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Super Sic Bo

Super Sic Bo by Evolution Gaming is a Sic Bo game that has taken the traditional dice game from Asia to a completely new level, making it suitable for the modern casino player. While the basic premise of the game pretty much is the same, you will quickly notice that Evolution Gaming have added a number of extra features to the game. You will of course be betting on the outcome of the three dice rolled on the table, with plenty of different combinations to place your bets on. However, Evolution have added a series of random multipliers to the game, similar to what you might have seen on their Lightning Roulette game.

Super Sic Bo is a pretty simple game that you will be able to learn in just a few rounds, yet very entertaining thanks to the complex betting options. The game was released in 2019 and is filmed in an Oriental-looking studio, adding that little extra touch of authenticity to the experience. The randomness and fair gameplay is guaranteed by several of the most known gaming authorities of the industry. Super Sic Bo is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, the Maltese Gaming Authority as well as the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. The gaming experience is made even better thanks to the highly skilled hosts, informing players how to place bets as well as communicating with them throughout the game.

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  • Glass box with vibrating bottom containing the three dice
  • Random multipliers of up to x1 000 in every game round
  • Goal in game is to predict outcome of the three standard dice
  • RTP between 95.02% and up to 97.22%
  • Traditional game with a modern twist
  • Roadmaps show statistics of the previous games in two modes
  • High-quality video and audio
  • Stream running 24/7

Odds & Payouts


  • Small (4-10) – 1:1

  • Big (11-17) – 1:1

  • Odd – 1:1

  • Even – 1:1

  • Total (4 or 17) – 50:1 (Enhanced – 499:1)

  • Total (5 or 16) – 20:1 (Enhanced – 249:1)

  • Total (6 or 15) – 15:1 (Enhanced – 87:1)

  • Total (7 or 14) – 12:1 (Enhanced – 29:1)

  • Total (8 or 13) – 8:1 (Enhanced – 24:1)

  • Total (9 or 12) – 6:1 (Enhanced – 49:1)

  • Total (10 or 11) – 6:1 (Enhanced – 24:1)


  • Single – 1:1
  • Double – 2:1 (Enhanced – 19:1)
  • Triple – 3:1 (Enhanced – 87:1)


  • Double – 8:1 (Enhanced – 87:1)

Specific Triple:

  • Triple – 150:1 (Enhanced – 999:1)

Any Triple:

  • Any Triple – 30:1 (Enhanced – 87:1)


  • Combination – 5:1 (Enhanced – 24:1)

Return to Player Percentages:

  • Main RTP – 97.22%
  • RTP Range – 95.02 – 97.22%


Placing your bets on Super Sic Bo is the most exciting part of the game, of course, the exception of any potential wins. As soon as the game has loaded you will see that there are plenty of bet combinations you can make, starting from totals, odd/even and specific Triple number bets. The more specific the bet you have placed is, the higher the payout will be. The highest paying bet is a triple which happens to pay 150:1.

With the exception of the multipliers, Super Sic Bo offers the exact same rules and wagers that the original Sic Bo game does. The three dice of the game are tossed and you can make wagers before the shaking/throwing device is activated, once it's active all you can do is sit and watch, hoping the dice will give you a winning combination.

How to Play

Evolution Gamings Super Sic Bo is played with the standard three dice like a regular Sic Bo game. These dice all contain numbers from one to six, being rolled inside a specially designed shaking device. Your goal here is to bet on the outcome of the dice. The whole game will get started by you (the player) placing a bet on one or more of the available betting options from the interface. There are plenty of options here, so some might get slightly overwhelmed, however, the layout is pretty easily understood, with a clear overview of all bets.

Once the bets have been placed, the dice inside the transparent container will be shaken, with you watching the dice roll in a close-up, giving you the same view up until the dice stop and the numbers of each dice are revealed. Of course, the biggest difference in this Super Sic Bo version from Evolution Gaming is the random multipliers added on specific bets. Not all the bets in the game can get all multipliers.