Another Tuesday, and this time we want to share with you the “Biggest casino wins on stream – week 36 / 2017″. As in all other weeks, we gather the best and biggest video slot wins from the most popular casino streamers. Today’s wins are spectacular to say the least, and they come in all forms. From base game big hits, to mega free spin rounds, and from all types of different video slots. It is truly difficult to decide which one is the best. So make sure to watch all our compilation, and let us know whose slot streamer’s win is your favorite. For today’s compilation we include slot wins from the 4th until the 10th of September 2017. Finally, on our Slots and RTP page you can find reviews of each of the slots featured on the compilation, as well as try them for play money. And if you are particularly interested in any of these slot machines, you can play them for real money on any online casino on our trusted casino list.

David Labowsky

The most unexpected big win happened to the slot streamer David Labowsky, last week. The Dutchman was playing the Dragon's Treasure video slot on a 2.5 bet when he triggered the bonus. Now everyone would expect for the bonus to give big wins, due to the volatility of the game. However in this case the free spins were absolutely horrendous. And yet while David was still thinking about how disappointing the feature was, a full line of the best symbol landed. Without a doubt, better than the 2500 win was Labowsky’s funny reactions. If you want to try the Magic Mirror slot game, you can find it on Casumo, or any other online casino that features Merkur slots.


It is always good to land a full screen on a slot machine. But when you land it on a super volatile game like the First Dynasty slot, then you know you are in for some really huge wins. That is exactly what happened last Monday to Slotspinner. The slot streamer was playing the game on a 2.5 bet at Dunder casino. The German got the bonus feature, which was looking good, giving a number of decent wins. And then it came, on the last spin, three expanding wilds in the middle, plus the two on the out reels. In sum, a full screen of wilds, and a staggering 3777 win. You can forgive Slotspinner for his excitement, and all the jumping around he did. :)


The Moon Princess video slot is slowly becoming a favorite among slot streamers. The new casino game showed its potential last week, during one of Kim’s streams at LeoVegas. Triggering the bonus on a big SEK 100 bet, the casino streamer chose "Love" as the bonus feature. The bonus was full of amazing combos and huge win after huge win. Finally, the entire result was a spectacular SEK 43370 total win.


One of the best slot features ever, is the Hot Mode on the Terminator 2 casino game. And what makes this feature great, apart for the increase on the winning ways to 1024, is the much better symbols you get on each spin. Nick activated  the feature last week, while playing on a £2.70 bet at Rizk. An amazing bonus round followed, with big win after big win. In sum, a mega win of £1702 in total for the British casino streamer. If you get this particular feature on the slot, feel free to stream your bonus, and send your win to us.


Yet another lucky week for CasinoTest, with the streamer winning big on the Emperor of the Sea slot game. A relatively unknown slot, but with an apparent huge potential. The slot streamer triggered the free spins feature while playing 3.52 bets. Here, thanks to the slot’s feature and an obscene amount of wilds, the total win was a staggering 1406. Guess more and more players will give this casino game a try now. If you want to be one of them, you can find this slot machine at redbet casino.


It is hard finding words to describe Shirox’s win, on Dead or Alive, last week. And the funniest thing is that the streamer was absent when the bonus hit on a 1.80 bet. Immediately, the bonus showed that it was going to be a good one. But how good? That one, few could predict. First, 4 wilds landed on adjacent reel, during the first 5 free spins. Now, the only thing the slot streamer needed was a last wild, for the notorious wild line. And that is what he got, and with 7 more spins to spare. At this point, the super massive win coming was obvious. Consequently an insane 8107 total win for a baffled streamer. If you want to play DOA you can find the slot at Winning Room casino.

Tell us which of the week’s wins was your favorite in the comments. Also make sure to check our other videos on CasinoGround’s YouTube channel.

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