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Cash or Crash by Evolution Gaming is a unique Live Casino Game Show game set in a blimp cruising high above the skies. Your ticket is your bet, using it to climb the 20-step ladder-style paytable as high as possible. The fate of your ride (you either cash or crash) depends on the colour of the balls drawn. For each green ball drawn you face 3 decisions; 1) “Continue” with 100% of your stake 2) “Take Half”, where you cash out 50%, and continue with the rest, and 3) “Take All” where you bail the ride and cash out 100% of winnings, up to a max win of 18 000x your stake. Gold balls trigger a bonus game, with a max win of 50 000x your stake, while a red ball sends your stake and the blimp crashing.

Note: The game has not yet been officially launched. This page will be updated accordingly once we have more information to share


Here’s a quick overview of features and other properties that’s specific to Cash or Crash by Evolution Gaming:

  • The RTP of this game is 99.59%
  • The game features a 20-step ladder-style paytable
  • Reach the top of the ladder for a chance to win up to 18 000x (base game) / 50 000x
  • Bonus Rounds are triggered by the Golden Ball.

Odds & Payouts

Coming soon.

How to win money in Cash or Crash;

Making it to the top of the 20 step ladder will enable players to win up to 18,000x. Making it to the top of the ladder with a Golden ball will enable players to win up to 50,000x!

Each time the player climbs a step on the ladder they will be given 3 choices;

1. CONTINUE Continue playing the game and play with 100% of your current winnings.

2. TAKE HALF Cash-out 50% of your current winnings and continue playing the game round with the remaining 50%

3. TAKE ALL Take All (Cash out all) of your winnings and end your participation in this game round. You no longer take part in the game until the next game round begins.

Return to Player percentages:

  • The optimal RTP of Cash or Crash is 99.59%, suggesting that there is an optimal way to play Cash or Crash live. We will update this section with a proper strategy once the game has launched and we've tested it.


There are three types of balls;

1: Gold

  • The Gold ball can act as a shield (extra life). It also has the ability to increase payouts on the paytable ladder.

2. Green

  • The Green ball allows you to climb up the ladder.

3. Red

  • Landing a Red ball is bad news. This will cause the game round to crash and come to an end.

How To Play

ball selection

The aim of the game is to climb up the ladder as high as possible, by drawing Green or Gold balls and avoiding Red!

To begin the game, players are required to make a bet. When placing your bet, the paytable will display how your payout can increase for each Green ball that lands.

Once the bets are made, one ball will randomly be selected (similar to the lottery). If a Green ball is selected, players will decide how they want to proceed: Continue, Take Half or Take All. If you decide to Take All, the game will come to an end.

The game will continue until either a Red ball is drawn, players decide to Take All or you to reach the top of the ladder.

Betting round

There are 24 balls that players can place bets on. Each is coloured either Green, Red or Gold to represent the different balls inside of the machine.

The paytable will display how your payout will affect each ball selected.