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Launched in 2019 by Evolution Gaming, Dream Catcher Live Casino game is a money wheel game and comes with no specific strategy to guarantee a win.

How To Win Big

The Betting strategies for Dream Catcher is all about wheel coverage; how much of the wheel you’ll cover for an ex-amount of money. You’ll need two things to play dream catcher live; 1) real money to stake and 2) your best guess on where the flapper will stop on the wheel once it comes to a halt.

Low Risk: Cover 38.88% of the Wheel with the 20-10-2 Strategy

If you want low risk and have your bankroll last you longer, apply the 20-10-2 strategy for more frequent wins.

With 2, we cover 15 sections, 10 covers 4, and 20 covers 2. In total, we cover 21 sections. 21/54 = 0,3888 = 38,88% covered of the wheel. On Number 2, we bet as much as we bet in numbers 10 and 20 in total.

Medium Risk: Cover 25.92% of the Wheel with the Simple 5 Strategy

Simply dubbed “The Simple 5”, this strategy aims at taking advantage of the number 5 covering 14 out 54 sections on the wheel.

It's a simple betting strategy that gives you a winning chance in a little more than once per every 4 spins on average.

Very High Risk: Cover only 5.55% of the Wheel with the Big Win - Big Risk Strategy

If you enjoy reaping the big rewards when Lady Luck turns her gaze towards you though, then go ahead – try this strategy of betting only on sections 20 and 40 of the wheel. They only cover 5.55% of the wheel, but with the multipliers of 7x and 2x in mind (which also are stackable), then this can turn into a hefty profit.

That 20x bet can turn into a 140 prize + your bet if you hit a 7x. A 40 bet with a double 7x multiplier would be worth 1960x. If you’re a patient person who prefers going after the big wins, then go ahead. It might just be worthwhile.

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