.

  • 35:1 - S Straight Up
  • 29:1 - XL Straight Up
  • 23:1 - XXL Straight Up
  • 17:1 - XXXL Straight Up
  • 17:1 - Split
  • 11:1 - Street
  • 8:1 - Corner
  • 5:1 - Six line
  • 2:1 - Column/Section

Return to Player percentages:

  • Each of the 4 game modes come with an RTP of 97.30% -


The payouts in XL Roulette combine the fun of the original roulette with XL Roulette allowing players to land higher payouts. The Traditionalist ratio is drawn at 35:1 straight up.

Following the Traditionalist is the Thrill Seekers, where Lucky Numbers can cover nearly a third of the table, enhancing the chance of landing mega payouts.

Below you will find a table that displays the different Win Multiplier payouts between XL Roulette and three other Roulette game shows including; Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming, Quantum Roulette by Playtech, and Mega Roulette by Pragmatic Play.

xl roulette win multipliers

Game Rules

The game rules of XL Roulette are very similar to the traditional game, with the exception of being able to select up to 11 lucky numbers.

  • Players place inside or outside bets on the table
  • Select between 1-11 lucky numbers

How to play XL Roulette

How to play XL Roulette To begin playing XL Roulette the first step for the player is to place inside or outside bets. If you want to use multipliers (XL, XXL, XXXL), then bets need to be played on direct numbers only to apply to straight up wagers.

Lucky numbers can only be selected once all other bets have been placed on the table as displayed in the image below. The multipliers will be added to the numbers popping up in their respective fields on the board. At the top of the screen you will see a status bar highlighted in either green or red which will inform you whether you can “place your bet”, “final bets” or “no more bets”.

To place a bet players need to select the amount of chips they wish to use and then select their numbers on the tables. Any bets which are made over the maximum amount will be automatically adjusted to the qualifying amount.

Once your bets have been placed and the status bar displays “no more bets” the courier will spin the table and release the ball.

When the ball lands in a slot, this will determine the winning number/colour and payouts will be paid accordingly.

The XL Feature

To select which XL feature to use, all you are required to do is select the “XL” icon to the right of the screen. Once the icon has been selected, you will be met with the option to pick between the 4 different modes, as well as, the option to select “straight-up” bets or “bet all”.

If you are looking to take a risk, selecting “bet all” will allow you to bet on all numbers on the table. This of course increases the volatility, risk and RNG to the game.

Step 1 - Mode selection

Step 1 - Mode selection

As displayed in the image above players can select from the four different modes which option they wish to play.

For Example; XL mode allows players to select up to 5 lucky numbers in comparison to XXL Mode which allows up to 11 lucky numbers. The odds of winning a multiplier-boosted payout is lower for XL compared to XXL as less numbers can be drawn.

By clicking on the xl button top right corner, you will be presented with the mode selection, and the possibility to select straight up bets (that is the only bet types you can place for the multipliers) and “bet on all” to add a bit of a RNG / element to this classic game.

Step 2 - Multiplier slot

Step 2 - Multiplier slot

After you've selected the play mode you wish to continue in, players will be presented with a slot, showing the lucky numbers for the next spin. Here you will also see the multipliers assigned to each number, as displayed in the image above.

  • To the right most side, you will find your Lucky numbers displayed throughout the duration of the Roulette wheel being spun. Here you can keep track of your numbers.
  • To make up for any advantages extra lucky numbers bring, Straight-up payouts are lowered accordingly, keeping the RTP at 97.30%.
  • More information about Odds and Payouts can be found further up in this review.

Step 3 The Wheel spin

Step 3 The Wheel spin

Once all bets have been placed, just like in traditional Roulette the dealer will spin the wheel and release the ball. The winning number/colour will be determined by where the ball lands when the wheel comes to a stop.