Crazy Time
by Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming launched Crazy Time Live Casino game in 2019.

Crazy Time comes with 4 different bonus rounds - Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip and lastly Crazy Time (Wheel of Fortune).

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How To Win Big in Crazy Time - The Game Rounds


At the bottom of the bonus, there will be a row of prizes lined up. The idea of the round is that an electronic ball will be dropped at the top of the reels, slowly making its ways down to the prizes (similar to pinball and connect 4).

Cash Hunt

When you first enter the bonus round you will discover a grid of 108 different multiplier prizes which you can win. The dealer will then pull the big golden lever which scrambles all the prizes on the grid and hides them under colourful icons which consist of Star, jokers hat, Parcel, rabbit, cactus, a cupcake, and a chicken.

You will then see a sniper scope appear on the grid, which you can move around with your mouse to shoot one of the icons to reveal your prize.

Coin Flip

Coin Flip involves flipping coins. There will be a screen which displays a coin which has one blue face and one red face. Once the coin stops flipping it will display two different multipliers.

Beneath the screen, there will be a bowl which holds another coin. This coin will then flip at the screen hitting either the blue or red coin. Depending on which coloured face of the coin it hits will determine your prize.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is the last and final bonus round you can explore. With fun and wacky background, you can expect to find a big wheel surrounded by floating octopus, ballows, trains and much more!

The wheel has three different coloured flappers - yellow, green or blue. At the beginning of the round, you need to select which flapper you want to use. The wheel which displays multiple different multipliers will then be spun. Once the wheel comes to a stop, your prize will be determined by the coloured flapper you chose at the beginning.

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